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Dean: [on a fishing boat] Look at all the fish! [pulls his gun out and starts ...
by Heartbreakers
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Charlie Chaplin: Syd, I love this country. I owe it everything. That's why I *can* make ...
by Chaplin
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Hot Shots!
Admiral Benson: God, I love a good funeral!
by Hot Shots!
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For the Boys
Dixie: [Appearing on stage late] So sorry. [British accent] Dixie: A little trouble over the channel you ...
by For The Boys
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Lars and the Real Girl
Reverend Bock: Lars asked us not to wear black today. He did so to remind us ...
by Lars And The Real Girl
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Heather O Rourke
I want to continue acting, but I want to be a director. I`d been thinking ...
by Heather O Rourke
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[last lines] Ensemble: [singing] Ever since we first saw the sun, a man and woman liked ...
by Hairspray
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Night at the Museum
Mr. McPhee: Oh, haha - look at me, the comedy night guard. Do you want to ...
by Night At The Museum
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John Ridley
We want to be able to be political, but we don`t want it, on a ...
by John Ridley
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Emilie De Ravin
It`s actually fun to not know anyone and go out and find friends, or let ...
by Emilie De Ravin
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Christopher Darden
Writing is hard work, but a lot of fun, too. It allows me to live ...
by Christopher Darden
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Uptown Girls
Ray: If you refuse to have a nice time with me, I'm going to have fun ...
by Uptown Girls
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Super Mario Bros.
[Koopa addresses the King that is in the form of fungus that's enveloping the city] ...
by Super Mario Bros.
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Paul Clark
We want them to have fun. We have our section leaders hold at least five ...
by Paul Clark
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Humphrey Bogart
I hate funerals. They aren`t for the guy who`s dead. They`re for the guys who ...
by Humphrey Bogart
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David Snyder
What we lack is a coordinated public information system in the event of a major ...
by David Snyder
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Bill Nighy
There`s a bit in Performance, one of my favourite films - with James Fox giving ...
by Bill Nighy
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Men in Black II
Agent J: You don't remember me, but we used to work together... Kevin Brown/K: I never worked ...
by Men In Black II
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George of the Jungle
[reaching the end of a long trail] Thor: Max, look! We're back at the tree house! ...
by George Of The Jungle
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Five Children and It
Uncle Albert: Oh, pendulous expression, furrowed brow. Bad news? Martha: This letter from your publisher. Uncle Albert: Yes, ...
by Five Children And It
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Behind the Red Door
Natalie: You know, it's funny. You're the only one in the entire family that ever had ...
by Behind The Red Door
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[last lines] Daphne James: So, how'd it go? Harry Mirapolsky: It went... I've got a feeling things ...
by Flinch
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Michelle Pfeiffer
[On playing her part of Claire Spencer in What Lies Beneath (2000)] I thought about ...
by Michelle Pfeiffer
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James White
Very often the real world is a nasty, cruel and unjust place. It`s more fun ...
by James White
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Danny Devito
What you do with it and things like that, but I basically chose this after ...
by Danny Devito
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Dirk Benedict
On the A-Team: I enjoyed it immensely. By nature I`m terribly serious, so as an ...
by Dirk Benedict
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National Treasure
Riley Poole: For the record, Ben, I like the house. Ben Gates: You know, I chose this ...
by National Treasure
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The Day After Tomorrow
New York Bus Driver: It's out of service. It's out of service! NY Businessman on Bus: No, ...
by The Day After Tomorrow
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Igby Goes Down
[talking about Oliver] Russell: He left you a ticket. Igby: Excellent. Russell: It's nonrefundable. He wanted me to ...
by Igby Goes Down
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The Cable Guy
Chip Douglas: HI! Is there a problem with your service? Steven Kovacs: Yeah, my cable is out. ...
by The Cable Guy
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Batman Forever
The Riddler: Hey Two-Face, teach me how to punch a guy! Two-Face: Oh, it's dead simple my ...
by Batman Forever
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The Doors
Jim Morrison: I was stoned. It seemed like a fun thing to do at the time.
by The Doors
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Mike Murphy
We don`t steal money from people`s paychecks without asking them for it. That`s Soprano fundraising ...
by Mike Murphy
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James Walker
That was just her assumption, you can fault her for it. You`re on your honeymoon, ...
by James Walker
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Bruce Mcculloch
You know, funny is this weird word for me. I hear is so many times ...
by Bruce Mcculloch
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Uncovered: The Whole Truth About the Iraq War
voice: [spoken over carrier landing scene at end of film] In some respects, it's as if ...
by Uncovered: The Whole Truth About The Iraq War
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Dean: She really is a little bad-ass though, and fun to hang out with. Laid back. ...
by Waiting...
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Dorothy Wheeler: [about Campbell] He loves me. Ruthie: He loves your trust fund. Trust me.
by Valentine
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Final Destination
Alex Browning: [looking at Tod in the funeral home] Is that him? Clear Rivers: I think so. ...
by Final Destination
0 votes   417 views  
Stuart Little
Monty, the Mouth: Aren't you gonna' run? Stuart Little: Why? Monty, the Mouth: 'cause you're a mouse. Stuart ...
by Stuart Little
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