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Yes Man
Allison: [riding on a motor scooter] Am I going too fast for you? Carl Allen: Nah. In ...
by Yes Man
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The Skeptic
[Dr. Shepard finds Becket in a bar, brooding over a glass of whiskey and a ...
by The Skeptic
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Sid Waterman: I don't need to work out. My anxiety acts as aerobics.
by Scoop
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Danny Sullivan
You could add a billion pages about Britney Spears and that doesn`t mean the quality ...
by Danny Sullivan
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Chelcie Ross
(Advice to actors) We all know actors who are waiters. Some are waiting for the ...
by Chelcie Ross
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The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning
Chrissie: Do you just fuck all your cousins, or just the ones you find attractive?
by The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning
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Of All the Luck
Samantha: I really like this car, where'd you get it? Stolen Car Date: I just picked it ...
by Of All The Luck
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Racing Stripes
Goose: All right. Listen up, you glue factory rejects.
by Racing Stripes
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Isabel Bigelow: [Jack Wyatt is being a jerk on "Inside the Actor's Studio." Isabel gets on ...
by Bewitched
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The Brothers Grimm
[re: the meal on his plate] Delatombe: Exactly what am I enduring here? Can someone please ...
by The Brothers Grimm
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The Station Agent
Finbar McBride: I'm retired, actually. Emily: Aren't you a little young to be retired? Finbar McBride: No, dwarves ...
by The Station Agent
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Jackass: The Movie
Spike Jonze: [Acting like an old man on a scooter] You're a nice man. Would you ...
by Jackass: The Movie
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Prozac Nation
Grandmother: No one acts this way when they are not on drugs... Elizabeth: [interrupts] I fucking DO!
by Prozac Nation
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Shakespeare in... and Out
Lee Fernandez: I went into the men's room to use the urinal. I noticed this kid ...
by Shakespeare In... And Out
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Empire Records
Jane: Actually, his new album tested well among teenage males. Lucas: Jane, did you compare the percentage ...
by Empire Records
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Wagons East
Phil Taylor: About that leg, Clay. You know, these flesh wounds can be a little tricky. ...
by Wagons East
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Linda Powell: I think that, a) you have an act, and that, b) not having an ...
by Singles
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Teen Titans: Trouble in Tokyo
Beast Boy: [sitting by the closed comic book factory] Aw, man. This is the only place ...
by Teen Titans: Trouble In Tokyo
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Running in High Heels
Self: And some media acts as if that the average, healthy girl should be behaving in ...
by Running In High Heels
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Ken Brown
Thomas Bjorn gets more wrist action than anyone in Europe
by Ken Brown
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John Glover
I would like to be able to be both a film actor and a stage ...
by John Glover
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Guy Ritchie
We are not that flash, me or the missus. In fact, we are quite low-maintenance.
by Guy Ritchie
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David Stanley
What this case highlights is the need for organizations with strong brand reputations to protect ...
by David Stanley
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Yes and
Dave McCue: Kip is like my brother. Well, he's nothing like my actual brother, Andy. He ...
by Yes And
0 votes   103 views  
Five Children and It
Psammead: I think it means you haven't had a whole day's wish, contractually speaking. Therefore, you ...
by Five Children And It
0 votes   103 views  
Welcome to Mooseport
Sally Mannis: I am not stronger than you, I'm a girl. Handy Harrison: Exactly so it hurts ...
by Welcome To Mooseport
0 votes   103 views  
Lovely & Amazing
Kevin McCabe: Are you one of those actresses who don't eat? Elizabeth Marks: I never eat. Ever. ...
by Lovely & Amazing
0 votes   103 views  
Shallow Hal
[Hal is going to make his move on some unattractive girls] Hal: I'm going for the ...
by Shallow Hal
0 votes   103 views  
Leonard Shelby: Memory can change the shape of a room; it can change the color of ...
by Memento
0 votes   103 views  
Fishing with Gandhi
Gil: Roy had a Vietnam flashback, even though he'd never actually been to Vietnam.
by Fishing With Gandhi
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The 11th Hour
Stauf: Not even in the ball park! In fact, not even game day.
by The 11th Hour
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Mrs. Jay: He's not exactly a little boy anymore
by Mother
0 votes   103 views  
Tales from the Hood
Young Tracy: Whazzup, Crazy K? Crazy K: [Shocked] Tracy? Young Tracy: Yeah, whazzup? How come we ain't talked ...
by Tales From The Hood
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Lap Dancing
Claudia: If I could act I wouldn't be stripping.
by Lap Dancing
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The Hunted
[Takeda speaks in Japanese with a chuckle] Mieko: Takeda is impressed Mr. Racine. No one has ...
by The Hunted
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Serial Mom
Rosemary Ackerman: [to Detective Pike] I tell you right there I saw blood on the bottom ...
by Serial Mom
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Charlie Chaplin: Actress?
by Chaplin
0 votes   103 views  
Toy Soldiers
Dean Parker: I'm not going to expel you. Three schools have done that and it's obviously ...
by Toy Soldiers
0 votes   103 views  
The Commune
Jenny Cross: Did you write that? Puck: Yes, for you. Jenny Cross: The part where it was my ...
by The Commune
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Category 7: The End of the World
Judith Carr: Ross, Florida just called. Their storm track model just sent out an alert. They ...
by Category 7: The End Of The World
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