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I Still Know What You Did Last Summer
Tyrell: See anybody out there? How about Freddy or Jason or somebody? [Karla stares at him, ...
by I Still Know What You Did Last Summer
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The Ice Storm
Janey Carver: A person's body is his temple.
by The Ice Storm
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Senior Trip
[Principal Moss is fast asleep] Miss Milford: Principal Moss? Principal Moss? Principal Moss! [to the students] ...
by Senior Trip
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I Love You, Man
Sydney Fife: That open house was understated, it was classy, elegant. I've been to a million ...
by I Love You, Man
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Gears of War
Damon Baird: What, there's Stranded here? Dominic Santiago: Yep, there's a camp just ahead. Damon Baird: So what, ...
by Gears Of War
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Penelope: There are three hundred and twenty-six first editions in that room. Of those, three hundred ...
by Penelope
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Paul Coffey
Nobody`s a natural. You work hard to get good and then work to get better. ...
by Paul Coffey
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Paul Burrell
The Prince of Wales lives in a world where everybody says Yes, and the only ...
by Paul Burrell
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Jeff Goldblum
[On watching himself act]: It was odd because I hadn`t seen much of what we ...
by Jeff Goldblum
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Genevieve Gorder
You forget how many people watch TV until you come into a town like this. ...
by Genevieve Gorder
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Charlotte Coleman
There have been millions of gays in the service for many years. It`s ridiculous to ...
by Charlotte Coleman
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Antonio Gramsci
Yesterday`s fire showed that nobody is immune to fire.
by Antonio Gramsci
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[from trailer] Sorority Girl: What's it like to have the body of a ten-year-old boy? Domino ...
by Domino
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Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story
Dwight: I hope he falls off the roller coaster and breaks every bone in his body. ...
by Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story
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Colin Wentworth: Everybody wants to go to heaven, but nobody wants to die.
by Facade
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Major Payne
Major Benson Winifred Payne: [Payne has just been informed that the USMC has run out of ...
by Major Payne
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Deep Down
Charlotte: I don't *want* somebody, I *need* somebody - grow up
by Deep Down
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The Rocketeer
Peevy: You got a good thing goin' on with that girl, Clifford. And I'm tellin' you ...
by The Rocketeer
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Closet Land
Victim: [as Victim tries to stay awake] Pain will only strengthen my will. You can break ...
by Closet Land
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[speaking to a room full of scattered body parts after all the hookers explode] Jeffrey ...
by Frankenhooker
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Nacho Libre
Nacho: Those guys were a couple of wussies, eh? Esqueleto: They scalped my hairs, okay? I look ...
by Nacho Libre
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Krista Allen
At a pool party, with everybody around, a guy and I had sex in the ...
by Krista Allen
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Ken Bruce
When I first started building these six years ago, nobody knew what they were. Now ...
by Ken Bruce
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Donatella Versace
You can`t pretend that everybody likes Versace. It would be boring. It`s better to create ...
by Donatella Versace
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Daniel: I mean, everybody and their momma knew you don't just come up and talk to ...
by Collateral
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Marine: [after killing all the aliens on the beach] Area secure! All hostiles have been eliminated! ...
by Halo
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Love Liza
Wilson Joel: 2 on 1 gas. Gas Station: Somebody over at Arlington hobby said they never heard ...
by Love Liza
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Black Hawk Down
Othic: [after Kowalewski had been killed by an RPG] [to Mcknight] Othic: There's a fucking rocket in ...
by Black Hawk Down
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Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within
Aki: All life is born of Gaia and each life has a spirit. Each new spirit ...
by Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within
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FBI Agent Jake Malloy: You're real good at kicking them when they're down, aren't you? Noah: I ...
by D-Tox
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John Hobbes: I got a bad feeling about this. Jonesy: Yeah, me too. Somebody is playing with ...
by Fallen
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Extreme Measures
[Guy is facing an explusion hearing due to be wrongly accused of drugs charges] Dr. ...
by Extreme Measures
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Judge Dredd
Block Warlord: Fuck Dredd! If you wanna be afraid of somebody, then be afraid of ME!
by Judge Dredd
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Hollow Point
[Max leaps toward a closing door, and crashes into it] Max Parrish: Thank God nobody saw ...
by Hollow Point
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Serial Mom
Beverly: [to her family after she squashes a fly with a fly swat] Scrambled eggs anybody?
by Serial Mom
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A Tragic Assembly
Coach Asshull: Please, God! Somebody help me! Hasheen Mularki: Don't worry! I kill this retard for you!
by A Tragic Assembly
0 votes   392 views  
The Ruins
Jeff: Are you here by yourself? Mathias: No, with my brother, but he left with some girl. ...
by The Ruins
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In the Shadow of the Moon
Michael Collins: I kind of have two moons in my head, I guess, whereas most people ...
by In The Shadow Of The Moon
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Bob Munro: [Disheveled and dirty from having ridden through the wilderness to the meeting on the ...
by RV
0 votes   392 views  
Katie: Mommy, do you know where I'm going? Mike Enslin: Hey... you're not going anywhere. You're staying ...
by 1408
0 votes   392 views  
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