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In Good Company
Dan Foreman: [about her being pregnant] Holy crap. Are you sure? Ann Foreman: Yeah. Dan Foreman: Does it ...
by In Good Company
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The Day After Tomorrow
J.D.: Sam, just tell her how you feel. Sam Hall: Yeah.
by The Day After Tomorrow
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Mr. Deeds
Jan: Tell you what: you get by me, I'll tell you where he is. [cricks her ...
by Mr. Deeds
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Cliff: Pot and beer fuck you up; this enhances you.It gives you a heightened sense of ...
by Groove
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For Love of the Game
Vin Scully: And you know Steve you get the feeling that Billy Chapel isn't pitching against ...
by For Love Of The Game
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Good Will Hunting
Lambeau: Yeah, you were smarter than me then, and you're smarter than me now. So, don't ...
by Good Will Hunting
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One Night Stand
Jack Gilman: Even in death she made me feel guilty.
by One Night Stand
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Mia Sara
Writing is my ultimate ambition. I respect it above all. I didn`t strive to be ...
by Mia Sara
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Corey Hart
When I sit down at a piano, I feel what`s going on in my life ...
by Corey Hart
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Center Stage
Charlie: Whatever you feel, just dance it.
by Center Stage
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Althea Brockett: Why do I feel so elated? Am I in denial?
by Mumford
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Page Conners: Why can't we pick someone kinda cute? Max Conners: Dean was kinda cute. Page Conners: You're ...
by Heartbreakers
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Bordello of Blood
Rafe: [after finding and confronting Rev. Current in the bordello] Come on, Rev, I'm feeling a ...
by Bordello Of Blood
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Willie Red: Pretty soon you be feeling all unnecessary.
by Rush
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Kate & Leopold
Leopold: Some feel that to court a woman in one's employ is nothing more than a ...
by Kate & Leopold
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Fenoglio: This must be what it feels like to give birth!
by Inkheart
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Kenneth 'Red' Parker Jr.: He hurt you. Didn't he? Aw, use your words. How did it ...
by Hancock
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John Knight
You feel like you are involved. You feel like you are contributing.
by John Knight
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Hugh Dillon
We certainly feel that we need one more midfielder but we are targeting two,
by Hugh Dillon
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Rob McClanahan: Hows your legs? Jack O'Callahan: I'll let you know when I can feel them!
by Miracle
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Dark City
John Murdoch: I was just thinking, what you do seems kind of dangerous right now. I ...
by Dark City
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Gordon Bloom: For the record, if you were murdered, how would that make you feel?
by Commandments
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The Prophecy
Gabriel: I'm an angel. I kill firstborns while their mamas watch. I turn cities into salt. ...
by The Prophecy
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Star Trek: Nemesis
Worf: [feeling groggy] Romulan ale should be illegal. La Forge: It is.
by Star Trek: Nemesis
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The 6th Day
Michael Drucker: Johnny. How's my favorite quarterback? Johnny Phoenix: I would say I feel like a million ...
by The 6th Day
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Teaching Mrs. Tingle
Luke Churner: This feels very strange.
by Teaching Mrs. Tingle
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The Cure
Erik: So they think I'm a faggot. And now all of a sudden I'm yelling the ...
by The Cure
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Cool Runnings
Sanka Coffie: I am feeling very Olympic today, how about you?
by Cool Runnings
0 votes   121 views  
Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story
White Goodman: I know you've been hiding some feelings for me. Kate Veatch: Yeah. Nausea. If you ...
by Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story
0 votes   120 views  
Down with Love
Peter MacMannus: I think Vickie was only talking about marriage so I'd wanna have sex with ...
by Down With Love
0 votes   120 views  
Bad Boys II
[Mike accidentally shot Marcus in the ass] Detective Mateo Reyes: Yo Mike, why don't you just ...
by Bad Boys II
0 votes   120 views  
George of the Jungle
Lyle: No hard feelings, Stonebelly. The best man won, that's all. Or, I should say, the ...
by George Of The Jungle
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Yvonne: She dumped you, huh? Marcus Graham: Yeah. Yvonne: [sighs and smiles] I guess I should feel happy, ...
by Boomerang
0 votes   120 views  
Breakup 101
Michael: I feel like I'm in perpetual Deja Vu. We had a very similar conversation once ...
by Breakup 101
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Play Christy for Me
Private Eye Christy: You taste as good as you feel.
by Play Christy For Me
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The Ungodly
James Lemac: How does it feel Mick, to be a subject?
by The Ungodly
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Chad Smith
We always feel pretty creative as far as writing songs. We write them together; we ...
by Chad Smith
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The Girl from Monday
Cecile: The feeling is the whole approach could be more, well, sexy. Much more provocative. Jack: The ...
by The Girl From Monday
0 votes   118 views  
Living in Oblivion
[Tito doesn't laugh when he's supposed to] Nick: Cut! Tito... Didn't feel like laughing, did ya? ...
by Living In Oblivion
0 votes   118 views  
Curly Sue
Bill Dancer: You can cry and not feel sad, just like you can feel sad and ...
by Curly Sue
0 votes   118 views  
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