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Silver City
Wes Benteen: People want to back a winner. They need to feel a part of something ...
by Silver City
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Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
Harry: Wow, I feel sore. I mean physically, not like a guy who's angry in a ...
by Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
0 votes   387 views  
Sam: All I want is one lousy miracle! Is that too much to ask? Charly: [crying] It ...
by Charly
0 votes   387 views  
Stanley Kubrick: A Life in Pictures
Jack Nicholson: Everyone pretty much acknowledges that he's the man, and I still feel that underrates ...
by Stanley Kubrick: A Life In Pictures
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Love Stinks
Chelsea: I really like this guy. I think that Seth could be the one. Holly: Are you ...
by Love Stinks
0 votes   387 views  
Flirting with Disaster
Mary Schlichting: How do you feel? Agent Paul: Vivid. I'm seeing colors I don't want to see.
by Flirting With Disaster
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Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs
Manny: I feel so... puny.
by Ice Age: Dawn Of The Dinosaurs
0 votes   387 views  
Ghosts of Girlfriends Past
Melanie: There's apple, bubble gum and Tandoori. I know it sounds gross, but have two of ...
by Ghosts Of Girlfriends Past
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Paul Murphy
We played a championship-caliber team tonight. (The players) don`t want to feel like they did ...
by Paul Murphy
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Other Father: So sharp, you won't feel a thing...
by Coraline
0 votes   386 views  
Henry & June
Henry Miller: I feel like the war's over.
by Henry & June
0 votes   386 views  
Jeff Mitchell
You can get real fired up for the Saints. I mean, they knocked us out ...
by Jeff Mitchell
0 votes   385 views  
Alex Black
We`ve had quite a few discover the wonderful reality to why shaving helps so much. ...
by Alex Black
0 votes   385 views  
Imaginary Heroes
[Tim and Kyle are high on Ecstasy] Tim Travis: [touches Kyle's hair] Oh my god. Your ...
by Imaginary Heroes
0 votes   385 views  
Final Destination 2
Kimberly Corman: I have this really bad feeling. It's not over yet.
by Final Destination 2
0 votes   385 views  
The Rules of Attraction
Victor: I no longer know who I am and I feel like the ghost of a ...
by The Rules Of Attraction
0 votes   385 views  
Valerie Thomas: I guess we thought that maybe Susan Orlean and Leroche could fall in love, ...
by Adaptation.
0 votes   385 views  
An Ideal Husband
Lord Arthur Goring: [to statue] It is a great nuisance. I can't find anyone else to ...
by An Ideal Husband
0 votes   385 views  
Mother Night
Howard W. Campbell Jr.: I was deposited on to the streets of New York, restored to ...
by Mother Night
0 votes   385 views  
Mr. Destiny
Larry Joseph Burrows: Sometimes I get the distinct feeling I'm missing out on something. Harry Burrows: Well, ...
by Mr. Destiny
0 votes   385 views  
The Beach Party at the Threshold of Hell
Tex Kennedy: Now, I gotta warn you, this is gonna feel like a million watts of ...
by The Beach Party At The Threshold Of Hell
0 votes   385 views  
Me and You and Everyone We Know
Christine Jesperson: Call me, if you ever feel too old to drive.
by Me And You And Everyone We Know
0 votes   384 views  
Dragonmaster: Feeling brave tonight? How Brave? Dragonmaster: Brave enough to do battle with hideous monsters? Hmm? Dragonmaster: Brave ...
by Dragonstrike
0 votes   384 views  
Eva Perón: I already know what cooks, how the dirty city feels and looks. I tasted ...
by Evita
0 votes   384 views  
Above the Rim
Shep: Excuse me? You think you can just kiss me anytime you feel like it? Mailika: Yeah, ...
by Above The Rim
0 votes   384 views  
Big Stan
Big Stan: [on phone] Don't you ever find yourself feeling sorry for anybody? The Master: [on other ...
by Big Stan
0 votes   384 views  
Garfield: A Tail of Two Kitties
Garfield: Look at this room, for example. How are you gonna liven this place up? Winston: But ...
by Garfield: A Tail Of Two Kitties
0 votes   384 views  
Mick Jones
We`re starting with a clean slate. I feel like fresh ideas are coming back. It`s ...
by Mick Jones
0 votes   383 views  
Mark Knopfler
While listening, to things like western swing, for instance, I`d work something out in my ...
by Mark Knopfler
0 votes   383 views  
Kevin Johnson
My role model was my grandfather. He instilled in me the feeling that no matter ...
by Kevin Johnson
0 votes   383 views  
Jim Edmonds
It`s getting a little too much attention right now, but that`s how it is when ...
by Jim Edmonds
0 votes   383 views  
Doug Jackson
We want the public to feel ownership in the process. We have to look at ...
by Doug Jackson
0 votes   383 views  
Girl Fever
[last lines] Sam: Annie, I love you. This is the only way I can get you ...
by Girl Fever
0 votes   383 views  
Bring It On
[last lines] Cliff: So, second place... how does it feel? Torrance Shipman: It feels like first. [they ...
by Bring It On
0 votes   383 views  
Keeping the Faith
Omar: [speaking passionately in Spanish to Father Brian inside a confessional] Mrs. Lopez, she's seriously hot, ...
by Keeping The Faith
0 votes   383 views  
As Good as It Gets
Simon Bishop: Is this fun for you? You lucky devil. It just keeps getting better and ...
by As Good As It Gets
0 votes   383 views  
Margaret: Sometimes I feel like I could disappear for weeks, and no one would even notice.
by Clockwatchers
0 votes   383 views  
Boogie Nights
Jack Horner: I got a feeling that behind those jeans is something wonderful just waiting to ...
by Boogie Nights
0 votes   383 views  
The Quick and the Dead
John Herod: I could give you more money than you could ever spend. Ellen: I wouldn't feel ...
by The Quick And The Dead
0 votes   383 views  
The Rapture
Sharon: There has to be something more. Randy: Why? Sharon: I'm tired of all the pain in my ...
by The Rapture
0 votes   383 views  
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