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The Silence of the Lambs
Murray: [assessing the mutilated Sergeant Pembry] He's alive. Sergeant Tate, he's alive ! Sergeant Tate: Get a ...
by The Silence Of The Lambs
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Point Break
Pappas: ...last time you had a feeling I had to kill a guy, and I hate ...
by Point Break
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Seth: Look at those nipples. Evan: They're like little baby toes. It's just not fair that they ...
by Superbad
0 votes   219 views  
Kelly Clarkson
I`m petite but I was the biggest girl on my season. Everyone else weighed 100 ...
by Kelly Clarkson
0 votes   218 views  
Howie Day
There`s an intimacy lost on the big audiences, but there`s also a sort of cool ...
by Howie Day
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Dr. Spikowsky: How do you feel about your penis? Bree Osbourne: [giving up] It disgusts me. I ...
by Transamerica
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Edward Robinson: White folks ain't trying to keep you down. White folks just don't like to ...
by Bobby
0 votes   218 views  
Scary Movie 2
Dwight Hartman: I know what you thinking. That I fire three shots or a hundred and ...
by Scary Movie 2
1 votes   218 views  
Surviving Christmas
[first lines] Drew Latham: Folks, my firm's done a tremendous amount of marketing research and we've ...
by Surviving Christmas
0 votes   218 views  
Training Day
Alonzo: Why do you wanna be a narc? Jake: I want to protect the streets by ridding ...
by Training Day
0 votes   218 views  
Kiss the Girls
Dr. Kate McTiernan: You're going out there on your own? Alex Cross: I got people. Dr. Kate ...
by Kiss The Girls
0 votes   218 views  
Craig Jones: Mom, loan me 200 dollars. Mrs. Jones: Craig, I wouldn't feel comfortable lending you money ...
by Friday
0 votes   218 views  
Jamie Tarses
The sweeping changes in the entertainment industry dictated necessary, competitive changes at ABC, and I ...
by Jamie Tarses
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Iyanla Vanzant
You have a right to your thoughts and feelings. Your feelings are always valid.
by Iyanla Vanzant
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A Home at the End of the World
Alice Glover: Do something for me? Bobby Morrow: Anything. Alice Glover: Hold me. Just hold me. Bobby Morrow: Okay. ...
by A Home At The End Of The World
0 votes   217 views  
About a Boy
Rachel: Allie finds all this rather difficult. Will: Well yeah, so does Marcus. Don't ya mate, divorced ...
by About A Boy
0 votes   217 views  
Orange County
Ashley: Look Shaun, I'm sorry you didn't get into Stanford. But if you think that going ...
by Orange County
0 votes   217 views  
Mr. T: I can't feel my face... I mean, I can touch it, but I can't ...
by Blow
0 votes   217 views  
Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines
John Connor: I feel the weight of the world bearing down on me. A future I ...
by Terminator 3: Rise Of The Machines
0 votes   217 views  
The Talented Mr. Ripley
Marge Sherwood: The thing with Dickie... it's like the sun shines on you, and it's glorious. ...
by The Talented Mr. Ripley
0 votes   217 views  
Saving Private Ryan
Gen. George C. Marshall: I have here a very old letter, written to a Mrs. Bixby ...
by Saving Private Ryan
0 votes   217 views  
Swimming with Sharks
Buddy: What I am concerned with is detail. I asked you go get me a packet ...
by Swimming With Sharks
0 votes   217 views  
Star Trek: Generations
[first lines] [the journalists are all talking at the same time, trying to get their ...
by Star Trek: Generations
0 votes   217 views  
Jared: You can't handle the job, you've lost the edge. You've become too emotional. Alex: I can't ...
by Nemesis
0 votes   217 views  
The Last Sentinel
Angry Cop: He was the best partner a man could ever have. He took that bullet ...
by The Last Sentinel
0 votes   217 views  
Scary Larry
Sandy: And one time they had a party one night and I didn't feel good and ...
by Scary Larry
0 votes   217 views  
Looking for Comedy in the Muslim World
Man in Temple: [giving example of what makes him laugh] Okay. Laughter is a very serious ...
by Looking For Comedy In The Muslim World
0 votes   216 views  
Southland Tales
Dion Element: The dude hasn't taken a shit in a week. Veronica Mung: When has it even ...
by Southland Tales
0 votes   216 views  
Seed of Chucky
Chucky: Wait a minute! I'm not gonna let you poison our son's mind with your touchy-feely ...
by Seed Of Chucky
0 votes   216 views  
Captain Keyes: [FPV from Jenkins' helmet cam] Right, well let's get this door open. Pvt. Mendoza: I'll ...
by Halo
0 votes   216 views  
Kill Bill: Vol. 1
[looking at the Bride in her coma] Buck: Price is $75 a fuck, my friend. You ...
by Kill Bill: Vol. 1
0 votes   216 views  
Notting Hill
Keziah: No thanks, I'm a fruitarian. Max: I didn't realize that. William: And, ahm: what exactly is a ...
by Notting Hill
0 votes   216 views  
Emma Woodhouse: [voiceover] Dear Diary, Today I tried not to think about Mr. Knightly. I tried ...
by Emma
0 votes   216 views  
A Goofy Movie
Max: My life's a living he... Lester: Hello little buddy! Who's your favorite opossum? Max: Don't touch me. ...
by A Goofy Movie
0 votes   216 views  
Batman Forever
The Riddler: [shows him his Box wand] This is how I found you. [turns on the ...
by Batman Forever
0 votes   216 views  
Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country
[the crew enter the bridge] Kirk: Once again, we've saved civilization as we know it. McCoy: And ...
by Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country
0 votes   216 views  
Louis Garrel
It`s true I have a hard time with the notion of creating a character. And ...
by Louis Garrel
0 votes   215 views  
Jason Cook
This allows you to check in with a therapist and discuss how you`re feeling. It ...
by Jason Cook
0 votes   215 views  
Emily Blunt
(On her childhood) My head was occupied all the time. I was confused about what ...
by Emily Blunt
0 votes   215 views  
[Feldman and Murphy are concerned about Bulworth's rapping] Bill Feldman: You know something? We had a ...
by Bulworth
0 votes   215 views  
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