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Luke Jackson
The biggest thing for me was defense and guarding Paul Pierce. That was definitely a ...
by Luke Jackson
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Final Destination 2
Kimberly Corman: I have this really bad feeling. It's not over yet.
by Final Destination 2
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Valerie Thomas: I guess we thought that maybe Susan Orlean and Leroche could fall in love, ...
by Adaptation.
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New Jersey Drive
Jason Petty: It was starting to feel like the walls was closin' in on me. You ...
by New Jersey Drive
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Mad Love
Matt: I feel like an idiot. Casey: You look like an idiot. Matt: I am an idiot.
by Mad Love
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Dolores Claiborne
Dolores Claiborne: We're gonna sit down and have ourselves a drink! And after we're done - ...
by Dolores Claiborne
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Super Mario Bros.
[the Marios try to escape in a police car] Mario: Where's the starter on this thing? ...
by Super Mario Bros.
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The Super
Big Lou Kritski: Will you stop about the tenants? Remember, they used to live in huts. ...
by The Super
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Finished in Mahwah
Stephen Silbernagel: We work on a need-to-know basis and feel now you need to know that ...
by Finished In Mahwah
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Christopher Brennan Saves the World
Adam: Wooooo! Cheers for beers! Chris, last week, man, thanks so much for tossing out that ...
by Christopher Brennan Saves The World
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Martie Maguire
We won`t as a band, and we probably won`t on the stage. But we will ...
by Martie Maguire
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Louise Nevelson
I just feel that I`m in tune with the right vibrations in the universe when ...
by Louise Nevelson
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Chris King
Would I send Chris King to Des Moines or Washington, D.C., and feel secure in ...
by Chris King
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Cheryl Tweedy
The past year [2004] has been the best ever. I feel like I`ve got a ...
by Cheryl Tweedy
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Anette Norberg
When he gets a feel, that`s when he`s going to go. Stealing bases is all ...
by Anette Norberg
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Underworld: Evolution
Selene: [to Michael] There's never been a hybrid before. However ambivalent you might feel about it, ...
by Underworld: Evolution
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Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
Ron: What do you suppose is on Karkaroff's arm? Harry: I dunno. Hermione: Boomslang skin and Lacewing flies... ...
by Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire
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Gerry: I thought maybe you'd succumbed. Gerry: I almost did succumb, but then I turbanned up, and ...
by Gerry
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Analyze That
Mobster: No hard feelings. Dr. Ben Sobel: No... and probably never again.
by Analyze That
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Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back
Matt Damon: Just take it from "It's a good course." Ben Affleck: Oh, now you're the director. ...
by Jay And Silent Bob Strike Back
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Three to Tango
Peter Steinberg: Do you have any idea what toilet paper feels like in Egypt?
by Three To Tango
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Mad Dog Time
Vic: Ben, go home. Pack your bags, and leave town. Ben London: Nobody tells Ben London what ...
by Mad Dog Time
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The Swan Princess
Odette: [Odette is dying] Derek... I-I feel so weak... I think... I'm... Prince Derek: No... You'll live, ...
by The Swan Princess
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The Santa Clause
Charlie: Woa, how did you do that? How did that feel Dad? Scott Calvin: It felt like ...
by The Santa Clause
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Brian Kessler: I'll never know why Early Grayce became a killer. I don' know why any ...
by Kalifornia
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A Few Good Men
Galloway: I'm sorry, I should have called first. Kaffee: No, I was just watching a ball game. ...
by A Few Good Men
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The Rapture
Sharon: There has to be something more. Randy: Why? Sharon: I'm tired of all the pain in my ...
by The Rapture
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The Taking of Pelham 1 2 3
Ryder: This make you feel better, Garber? That make everything okay now? Walter Garber: No, but it's ...
by The Taking Of Pelham 1 2 3
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[after having landed in the garbage disposal room] Windows: I have a bad feeling about this. ...
by Fanboys
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Night at the Museum
Jedediah: No problemo, Gigantor. Larry: Um, my names Larry, first of all okay, Jed? See I call ...
by Night At The Museum
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Noah Taylor
Italy is definitely where I feel most at home, or alternatively, living in total wilderness, ...
by Noah Taylor
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Mark Richardson
We feel good about where we are, but you`re never finished. The business constantly evolves. ...
by Mark Richardson
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Jason Schmidt
When I pushed off on that last pitch, I felt a sharp pain. Twinges come ...
by Jason Schmidt
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Catherine Keener
Well, the day I got nominated, I had jury duty, a D.U.I. case. The morning ...
by Catherine Keener
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Alex Black
We`ve had quite a few discover the wonderful reality to why shaving helps so much. ...
by Alex Black
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Love Comes to the Executioner
Heck Prigusivac: Don't worry it's the same stuff that Romeo and Juliet used. Dori Dumchovic: Why doesn't ...
by Love Comes To The Executioner
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Donnie Darko
Kitty Farmer: [giving a pep talk to girls about to go on stage] OK ? now, ...
by Donnie Darko
0 votes   141 views  
Down to You
Al: You make me feel alive.
by Down To You
0 votes   141 views  
The Corruptor
Willy Ung: You never know how a guy gettin' his dick rubbed is gonna react when ...
by The Corruptor
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Z: The whole system makes me feel so... insignificant. Psychologist: Excellent. You've made a real breakthrough. Z: I ...
by Antz
0 votes   141 views  
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