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Teaching Mrs. Tingle
Leigh Ann Watson: It's completely factual, she was burned at the stake. Mrs. Tingle: Always the victim, ...
by Teaching Mrs. Tingle
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Carter: Do you know that you're acting exactly like Malcolm? Jack: What's wrong with that? Carter: Nothin'. It's ...
by Homegrown
0 votes   174 views  
Fierce Creatures
Vince: I don't like you. You're weird and unattractive.
by Fierce Creatures
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Last Man Standing
John Smith: [after the final shootout] I can't say it all went exactly the way I'd ...
by Last Man Standing
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Adnan Pachachi
He is indebted to his memory for his jests and to his imagination for his ...
by Adnan Pachachi
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Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
Harmony Age 7: I'm going to be an actress.
by Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
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AVP: Alien vs. Predator
Alexa 'Lex' Woods: Where exactly on the ice is this? Charles Bishop Weyland: Bouvet°ya Island. But it's ...
by AVP: Alien Vs. Predator
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The Matrix Reloaded
Neo: I just haven't been able to sleep much. Councillor Harmann: It's a good sign. Neo: Of what? ...
by The Matrix Reloaded
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Half Baked
Brian: For 400 dollars I got Jerry Garcia in a pouch, man! Thurgood Jenkins: Who the fuck ...
by Half Baked
0 votes   173 views  
Quantum of Solace
Camille: You sent someone to kill me? Dominic Greene: Please don't talk to me like I'm stupid... ...
by Quantum Of Solace
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Jim Campbell
We`re not even close to being done, ... But we`re having an impact.
by Jim Campbell
0 votes   172 views  
Austin Powers in Goldmember
Dr. Evil: Are those sharks with laser beams attached to their heads? Scott Evil: [nods] Dr. Evil: Cool! ...
by Austin Powers In Goldmember
0 votes   172 views  
Finding Forrester
Forrester: Let me ask you a question... those two foul shots at the end of the ...
by Finding Forrester
0 votes   172 views  
Manuela Arcuri
'Some of the lingerie shots are the finest I've seen'
by Manuela Arcuri
0 votes   172 views  
Werner von Haeften: We've lost contact with District 11. Col. Claus von Stauffenberg: The switchboard is overloaded. ...
by Valkyrie
0 votes   172 views  
What Lies Beneath
Claire Spencer: Norman's father had this old stuffy... stately place on a lake. Norman: Which we're renovating. ...
by What Lies Beneath
0 votes   171 views  
Ernest Rides Again
Abner: Ernest, are you dead? Ernest: I guess I would be if I weren't just *that* close ...
by Ernest Rides Again
0 votes   171 views  
John Palmer
We think a greater public free float will be beneficial to the share price and ...
by John Palmer
0 votes   170 views  
Cindy Brown
Yes, we do have trees that we`re cutting down on the western end of the ...
by Cindy Brown
0 votes   170 views  
The Librarian: Quest for the Spear
Nicole Noone: Maybe you made a mistake. Flynn Carsen: I don't get facts wrong! It's everything else ...
by The Librarian: Quest For The Spear
0 votes   170 views  
Napoleon Dynamite
Napoleon Dynamite: Who are you? LaFawnduh: I'm LaFawnduh. Napoleon Dynamite: What are you doing here? LaFawnduh: I'm waiting for ...
by Napoleon Dynamite
0 votes   170 views  
Surviving Christmas
Drew Latham: Wow, I can't believe it. This is amazing. This is exactly how I remember ...
by Surviving Christmas
0 votes   170 views  
Michael: [to himself] You are going to have sex with the first woman you see. First ...
by Tomcats
0 votes   170 views  
Honey, We Shrunk Ourselves
Adam Szalinski: Did Nick ever complain about Camp Isosoles? Diane Szalinski: He sure did. He *hated* it. ...
by Honey, We Shrunk Ourselves
0 votes   170 views  
Angels in the Outfield
Hank Murphy: Ranch? [Ranch turns to face him, grinning as though he supported the play] Hank ...
by Angels In The Outfield
0 votes   170 views  
Kevin Dunn
We have had contact and a relationship and the folks from Canaccord going back to ...
by Kevin Dunn
0 votes   169 views  
Purgatory House
Johnny: All he ever does is talk about sex and whether or not he should keep ...
by Purgatory House
0 votes   169 views  
Frederic Forrest
It`s a continual problem when you don`t have the lead. There`s always the possibility you`ll ...
by Frederic Forrest
0 votes   168 views  
Alice Schwarzer
While we have entertained the contention that a deed may make more propaganda than hundreds ...
by Alice Schwarzer
0 votes   168 views  
The Longest Yard
Joey Battle: Wow, no bullshit! Football, against the guards? Coach Nate Scarborough: Yep, full contact. Joey Battle: Captain ...
by The Longest Yard
0 votes   168 views  
The Sum of All Fears
Bill Cabot: When I asked for your advice, I didn't mean that you should actually speak.
by The Sum Of All Fears
0 votes   168 views  
Kenzie Dalton
'It makes me so happy to see him laughing and enjoying himself, knowing he's right ...
by Kenzie Dalton
0 votes   168 views  
Fear of a Black Hat
Geoffrey Lennox: "Guerillas in the Midst", man, that is gonna be *crazy* large. And the album ...
by Fear Of A Black Hat
0 votes   168 views  
Rocket Science
Ben Wekselbaum: An actual cello? Hal Hefner: Well, it took a bunch of throws but, but ah, ...
by Rocket Science
0 votes   168 views  
Jerry Davis
What would be nice would be if the mayor would do the right thing and ...
by Jerry Davis
0 votes   167 views  
Bartleby Gaines: Schrader, what about you? Sherman Schrader: Well, B, I'm glad you asked actually, cuz since ...
by Accepted
0 votes   167 views  
A Guy Thing
Buck: So Kenny, what do you think of the condo? Ken: [struggling to be tactful] It's great... ...
by A Guy Thing
0 votes   167 views  
Grace of My Heart
Denise Waverly: What exactly did you like about my record? The thickness of the vinyl?
by Grace Of My Heart
0 votes   167 views  
The United States of Leland
Airplane Woman: Aren't you an actor? Albert T. Fitzgerald: Aren't we all, dear.
by The United States Of Leland
0 votes   166 views  
Michael Cheritto: Well ya know, for me, the action is the juice.
by Heat
0 votes   166 views  
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