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Buffy the Vampire Slayer
[the Coach is having the last pep-talk with his team, pointing at a piece of ...
by Buffy The Vampire Slayer
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Mike: Take care of yourself a little... so that the people who love you don't feel ...
by Management
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Effie Melody White: So... Deena's going to sing the lead 'cause you like the way she ...
by Dreamgirls
0 votes   180 views  
Matt Leblanc
You basically have a group of four spies who are chosen for a mission they ...
by Matt Leblanc
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John Knowles
There are simply more young people than there ever were. You get this feeling of ...
by John Knowles
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Jeffrey Hunter
You try to get the feel of any role, but it`s much more difficult in ...
by Jeffrey Hunter
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Donnie Yen
When you watch my films, you`re feeling my heart.
by Donnie Yen
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Baron Hill
Now I know how to conserve energy and run for the finals, and don`t leave ...
by Baron Hill
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Bethany Joy Lenz
On her character Haley: The interesting thing about Haley is that she feels really awful, ...
by Bethany Joy Lenz
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Ashley Underwood
We really feel that the momentum is with us.
by Ashley Underwood
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Alley Baggett
I love to let out all my feelings of who I really am through my ...
by Alley Baggett
0 votes   179 views  
The Perfect Man
Adam Forrest: It's like all of the bad stuff that you went through that you hated ...
by The Perfect Man
0 votes   179 views  
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
Sheriff Hoyt: I bet she's real unhappy, real sorry that you're getting fuckin' her blood all ...
by The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
0 votes   179 views  
The World Is Not Enough
Elektra King: There's no point living, if you can't feel alive.
by The World Is Not Enough
0 votes   179 views  
Ever After
Gustav: [as Danielle is about to change into a dress] Have you lost your marbles? Do ...
by Ever After
0 votes   179 views  
D3: The Mighty Ducks
Mrs. Madigan: Every Monday you will have a practice quiz. Every Wednesday you will have a ...
by D3: The Mighty Ducks
0 votes   179 views  
Eating Out 2: Sloppy Seconds
[Helen stumbles upon Kyle and Tiffani kissing and thinks her son's gone straight while Marc ...
by Eating Out 2: Sloppy Seconds
0 votes   179 views  
Ira & Abby
Arlene Black: Marriage is not something to be taken lightly. Abby Willoughby: I don't take it lightly, ...
by Ira & Abby
0 votes   179 views  
Michael Morgan
You had the feeling he`d played everything in the world at least once and knew ...
by Michael Morgan
0 votes   178 views  
Joe Wright
Every time I make a film, I feel it gives me the chance to learn ...
by Joe Wright
0 votes   178 views  
Carol Kane
I don`t put together cars, I put together people. It makes me happy to construct ...
by Carol Kane
0 votes   178 views  
The Rice They Carried
The Nerd: [about the math & science stereotype] They can't see beyond the fact that, "He's ...
by The Rice They Carried
0 votes   178 views  
Be Cool
Raji: Mad respect for not giving respect. I feel you.
by Be Cool
0 votes   178 views  
Meet the Fockers
Bernie Focker: At least I'm comfortable enough in my skin to cook for my family. Tell ...
by Meet The Fockers
0 votes   178 views  
Betty Ross: All you've given Bruce is fear. Fear of life. Father: Fear. Perhaps, Miss Ross. And ...
by Hulk
0 votes   178 views  
Merrill: Morgan, this crop stuff is just about a bunch of nerds who never had a ...
by Signs
0 votes   178 views  
The Royal Tenenbaums
Ethel: How're you feeling? Richie: Fine, thanks. Ethel: Are you in any pain? Richie: Not really. Chas: Why'd you try ...
by The Royal Tenenbaums
0 votes   178 views  
John Hobbes: I got a bad feeling about this. Jonesy: Yeah, me too. Somebody is playing with ...
by Fallen
0 votes   178 views  
Deep Rising
Pantucci: [as he is caught nosing around the cargo] I'm feeling a real lack of love ...
by Deep Rising
0 votes   178 views  
Major Payne
[after a ruse to try and get rid of him, Major Payne forces the cadets ...
by Major Payne
0 votes   178 views  
Kristanna Loken
When I got the [T3] job, my manager said, `Kristanna, just enjoy this last year ...
by Kristanna Loken
0 votes   177 views  
Joanna Levesque
I like a guy who can survive the streets. I like to feel like if ...
by Joanna Levesque
0 votes   177 views  
George Butler
You could see the pride. It`s a significant investment for (the company) to pick this ...
by George Butler
0 votes   177 views  
Claude Debussy
There is nothing is more musical than a sunset. He who feels what he sees ...
by Claude Debussy
0 votes   177 views  
Ashley Miller
We wanted to run some new and different stuff so we`re not a predictable team, ...
by Ashley Miller
0 votes   177 views  
Alice Duer Miller
Contempt is the weapon of the weak and a defense against one`s own despised and ...
by Alice Duer Miller
0 votes   177 views  
Other Father: So sharp, you won't feel a thing...
by Coraline
0 votes   177 views  
Final Destination
Tod Waggner: I never thought anything could look worse than my yearbook photo... George: How do you ...
by Final Destination
0 votes   177 views  
Down Periscope
Lt. Comd. Dodge: Speaking of age, what do you think about our boat, Pascal? Executive Officer ...
by Down Periscope
0 votes   177 views  
The Immortals
Jack: Taking money from this organization and leaving them alive makes out for a very shady ...
by The Immortals
0 votes   177 views  
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