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Allegra Pazzi: Dr. Fell, do you believe a man could become so obsessed with a woman, ...
by Hannibal
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Demolition Man
Edgar Friendly: You see, according to Cocteau's plan, I'm the enemy, 'cause I like to think; ...
by Demolition Man
0 votes   225 views  
P.S. I Love You
Gerry Kennedy: Dear Holly, I don't have much time. I don't mean literally, I mean you're ...
by P.S. I Love You
0 votes   224 views  
Once Upon a Time in Mexico
[the Barillo Cartel has captured Sands] Agent Sands: I feel its only fair to warn you, ...
by Once Upon A Time In Mexico
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Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones
Padme: If the Senate votes to create an army, I'm sure it's going to push us ...
by Star Wars: Episode II - Attack Of The Clones
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Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me
Cooper: [into his mini-tape recorder] Diane, it is 4:20 PM. I'm standing on the bank of ...
by Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me
0 votes   224 views  
Edward Scissorhands
Esmerelda: It's not heaven he's from! It's straight from the stinking flames of hell! The power ...
by Edward Scissorhands
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Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones
Obi-Wan: Do you believe what Dooku said about this 'Darth Sidious' controlling the senate? It doesn't ...
by Star Wars: Episode II - Attack Of The Clones
0 votes   223 views  
Billy Madison
Veronica Vaughn: So what's it like, being back in school? Billy Madison: I don't know. I kinda ...
by Billy Madison
0 votes   223 views  
Surf Ninjas
Ro-May: Johnny, look. All my life I've done what's expected of a traditional Patusani girl. And ...
by Surf Ninjas
0 votes   223 views  
Happy Gilmore
[Happy Gilmore cheers and uses a golf club to do bull dance] Gary Potter: [to his ...
by Happy Gilmore
0 votes   222 views  
Genie: I'm free. I'm free. Quick. Quick, wish for something outrageous. Say, "I-I want the Nile." ...
by Aladdin
-1 votes   222 views  
The Prince of Tides
Tom Wingo: [narrating] At the end of every day I drive through the city of Charleston ...
by The Prince Of Tides
0 votes   222 views  
Thirteen Days
President Kennedy: Acheson's scenario is unacceptable, and he's got more experience than anybody. Kenny O'Donnell: There is ...
by Thirteen Days
0 votes   221 views  
Tommy Boy
Tommy: Let's think about this for a sec, Ted. Why would somebody put a guarantee on ...
by Tommy Boy
0 votes   221 views  
A Walk to Remember
Landon: Our love is like the wind... I canít see it, but I sure can feel ...
by A Walk To Remember
0 votes   220 views  
Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace
Queen Amidala: Senator, this is your arena. I feel I must return my mine. I have ...
by Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace
0 votes   220 views  
The Simpsons Movie
Russ Cargill: I was tricked by an idiot! Cletus: Hey, I know how you feel; I was ...
by The Simpsons Movie
0 votes   220 views  
Tristan + Isolde
Tristan: [to Isolde] I live in torture thinking of these moments. Every look he gives you ...
by Tristan + Isolde
0 votes   219 views  
The Life of David Gale
[Governor Hardin and David Gale are engaged in a debate on Batter's Box] Governor Hardin: Alan, ...
by The Life Of David Gale
0 votes   219 views  
Digimon: The Movie
Tai: WarGreymon! Matt: MetalGarurumon! Why wonít he answer me Tai? Tai: Keep trying Matt. Listen, I don't have ...
by Digimon: The Movie
0 votes   219 views  
Waking Life
Boat Car Guy: I feel like my transport should be an extension of my personality. And ...
by Waking Life
0 votes   219 views  
The Iron Giant
Hogarth Hughes: I know you feel bad about the deer, but it's not your fault. Things ...
by The Iron Giant
0 votes   219 views  
Up in the Air
Ryan Bingham: So, did you wake him up or slip out? Natalie Keener: What? Ryan Bingham: This morning. ...
by Up In The Air
0 votes   219 views  
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
Hermione Granger: How does it feel, Harry? When you see Dean with Ginny? Harry Potter: [slightly taken ...
by Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince
0 votes   218 views  
The Village
Ivy Walker: [after Noah hands her some red berries] Oh, berries! What a splendid present! Lucius ...
by The Village
0 votes   218 views  
Finding Nemo
Marlin: Tell me, Dory, do you see anything? Dory: Yeah, I see a light. Marlin: A light? Dory: Yeah. ...
by Finding Nemo
0 votes   218 views  
Lange: I have the real feeling I "evacuated" 30,000 Jews already, by shooting them, at Riga. ...
by Conspiracy
-1 votes   218 views  
Syd: Ever since you and I broke up, I've wanted to have a normal conversation, just ...
by London
0 votes   218 views  
Cesar Chavez
Once social change begins, it cannot be reversed. You cannot uneducate the person who has ...
by Cesar Chavez
0 votes   217 views  
The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
Mrs. Maple: [at piano] It's not about how well you play, it's how you feel about ...
by The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button
0 votes   217 views  
Memoirs of a Geisha
Sayuri Nitta: [to Pumkin after she led the Chairman to Sayuir and the Colonel] How could ...
by Memoirs Of A Geisha
0 votes   217 views  
Garden State
Andrew Largeman: I just feel like I've been going to too many of these lately. Sam: What? ...
by Garden State
0 votes   217 views  
Catwoman: Cats come when they feel like it. Not when they're told.
by Catwoman
0 votes   217 views  
The Big Lebowski
Walter Sobchak: Now that is just ridiculous, Dude. Nobody is going to cut your dick off. ...
by The Big Lebowski
0 votes   217 views  
The Holiday
Iris: [Iris answers telephone] Hello? Graham: So are you ever coming home? Iris: Oh, my God, hi. Graham: How's ...
by The Holiday
0 votes   217 views  
Brian May
I`m feeling rather joyful. I cannot tell you how much of a weight off the ...
by Brian May
0 votes   216 views  
Keeping the Faith
Rabbi Jacob "Jake" Schram: [talking about the Ein Keloheinu] Excuse me, Raphae, guys, I just have ...
by Keeping The Faith
0 votes   216 views  
The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring
Frodo: [listening to the shrieks of the Black Riders] What are they? Aragorn: They were once men. ...
by The Lord Of The Rings: The Fellowship Of The Ring
0 votes   216 views  
The Cable Guy
Chip Douglas: I forgive you. I only hope my neurologist will feel the same.
by The Cable Guy
0 votes   216 views  
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