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The Notebook
Young Noah: [at the Carnival] Who's that girl with Sara? Fin: Her name is Allie Hamilton. She's ...
by The Notebook
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About Adam
[Lucy brings Adam over to meet the family for the first time and Laura watches ...
by About Adam
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Bad Day on the Block
Lyle Wilder: [When Catherine begs him not to hurt her family] Your idea of hurt is ...
by Bad Day On The Block
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Traci Lords
My parents never got along. It was a very ugly scene to be a part ...
by Traci Lords
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Danny Aiello
My entire family were Democrats all our lives. But because how furious I was about ...
by Danny Aiello
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Star Trek: Nemesis
Praetor Shinzon: Were we Picards always warriors? Captain Jean-Luc Picard: I think of myself as an explorer. ...
by Star Trek: Nemesis
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Pitch Black
Riddick: I truly don't know what's gonna happen when the lights go out Carolyn but I ...
by Pitch Black
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The Birdcage
[first lines] [singers are performing "We Are Family" on-stage] Cyril: [backstage, into a telephone] Agador! Where ...
by The Birdcage
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Jill Kelly
We will not give up, back down or surrender until we have helped every family.
by Jill Kelly
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Henry Garza
Who knew that he was gonna be a drummer? We just freaked out. It`s weird, ...
by Henry Garza
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David Pearson
We welcome Kuhn`s Quality Foods to the SUPERVALU family. Kuhn`s is a quality retailer, and ...
by David Pearson
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The Interpreter
Dot Woods: [to Tobin] They're not our family, and they're not our friends. You told me ...
by The Interpreter
0 votes   172 views  
Ella Enchanted
[Ella and Char arrive at the giants' wedding party] Char: I hope this is a good ...
by Ella Enchanted
0 votes   172 views  
Ice Age
Manfred: [to Sid] Isn't there someone else you can annoy? Friends? Family? Poisonous reptiles?
by Ice Age
0 votes   171 views  
Closer to Home
Uncle Ralph: I'm not being dramatic, it's the truth! You retire down there, you die down ...
by Closer To Home
0 votes   171 views  
Seven Years in Tibet
Dalai Lama: Do you listen to news from your country? Heinrich Harrer: From Austria? No, not really. ...
by Seven Years In Tibet
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George: I really don't like our dog. Alice: I really don't like those people, George. I don't ...
by Beethoven
0 votes   171 views  
Lakeview Terrace
[last lines] Chris Mattson: I love you. Lisa Mattson: I know... I love you too. Chris Mattson: The ...
by Lakeview Terrace
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James Caviezel
My mom`s 100% Irish, and in my family we`ve always called acting `blarney`.
by James Caviezel
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Jencarlos Canela
He does everything for his family and in this respect we resemble most.
by Jencarlos Canela
1 votes   170 views  
Around the Fire
Kate: Simon is an adult. He doesn't have to see you if he doesn't want to. ...
by Around The Fire
0 votes   170 views  
Three Kings
Conrad Vig: One gold Rolex would get me a very nice split-level house outside of Garland. ...
by Three Kings
0 votes   170 views  
Gracie Allen
Smartness runs in my family. When I went to school I was so smart my ...
by Gracie Allen
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In America
Johnny: Are you okay little girl? Christy: Don't "little girl" me. I've been carrying this family on ...
by In America
0 votes   169 views  
Lily Ford: Robert Hawkins, I can't believe you're leaving me to look after your brother by ...
by Cloverfield
0 votes   169 views  
National Treasure
Patrick Gates: I'm the family kook. I have a job, a house, health insurance...
by National Treasure
0 votes   168 views  
Man on Fire
Lisa: Do you have any family Mr. Creasy? Creasy: No. I don't have family
by Man On Fire
0 votes   168 views  
Wo hu cang long
Yu Shu Lien: It's a great fortune to marry into such a noble family. Jen Yu: Is ...
by Wo Hu Cang Long
0 votes   168 views  
Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story
Luke Sun: [coming onto the film set of "The Big Boss"] You. You've beaten my brother, ...
by Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story
0 votes   168 views  
Jennifer Tisdale
My sister has the spotlight. She is the star of the family, but I don`t ...
by Jennifer Tisdale
0 votes   167 views  
Tokyo Breakfast
Delivery Guy: Yo! Did somebody order a case of forties? Family: We did, nigga!
by Tokyo Breakfast
0 votes   167 views  
Rumor Has It...
Jeff: You know, I never told you this, but they based a movie on my family. ...
by Rumor Has It...
0 votes   167 views  
Over the Hedge
Verne: [to RJ] You see what you've done here? If they listen to half the stuff ...
by Over The Hedge
0 votes   167 views  
Corpse Bride
Maudeline Everglot: Oh, Finis. Who invited these people? They must be from your side of the ...
by Corpse Bride
0 votes   167 views  
The Hills Have Eyes II
[first title card] Title Card: Two years ago an American family crossing the desert took a ...
by The Hills Have Eyes II
0 votes   167 views  
The In-Laws
Jerry Peyser: Six people on a beach! I could have saved a fortune. Steve Tobias: Jer, they're ...
by The In-Laws
0 votes   166 views  
Best in Show
Christy Cummings: It's interesting, we have kind of a family dynamic going on here which pretty ...
by Best In Show
0 votes   166 views  
The Lords of Praxton
Logan Benea: When you were exiled, did you ever hear voices? Jim Corinth: [cautious] Voices? Logan Benea: I ...
by The Lords Of Praxton
0 votes   166 views  
Crystal Hunt
You see it every day on the news, ... It`s not my family, but it`s ...
by Crystal Hunt
0 votes   165 views  
Ann Fields
We`re also pleased that the governor vetoed two other pro-homosexual bills. One of them effectively ...
by Ann Fields
0 votes   165 views  
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