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Raise Your Voice
Aunt Nina: I'm going to tell you something about your dad I don't think you know. ...
by Raise Your Voice
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Alice Collins: I'm sorry, I live in the real world. I work hard at raising a ...
by Eulogy
0 votes   204 views  
Joaquin Phoenix
(On his childhood and his live on the land with his family): I remember us ...
by Joaquin Phoenix
0 votes   203 views  
Adam Baldwin
It was never the fame or fortune that drove me to act. It was something ...
by Adam Baldwin
0 votes   203 views  
Cheaper by the Dozen
Lorraine: [walks into kitchen] I am totally aware that this family doesn't value self-presentation in the ...
by Cheaper By The Dozen
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An American Crime
Gertrude Baniszewski: You know what it's like to be sick, Sylvia. I've been sick for so ...
by An American Crime
0 votes   203 views  
There Will Be Blood
Plainview: [Paul Sunday has offered to sell Plainview information] Well, why'd you come to me? Paul ...
by There Will Be Blood
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Omar Sharif
I`ve stopped (playing bridge) all together. I decided I didn`t want to be a slave ...
by Omar Sharif
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The Assassination of Richard Nixon
Jack Jones: You look like a family man, Sam... not some schmuck with a pussy on ...
by The Assassination Of Richard Nixon
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The Good Shepherd
[last lines] Edward Wilson: [reading] They are right what they say about me. I was weak. ...
by The Good Shepherd
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Interview with the Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles
Claudia: Where's mama? Lestat: Mama... mama has gone to heaven, Chérie, like that sweet lady right there. ...
by Interview With The Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles
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Hudson Hawk
Hudson Hawk: Anthony Mario, Cesar Mario. I didn't know the circus was in town. Cesar Mario: So, ...
by Hudson Hawk
0 votes   202 views  
Holy Man
G: Seventy-five years. That's how much time you get if you're lucky. Seventy-five years. Seventy-five Winters. ...
by Holy Man
0 votes   201 views  
Jerry Maguire
[after Tidwell makes a good play on TV] Tyson Tidwell: Yeah! That's my mo-fo! Marcee Tidwell: [gasps] ...
by Jerry Maguire
0 votes   201 views  
Leticia Calderon
Every mother, anyone who has a child in their life, knows how important it is ...
by Leticia Calderon
0 votes   201 views  
Gone Baby Gone
Detective Remy Bressant: Corwin Earle. Serial molester, recently work-release. Went AWOL around the time Amanda disappeared. ...
by Gone Baby Gone
0 votes   201 views  
Black Christmas
Ms. Barbara MacHenry: [Searching for Billy's present under the christmas tree] Billy! Billy! Girls, I can't ...
by Black Christmas
0 votes   201 views  
The Weather Man
Dave Spritz: Man, I'd like to put my face in there. Right in there. Tartar sauce. ...
by The Weather Man
0 votes   200 views  
Imaginary Heroes
Tim Travis: Sometimes I feel like I don't fit into this family.
by Imaginary Heroes
0 votes   200 views  
Coyote Ugly
Violet: Oh, right, we don't talk about you, right? It's a big secret. Come on, Kevin, ...
by Coyote Ugly
0 votes   200 views  
Last Man Standing
Capt. Tom Pickett: I'm here about a murdered policeman, got himself killed the other side of ...
by Last Man Standing
0 votes   200 views  
The Other Boleyn Girl
Sir Thomas Boleyn: [first lines - strolling through the woods with his wife while the children ...
by The Other Boleyn Girl
0 votes   200 views  
Mary Louise
The Rockefeller Family Home: Kykuit,
by Mary Louise
0 votes   199 views  
Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street
[Toby invites customers to the pie shop; "God, That's Good" begins] Toby: Ladies and gentlemen, / ...
by Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber Of Fleet Street
0 votes   199 views  
Imaginary Heroes
Sandy Travis: I don't see why we should do this, Ben. Penny Travis: I agree. It's creepy, ...
by Imaginary Heroes
0 votes   199 views  
Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me
[Dr. Evil sings to Mini Me, to the tune of "Just the two of us"] ...
by Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me
0 votes   199 views  
Scream 3
Phone Voice: [spoilers] You're not going anywhere Sidney, it's time you came to terms with me, ...
by Scream 3
0 votes   199 views  
The House of Yes
Lesly: [about Marty's ex-girlfriend] Is she still here, in Washington? Jackie-O: Very much so. I wonder... Lesly: What? ...
by The House Of Yes
0 votes   199 views  
While You Were Sleeping
Jack: Hey, what do you know about my family? Spending a week with them does *not* ...
by While You Were Sleeping
0 votes   199 views  
Jared Padalecki
I`m so happy with my family, my career and my friends, and I`d like for ...
by Jared Padalecki
0 votes   198 views  
Danny Huston
Sometimes film is just the family business. Some families are generations of carpenters or farmers, ...
by Danny Huston
0 votes   198 views  
Doctor Dolittle
Dr. Mark Weller: ...John, Gene has got qualms about the new proposal. Dr. Gene 'Geno' Reiss: I'm ...
by Doctor Dolittle
0 votes   198 views  
Patriot Games
Sean Miller: How's the family, Ryan? Nearly lost 'em, didn't you? It's easy to get at ...
by Patriot Games
0 votes   198 views  
Death Sentence
Nicholas "Nick" Hume: Where are you, you bastard? Billy Darly: You want to send me a reward ...
by Death Sentence
0 votes   198 views  
Street Kings
Captain Jack Wander: [after Ludlow tears down his wall] This is my power. This is my ...
by Street Kings
0 votes   197 views  
The Sisters
Nancy Pecket: [Irene plays the piano] I'm leaving. I've tried to be part of the family. ...
by The Sisters
0 votes   197 views  
The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement
Mia Thermopolis: [while watching a list of possible husbands, a picture of Prince William appears] Yes! ...
by The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement
0 votes   197 views  
Eight Crazy Nights
Davey Stone: Over there's my family home... Jennifer: And the woods we used to roam... Whitey: The only ...
by Eight Crazy Nights
0 votes   197 views  
The Color of Friendship
[Mahree just found out that her host family is black] Mahree Bok: [to Roscoe and Piper] ...
by The Color Of Friendship
0 votes   197 views  
Good Burger
Connie Muldoon: [as she gives her long order, her speed of talking increases] Hello. My name ...
by Good Burger
0 votes   197 views  
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