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The Mask
Charlie Schumacher: [referring to Tina] A girl like that is always looking for the BBD: Bigger ...
by The Mask
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Katie Harris: You what? You cheated me? Jay Austin: Well, I mean I just wasn't very honest ...
by Flywheel
0 votes   120 views  
Shadow of the Vampire
F.W. Murnau: Ladies and gentlemen, this is Max Schreck, who will be portraying our vampire, Count ...
by Shadow Of The Vampire
0 votes   120 views  
Joe Phillips
This contest is designed just for Christian bands and artists, ... There will not be ...
by Joe Phillips
0 votes   116 views  
Perry Como
On his professional life versus his home life: I`d perform with the world`s greatest artists ...
by Perry Como
0 votes   115 views  
Jason Aldean
There`s many an artist that comes to Nashville in hopes of doing the same thing ...
by Jason Aldean
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Michael Winslow
I know that you`re better off making your own products, not just waiting for someone ...
by Michael Winslow
0 votes   114 views  
[first lines] Opening Title Card: In 1660 Charles II was restored to the English Throne ending ...
by Restoration
0 votes   112 views  
Henri Matisse
It is only after years of preparation that the young artist should touch color - ...
by Henri Matisse
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Mark Mothersbaugh
To me I think artists in general make a statement - and for the rest ...
by Mark Mothersbaugh
0 votes   110 views  
Etta James
It's not about battling the original artists when I record these songs; it's about paying ...
by Etta James
0 votes   110 views  
Josh Holloway
Being Southern and being the guy I`ve been all my life, I`ve lived more on ...
by Josh Holloway
0 votes   108 views  
Your Studio and You
Narrator: [as camera pans to office block] Now what else will make our studio Artist Friendly? ...
by Your Studio And You
0 votes   108 views  
Dallas: I went on as a day player. On this porn film in LA. Just to ...
by Thursday
0 votes   108 views  
Frida Kahlo: You've been my comrade, my fellow artist, and my best friend, but you've never ...
by Frida
0 votes   108 views  
Etta James
I don't care whose playing. Even if it's my favorite artist, I'm probably not going ...
by Etta James
0 votes   108 views  
Giovanni Ribisi
For me, acting is all about the aesthetic. I just want to keep honing my ...
by Giovanni Ribisi
0 votes   107 views  
The Nashville 9
A & R Rep: Jordan, you're a great artist, but you're not a songwriter. You can't ...
by The Nashville 9
0 votes   104 views  
Hide and Creep
Waitress: We just have Pepsi now. That okay? Chuck: Is Pepsi okay. Is. Pepsi. Okay? No, ma'am. ...
by Hide And Creep
0 votes   103 views  
Forest Whitaker
(On his best work) If I were to mark three, I`d mark Bird, because I ...
by Forest Whitaker
0 votes   102 views  
Denise Crosby
About leaving the show Star Trek: Leaving the show was a really difficult decision to ...
by Denise Crosby
0 votes   102 views  
The Life and Death of Peter Sellers
Peter Sellers: People ask me why do I keep compromising my artistic integrity by walking in ...
by The Life And Death Of Peter Sellers
0 votes   102 views  
James: [in a meeting with Larry] I have some of my artistic renderings over here. Here ...
by LolliLove
0 votes   101 views  
Notting Hill
Anna Scott: What's so annoying is now I'm so totally fierce when it comes to nudity ...
by Notting Hill
0 votes   101 views  
Guillaume Apollinaire
Without poets, without artists, men would soon weary of nature`s monotony.
by Guillaume Apollinaire
0 votes   100 views  
Paul Haggis
Artists need to be outsiders in order to really view what`s going on. That little ...
by Paul Haggis
0 votes   98 views  
The Warriors
Cowboy: [the Hi-Hats have blocked the exit] What the hell? Moonrunner: Holy shit! It's Chatterbox! Cowboy: I knew ...
by The Warriors
0 votes   98 views  
Eugene Delacroix
The artist who aims at perfection in everything achieves it in nothing.
by Eugene Delacroix
0 votes   97 views  
Coyote Ugly
Violet: Hi. I'm Violet Sanford. I just recently moved to New York and I was wondering ...
by Coyote Ugly
0 votes   97 views  
Dark City
Dr. Schreber: When they first brought us here, they extracted what was in us and stored ...
by Dark City
0 votes   97 views  
Message to Love: The Isle of Wight Festival
Bert "The Agent: They claim that it isn't money that they're interested in. Nobody seems to ...
by Message To Love: The Isle Of Wight Festival
0 votes   97 views  
Paul Strand
The artist`s world is limitless. It can be found anywhere, far from where he lives ...
by Paul Strand
0 votes   96 views  
Paul Dano
[On why he chooses acting over music] I think I`d be too stubborn and have ...
by Paul Dano
0 votes   96 views  
Lucas Grabeel
I can`t live without creating so being an artist is never going to be out ...
by Lucas Grabeel
0 votes   96 views  
Louis Nizer
A man who works with his hands is a laborer; a man who works with ...
by Louis Nizer
0 votes   96 views  
James: You know, one thing from that day, I realized that Jenna could've been raped by ...
by LolliLove
0 votes   96 views  
Free Enterprise
Mark: [when Rob is crushed that Bill is nothing like Captain Kirk] Let it go. Separate ...
by Free Enterprise
0 votes   96 views  
Cillian Murphy
It`s easy to take the check, you know, but if you want to have any ...
by Cillian Murphy
0 votes   95 views  
The Million Dollar Hotel
Terence Scopey: ...because the line between art and garbage can be thin. Terence Scopey: Sometimes even artists ...
by The Million Dollar Hotel
0 votes   95 views  
Pola Negri
I consider my work great, as I am a great artist.
by Pola Negri
0 votes   94 views  
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