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Linda Lavin
We give you this story. It is for the audience to be moved and gut ...
by Linda Lavin
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Frank Kelly
You kind of feel a little sorry for the guy. What keeps going through my ...
by Frank Kelly
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Chris Gibson
We have a lot of safety measures in place already, so I feel pretty comfortable ...
by Chris Gibson
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Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
Harry: Wow, I feel sore. I mean physically, not like a guy who's angry in a ...
by Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
0 votes   153 views  
I Heart Huckabees
Dawn Campbell: I'm in my tree talking to the Dixie Chicks and they're making me feel ...
by I Heart Huckabees
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Road Trip
E.L.: [trying to convince Josh to have sex with Beth] Your dick will never forgive you. ...
by Road Trip
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[last lines] Daphne James: So, how'd it go? Harry Mirapolsky: It went... I've got a feeling things ...
by Flinch
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Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian
Amelia Earhart: I just feel as if I've been asleep for along time and now suddenly ...
by Night At The Museum: Battle Of The Smithsonian
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The Covenant
Tyler Sims: So, what did the Provost want? Caleb Danvers: Someone told him about the fight a ...
by The Covenant
0 votes   153 views  
For Your Consideration
Chuck Porter: Now I know what it feels like to stare down into the Grand Canyon.
by For Your Consideration
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Michael Landon
I felt my father`s presence with me, enlightening my memories, helping me to commit to ...
by Michael Landon
0 votes   152 views  
Jonathan Togo
The odds are so against you... They make like 50 pilots. Of the 50 there ...
by Jonathan Togo
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Grey Delisle
Somehow, it seems that the sadder a song is, the happier I feel. The release ...
by Grey Delisle
0 votes   152 views  
Dodie Smith
I don`t like the sound of all those lists he`s making - it`s like taking ...
by Dodie Smith
0 votes   152 views  
Annette Bening
I think where I`ve instinctively found myself is that I am somewhat guarded in my ...
by Annette Bening
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Andrea Roth
We got a great response (after the first episode) from firemen and their wives, but ...
by Andrea Roth
0 votes   152 views  
Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story
Pepper Brooks: [Average Joe's team comes out in S & M gear] I feel like I'm ...
by Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story
0 votes   152 views  
Sam: All I want is one lousy miracle! Is that too much to ask? Charly: [crying] It ...
by Charly
0 votes   152 views  
Nicholas Nickleby
Mrs. Nickleby: We feel he died of a broken heart. Ralph Nickleby: Pooh, there's no such thing. ...
by Nicholas Nickleby
0 votes   152 views  
Anger Management
Dave Buznik: [singing] I feel pretty / oh, so pretty / oh, so pretty and witty ...
by Anger Management
0 votes   152 views  
Girl Fever
[last lines] Sam: Annie, I love you. This is the only way I can get you ...
by Girl Fever
0 votes   152 views  
Scary Movie 2
[as Megan's head spins around] Father McFeely: [turns to leave] Fuck this!
by Scary Movie 2
0 votes   152 views  
Someone Like You...
Liz: [referring to Ray's girlfriend] If he mentions her, just smile politely and change the subject. ...
by Someone Like You...
0 votes   152 views  
The Matrix Revolutions
Cas: I know how you feel, Zee, but you can't do this. Zee: I have to. Cas: Why? ...
by The Matrix Revolutions
0 votes   152 views  
Common Ground
Tobias: Whats it feel like to make love to another man? Gil Roberts: It's wonderful Tobias: See, that's ...
by Common Ground
0 votes   152 views  
The Minus Man
Vann Siegert: Corn is good. Laurie Bloom: Corn? Vann Siegert: If it's fresh. It makes you feel better.
by The Minus Man
0 votes   152 views  
Casper Meets Wendy
Wendy: I have no friends, none, and my family treats me like sludge. Voice of Casper: I ...
by Casper Meets Wendy
0 votes   152 views  
The Vanishing
Rita Baker: She's gone, Jeff. She's gone. You may never know how or why, you just ...
by The Vanishing
0 votes   152 views  
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III
Casey Jones: Bet you guys feel lucky to be going back, right? Benkei: We're lucky. We're going ...
by Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III
0 votes   152 views  
Defending Your Life
Julia: The best hot dogs in Judgement City are supposed to be over by the Hall ...
by Defending Your Life
0 votes   152 views  
Margot at the Wedding
Pauline: Margot told Claude something I expressly told her in confidence, and he told Ingrid. I'm ...
by Margot At The Wedding
0 votes   152 views  
An Inconvenient Truth
[first lines] Al Gore: You look at that river gently flowing by. You notice the leaves ...
by An Inconvenient Truth
0 votes   152 views  
Big Stan
Big Stan: [on phone] Don't you ever find yourself feeling sorry for anybody? The Master: [on other ...
by Big Stan
0 votes   152 views  
A/k/a Tommy Chong
Bill Maher: [...] I can't think of a more ridiculous diversion of manpower than to bust ...
by A/k/a Tommy Chong
0 votes   152 views  
Oscar Wilde
All bad poetry springs from genuine feeling.
by Oscar Wilde
0 votes   151 views  
Melanie Griffith
I would just like to be able to give to people through acting. If I ...
by Melanie Griffith
0 votes   151 views  
Frank Mccourt
You feel a sense of urgency, especially at my advanced age, when you`re staring into ...
by Frank Mccourt
0 votes   151 views  
Aaron Downey
Our feelings are our most genuine paths to knowledge.
by Aaron Downey
0 votes   151 views  
Death to Smoochy
Reporter: How does it feel to be voted the most hated man in America, Randolph? Randolph: In ...
by Death To Smoochy
0 votes   151 views  
The Broken Hearts Club: A Romantic Comedy
Cole: The one time you bastards actually keep a secret is the one time it matters. ...
by The Broken Hearts Club: A Romantic Comedy
0 votes   151 views  
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