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Natural Born Killers
Mallory: You make every day feel like kindergarten.
by Natural Born Killers
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Aaron: Do you feel like a steak? [Abe gives him a bemused look] Aaron: To eat?
by Primer
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Film School Confidential
Mark Williams: Booze is a second class drug; like crack, heroin, all that shit. They close ...
by Film School Confidential
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Black Woman: Let me tell ya something. This is the size of his dick baby, I'm ...
by Ringmaster
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Marg Helgenberger
We had a murder taking place at a foam party...which once again made me feel ...
by Marg Helgenberger
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The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants
Carmen: [to Tibby] Why are you giving me this hypocritical lecture? When you're the one who ...
by The Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants
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Mary: How was your summer, Roland? Roland: What? Mary: Your summer. How was it? Roland: Oh, it was great. ...
by Saved!
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Mr. Deeds
Longfellow Deeds: [to Emilio] Don't be nervous, go ahead. Didn't feel it. Isn't that awesome. Oh, ...
by Mr. Deeds
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Almost Famous
[first lines] Elaine Miller: I can't believe you wanna be Atticus Finch. Oh, that makes me ...
by Almost Famous
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The Long Kiss Goodnight
[Nathan hands his gun to Charlie, then pulls out a second] Mitch: Jesus, old man, how ...
by The Long Kiss Goodnight
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Demolition Man
Troubled Guy: I don't know... lately I just don't feel like there's anything special about me. ...
by Demolition Man
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Mark Roberts
When I`m in bars or clubs, it gets to the point where I feel I`m ...
by Mark Roberts
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Brooke Hogan
I feel older. I feel like this business has kind of made me grow up ...
by Brooke Hogan
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A Sight for Sore Eyes
Laura Sanchez: He has no idea, does he? Jarred Williams: Not a clue. Laura Sanchez: I'm not getting ...
by A Sight For Sore Eyes
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Purgatory House
Teacher: [snapping at a student] Hey! None of that! Marsha: No, it's okay. I want them to ...
by Purgatory House
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Khamtay: Why would you buy me these? Jeffrey Dahmer: I like doing things for people; it makes ...
by Dahmer
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The St. Francisville Experiment
Psychic - Madison Charap - Participant: There is something in this room with me, I can ...
by The St. Francisville Experiment
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Stuart Little
Stuart Little: I'm so happy! I... I feel 10 inches tall!
by Stuart Little
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Mission: Impossible
Ethan Hunt: So, how does it feel to be a solid citizen again? Luther Stickell: Man, I ...
by Mission: Impossible
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French Kiss
Kate: So you'd risk everything for this? Luc: Oui. Kate: Do anything to have it? Luc: Oui. Kate: Get down ...
by French Kiss
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Crimson Tide
Capt. Ramsey: All I ask is that you keep up with me. If you can't, then ...
by Crimson Tide
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Nadja: I think I'm in love. Renfield: Why do you say that? Nadja: I feel terrible.
by Nadja
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Mixed Nuts
Chris: [to Philip] Dancing with you makes me feel all fluffy, like I was dancing on ...
by Mixed Nuts
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FernGully: The Last Rainforest
Crysta: What are you doing? Zak: Carving your name. See? C-R-Y-S... Crysta: No, no, you mustn't do that! ...
by FernGully: The Last Rainforest
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Barbara Williams
You just feel badly for the poor thing.
by Barbara Williams
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Friends with Money
David: Who cares? Christine: I care. Just because you can remove yourself enough to feel superior to ...
by Friends With Money
0 votes   132 views  
Dark Ride
Jim: I feel obliged to pick up this hot piece of ass. Call it my civic ...
by Dark Ride
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Secret Window
Mort: I don't respond well to intimidation. Makes me feel *icky*.
by Secret Window
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Alistair: I'd like to say I can feel your pain... but I can't.
by FeardotCom
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Graham Hess: What are you thinking about? Bo: Why do you talk to Mom when you're by ...
by Signs
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Love and a Bullet
Malik Bishop: Now, I don't generally celebrate Thanksgiving in the traditional sense. Personally, I feel like ...
by Love And A Bullet
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Dracula 2000
Solina: You know, it's a special thing to be chosen. Feels like being born.
by Dracula 2000
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Moulin Rouge!
Zidler: Outside things may be tragic, but in here we feel its magic.
by Moulin Rouge!
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Ricky 6
[prompting Ricky to steal the book about Satanism] Pat Pagan: Go on, boy, feel the heat.
by Ricky 6
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Safe Men
Eddie: Hey! What's going on back there? (pats Samuel's ass) Samuel: It's nothing. Eddie: I could feel it, ...
by Safe Men
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Kissing a Fool
Samantha Andrews: How do you feel? Jay Murphy: Like ten bucks.
by Kissing A Fool
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Grosse Pointe Blank
Debi: What is this I'm feeling? Is it pain? Panic? Hunger? Am I hungry? Who's hungry?
by Grosse Pointe Blank
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Grosse Pointe Blank
Dr. Oatman: Don't kill anybody for a few days. See what it feels like. Martin Q. ...
by Grosse Pointe Blank
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From Dusk Till Dawn
Seth: Well, your best better get a hell of a lot fucking better, or you are ...
by From Dusk Till Dawn
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Tank Girl
Tank Girl: Feeling a little inadequate?
by Tank Girl
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