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Best in Show
Buck Laughlin: Doctor, question that's always bothered me and a lot of people: Mayflower, combined with ...
by Best In Show
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The Taylor Predicament
Adam Taylor: Hi, my name's Adam, and I don't have an act. And not having an ...
by The Taylor Predicament
0 votes   188 views  
Too Tired to Die
Kenji: Actually I was going to thank you for being late. Or otherwise I couldn't have ...
by Too Tired To Die
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Sol Robeson: The Ancient Japanese considered the Go board to be a microcosm of the universe. ...
by Pi
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200 Cigarettes
Monica: Throwing a party it's like... it's like an invitation for abuse. It's like the last ...
by 200 Cigarettes
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Natural Born Killers
Dwight McClusky: How's a fella like you get to be involved with psychos, anyways? Jack Scagnetti: Actually ...
by Natural Born Killers
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Death Warrant
Jacen Kale: You're welcome, Miss Candy. Candy Sinclair: The name is Avery, actually. Avery Sinclair. Now that ...
by Death Warrant
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There Will Be Blood
H.M. Tilford: Why are you acting insane and threatening to cut my throat?
by There Will Be Blood
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Greg Anderson
Joy is found not in finishing an activity but in doing it.
by Greg Anderson
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Friedrich Engels
An ounce of action is worth a ton of theory.
by Friedrich Engels
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Andy Johnson
This was not a spontaneous public action, ... It was closely organized and closely coordinated ...
by Andy Johnson
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Andrew Luciuk
The fact that political ideologies are tangible realities is not a proof of their vitally ...
by Andrew Luciuk
0 votes   187 views  
Welcome to Mooseport
Sally Mannis: I am not stronger than you, I'm a girl. Handy Harrison: Exactly so it hurts ...
by Welcome To Mooseport
0 votes   187 views  
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
[Snape blasts Lockhart off his feet in a practice duel] Hermione: Do you think he's all ...
by Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets
0 votes   187 views  
Kung Phooey!
Waymon: We'd like to see Helen Yeh. Hong Kong movie actor: [dubbed over mouthing: "Get fucked!"] Who?
by Kung Phooey!
0 votes   187 views  
Jurassic Park III
Billy Brennan: So Mr. Kirby when you climbed K2 did you base camp at twenty-five or ...
by Jurassic Park III
0 votes   187 views  
The Dig
Boston Low: Did you do anything to attract that monster to you? Maggie Robbins: I don't wear ...
by The Dig
0 votes   187 views  
Treasure Planet
Captain Amelia: [Trying to navigate out of the black hole] Blast these waves! They're so deucedly ...
by Treasure Planet
0 votes   187 views  
Inventing the Abbotts
Narrator: The end of my innocence began in 1957. It is remarkable to me now just ...
by Inventing The Abbotts
0 votes   187 views  
Tin Cup
Dr. Molly Griswold: I find him... mildly attractive when he's obnoxious and arrogant like this. Romeo ...
by Tin Cup
0 votes   187 views  
Strange Days
Lenny Nero: [while immersed in a virtual reality session] [smiles] Lenny Nero: Oooh... a little B&E action.
by Strange Days
0 votes   187 views  
Second Best
Debbie: If he gets ya practicing knots, just remember, untying them's the hard part.
by Second Best
0 votes   187 views  
The Cutting Edge
Kate: Who the hell do you think you are? Doug: I know exactly who I am, sweetheart. ...
by The Cutting Edge
0 votes   187 views  
Eve of Destruction
Colonel Jim McQuade: What da' ya' mean she's activated?!
by Eve Of Destruction
0 votes   187 views  
Father Brendan Flynn: You have no right to act on your own! You have taken vows, ...
by Doubt
0 votes   187 views  
Kevin Mcbride
That`s the rough tactics of boxing. But I`m a bigger, stronger man. I`m just coming ...
by Kevin Mcbride
0 votes   186 views  
Jonathan Coe
You would go mad if you began to speculate about the impact your novel might ...
by Jonathan Coe
0 votes   186 views  
Snakes on a Plane
Paul: Why exactly are there snakes on this plane?
by Snakes On A Plane
0 votes   186 views  
Garfield: [to mouse after spitting him out] Have you tasted yourself lately? Louis: Hey, it wasn't exactly ...
by Garfield
0 votes   186 views  
The In-Laws
Jerry Peyser: I would contract what they call wet bone. Jean-Pierre Thibodoux: I'm curious to know more ...
by The In-Laws
0 votes   186 views  
Enemy at the Gates
Major König: Once again, he knew exactly where to find me. Don't you think that's strange? ...
by Enemy At The Gates
0 votes   186 views  
The Sum of All Fears
Revell: We've got activity on the Hot Line. President Fowler: They had their chance. Revell: No, no. Someone's ...
by The Sum Of All Fears
0 votes   186 views  
The Hunted
[Takeda speaks in Japanese with a chuckle] Mieko: Takeda is impressed Mr. Racine. No one has ...
by The Hunted
0 votes   186 views  
The Princess and the Cobbler
The Thief: Rule number one: Keep your eye on the wire and have feet like a ...
by The Princess And The Cobbler
0 votes   186 views  
The Fourth Kind
Abbey Tyler: An encounter in the first kind, that's when you see a UFO. The second ...
by The Fourth Kind
0 votes   186 views  
The International
Wilhelm Wexler: Character is easier kept than recovered.
by The International
0 votes   186 views  
Kary Mullis
We were fortunate to have the Russians as our childhood enemies. We practiced hiding under ...
by Kary Mullis
0 votes   185 views  
Guy Ritchie
We are not that flash, me or the missus. In fact, we are quite low-maintenance.
by Guy Ritchie
0 votes   185 views  
Glenn Ford
Some actors count their lines as soon as they receive a script. I`m the opposite. ...
by Glenn Ford
0 votes   185 views  
Dinah Sheridan
While making Genevieve, I learned there could be a lot more to a film than ...
by Dinah Sheridan
0 votes   185 views  
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