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Playing God
Claire: Where are we? Eugene Sands: My family's summer home. When I was a kid, whenever a ...
by Playing God
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Keeley Hawes
Coming from a family where the parents had been together for 40 years, you never ...
by Keeley Hawes
0 votes   147 views  
Yes Man
Carl Allen: [talking to himself, walking back to town] Why don't you take a late night ...
by Yes Man
0 votes   147 views  
The Ref
[Lloyd, after being interrupted by his family, is whalloping the Christmas tree with a fireplace ...
by The Ref
0 votes   146 views  
Chris Williams
We`re not talking about your family`s Ford Taurus going down the road,
by Chris Williams
0 votes   145 views  
Return to Me
Elizabeth Rueland: Over the years Sydney has become a part of the family. Here he is ...
by Return To Me
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[Caine has just bet an additional $1.5 million on the fight] Gabriel Caine: So tell me, ...
by Diggstown
0 votes   145 views  
George Newton: My dream is going down the drain and you're worried about a dog. Alice ...
by Beethoven
0 votes   145 views  
Jacques Chirac
When you are in the family... you have more rights than when you are asking ...
by Jacques Chirac
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The Affair of the Necklace
Jeanne St. Remy de Valois: It is my family's home I wished returned. Minister of Titles: That ...
by The Affair Of The Necklace
0 votes   144 views  
Six Degrees of Separation
Tess: I will not be part of this conspiracy! Flan: It's not a conspiracy, it's a family!
by Six Degrees Of Separation
0 votes   144 views  
Latoya London
Well, being that, at the house and being in the competition, it was very hard ...
by Latoya London
0 votes   143 views  
Cindy Crawford
Watching your husband become a father is really sexy and wonderful.
by Cindy Crawford
0 votes   143 views  
Gone in Sixty Seconds
Johnnie B.: Raines! Memphis Raines! Memphis: Do I know you? Johnnie B.: Well, you should know me, considering ...
by Gone In Sixty Seconds
0 votes   143 views  
Halloween H20: 20 Years Later
Laurie Strode: Okay, John. I know that you get your smart mouth from my side of ...
by Halloween H20: 20 Years Later
0 votes   143 views  
Murtagh: When I was just a boy, my family was slaughtered by the King's soldiers. The ...
by Eragon
0 votes   143 views  
John Richardson
This has been in my family since 1835.
by John Richardson
0 votes   142 views  
Lost in Space
Robot: Destroy Robinson family.
by Lost In Space
0 votes   142 views  
Alan Thicke
There are psychological repercussions to illness and we need a little more help to get ...
by Alan Thicke
0 votes   141 views  
How the Grinch Stole Christmas
Lou Lou Who: I'm glad he took our presents. You can't hurt Christmas, Mr. Mayor, beacuse ...
by How The Grinch Stole Christmas
0 votes   141 views  
Happy Gilmore
Virginia: What's this I hear about you breaking a rake and throwing it in the woods? ...
by Happy Gilmore
0 votes   141 views  
Rocky Holzcek: Reason and Family got nothin' to do with each other!
by Roommates
0 votes   141 views  
Poison Ivy
Sylvie Cooper: You killed her. Ivy: We can all be together now. We can all be a ...
by Poison Ivy
0 votes   141 views  
Sondra Pransky: Do you have a family? Sid Waterman: I had a wife but sh... she dumped ...
by Scoop
0 votes   141 views  
O Brother, Where Art Thou?
Delmar O'Donnell: I'm gonna visit those foreclosing son-of-a-guns at the Indianola Savings & Loan, slap that ...
by O Brother, Where Art Thou?
0 votes   140 views  
Devil in the Flesh
Debbie: Spare the rod, spoil the child - is that the idea? Is this how you ...
by Devil In The Flesh
0 votes   140 views  
[Clifford procures Stephen from Uncle Martin] Clifford: He says please don't hurt him, he's the only ...
by Clifford
0 votes   140 views  
House of Wax
[last lines] Dave: [on radio] Sheriff? Sheriff: Yeah, Dave? Dave: Ran the Sinclair family through CDIC. Trudy and ...
by House Of Wax
0 votes   139 views  
One Last Ride
Father: [Michael is about to steal from his mother-in-law] Don't cross that line. There's a big ...
by One Last Ride
0 votes   139 views  
Ball in the House
Dr. Charlie: JJ, they're your family. JJ: My family is the best reason I can think to ...
by Ball In The House
0 votes   139 views  
A Home of Our Own
Frances Lacey: [In reference to her late husband, apparently a no-good who ditched the family] That ...
by A Home Of Our Own
0 votes   139 views  
Romance & Cigarettes
Baby: You're the best kisser in the whole wide world, Fryburg. Fryburg: I'm gonna make out with ...
by Romance & Cigarettes
0 votes   138 views  
Big Trouble
Fly by Air Ticket Agent: Enjoy your flight to the Bahamas, family Smith.
by Big Trouble
0 votes   138 views  
Major Payne
Cadet Alex Stone: What about family and unity and all that other bullshit you said? Major ...
by Major Payne
0 votes   138 views  
Blood Ties
Harry Martin: Said to Cody after he calls his family vampires: Vampire is such an ugly ...
by Blood Ties
0 votes   138 views  
Annette Funicello
The Disney studio wasn`t like other studios. It was just like home - it always ...
by Annette Funicello
0 votes   137 views  
What Dreams May Come
Annie Nielsen: A whole family lost to car crashes. Enough to make a person buy a ...
by What Dreams May Come
0 votes   137 views  
Louie Anderson
You have to be funny about it and honest about it. You can`t leave yourself ...
by Louie Anderson
0 votes   136 views  
Angelo Scola
You have an obligation to yourself and your family to haul ass and get out ...
by Angelo Scola
0 votes   136 views  
Napoleon Dynamite
Uncle Rico: Napoleon, you know we can't afford the fun pack. What, do you think money ...
by Napoleon Dynamite
0 votes   136 views  
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