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The Other Boleyn Girl
Sir Thomas Boleyn: Alright, now, open! [advising Mary to open her eyes] Sir Thomas Boleyn: I am ...
by The Other Boleyn Girl
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Evan Almighty
[from trailer] Joan Baxter: You want to build a boat? Evan Baxter: It might be something fun ...
by Evan Almighty
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The Sum of All Fears
Jack Ryan: General, the President is basing his decisions on some really bad information right now. ...
by The Sum Of All Fears
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The Client
Roy: Okay... what do you want? Reggie: You have access to a private jet? Roy: I do. Reggie: Send ...
by The Client
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Perry Como
On his professional life versus his home life: I`d perform with the world`s greatest artists ...
by Perry Como
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Katherine Heigl
I`d like to start talking children seriously in the next year [2009], but [my husband] ...
by Katherine Heigl
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Heather Hunter
The centers have always been family-run. We all work with younger children.
by Heather Hunter
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A Cinderella Story
Austin: Sam! Okay, I know you think that I'm just some... Sam: Coward? Phony? Austin: Okay, just listen. ...
by A Cinderella Story
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Rules of Engagement
Colonel Hayes Hodges: [final arguments of the defense] Colonel Hayes Hodges: [presenting a photo of the embassy ...
by Rules Of Engagement
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Marianne Williamson
Family... a group experience of love and support.
by Marianne Williamson
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October Sky
John: Elsie, I don't have the power to settle this strike. Elsie: The bosses listen to you. ...
by October Sky
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Mulan: [singing] Ancestors, hear my plea: help me not to make a fool of me, and ...
by Mulan
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Forrest Gump
Forrest Gump: He was from a long great military tradition. Somebody from his family had fought ...
by Forrest Gump
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Home Alone 2: Lost in New York
Kate McCallister: Why don't you just sit up here for a while and think things over. ...
by Home Alone 2: Lost In New York
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Ben Stiller
I have not been an easygoing guy. I think it`s called bipolar manic depression. I`ve ...
by Ben Stiller
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Underworld: Evolution
Marcus: I know what you have done, Selene. Selene: Viktor deserved his fate. And Kraven was no ...
by Underworld: Evolution
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Meet the Fockers
Bernie Focker: At least I'm comfortable enough in my skin to cook for my family. Tell ...
by Meet The Fockers
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American History X
Cameron: This is stupid. Go cool off, get laid, do something, come back when you're ready ...
by American History X
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Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit
Sister Mary Clarence: [singing] We are family / I got all my sisters with me / ...
by Sister Act 2: Back In The Habit
0 votes   193 views  
Marc Davis
When I was a kid, my family moved around a lot, and I lived and ...
by Marc Davis
0 votes   192 views  
Wilbur Turnblad: [to Tracy] This is America, babe, you gotta think big to be big. Edna ...
by Hairspray
0 votes   192 views  
The Amityville Horror
Father Callaway: There was a family... lived here some time ago. They had a similar problem. ...
by The Amityville Horror
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Final Destination 2
Nora: If it is my time to go and be in heaven with my family, I ...
by Final Destination 2
0 votes   192 views  
A Walk in the Clouds
Don Pedro Aragon: Clothes are like family. You have to live in them for awhile before ...
by A Walk In The Clouds
1 votes   192 views  
The Weather Man
Dave Spritz: [thinking] What must you think of me? Your family leader. Your non-meteorologist, yet weather ...
by The Weather Man
0 votes   191 views  
Cinderella Man
Joe Gould: You're all heart. Jimmy Johnston: My heart is for my family. My brains and my ...
by Cinderella Man
0 votes   191 views  
Daredevil: You killed the only two people I ever loved. Why? Kingpin: Business. It's all it ever ...
by Daredevil
0 votes   191 views  
Dark Blue
Det. Sgt. Eldon Perry Jr.: That's Eldon Perry the third. Right there next to his mom. ...
by Dark Blue
0 votes   191 views  
One Hour Photo
Sy Parrish: When people's houses are on fire, what's the first thing they save after their ...
by One Hour Photo
0 votes   191 views  
Freeway II: Confessions of a Trickbaby
White Girl: You was right to kill your family, Cyclona. Cyclona: Nobody ever told me that before!
by Freeway II: Confessions Of A Trickbaby
0 votes   191 views  
A Prairie Home Companion
Dangerous Woman: When I listened to these people it was like they were my family. Axeman: But ...
by A Prairie Home Companion
0 votes   190 views  
Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars
Voice of Pilot: This will be used as a weapon, against others? John Crichton: Worst case scenario, ...
by Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars
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Alice Collins: [referring to Judy, Lucy's girlfriend] I really can't believe you brought her. Lucy Collins: Hello, ...
by Eulogy
0 votes   190 views  
The House of Mirth
Lily Bart: If obliquity were a vice, we should all be tainted. Mrs. Peniston: Only someone without ...
by The House Of Mirth
0 votes   190 views  
The Pest
Angus: Today is Monday. I want all the money you owe me by Wednesday or I'm ...
by The Pest
0 votes   190 views  
Home Alone 2: Lost in New York
Cedrick the Bellman: Mr. McCallister's room service bill, Sir. Merry Christmas. [holds out hand meagerly] Buzz ...
by Home Alone 2: Lost In New York
0 votes   190 views  
Augusto Silva: What do you want? Mike Terry: You brought the old man up from Brazil for ...
by Redbelt
0 votes   190 views  
Craig Campbell
We join our entire Guard family in raising up our prayers on behalf of Bryan ...
by Craig Campbell
0 votes   189 views  
Ashley Olsen
Some twins feel like they need to compare themselves to each other, but we`re not ...
by Ashley Olsen
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The Boondock Saints
Rocco: This guy takes out a whole family... wife, kids, everyone... like he's ordering fucking pizza.
by The Boondock Saints
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