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Mean Girls
Regina: Why don't I know you? Cady: I'm new. I just moved here from Africa. Regina: What? Cady: I ...
by Mean Girls
1 votes   365 views  

Jean Parker
Acting is truly a glorious and noble profession. When anyone can give other people a ...
by Jean Parker
0 votes   364 views  
Uptown Girls
[first lines] Ray: [narration] Some fairy tales are true, most of there stories we make up ...
by Uptown Girls
0 votes   364 views  
The Supermarket
Jenkins: [Voiceover] Over in aisle three we got Mike, Ellington's number one marauding skateboarder since the ...
by The Supermarket
0 votes   363 views  
Mark Wahlberg
[His reaction to his Oscar-nomination for The Departed (2006)]: Any time someone says you have ...
by Mark Wahlberg
0 votes   361 views  
The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift
Shawn Boswell: Why'd you let me race your car? You knew I was gonna wreck it. ...
by The Fast And The Furious: Tokyo Drift
0 votes   360 views  
Facing the Giants
Larry Childers: Did you do your best, son? David Childers: I knew I was gonna miss it ...
by Facing The Giants
0 votes   359 views  
The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian
Prince Caspian: [Caspian and Peter begin a swordfight. Peter's sword gets stuck in a tree, so ...
by The Chronicles Of Narnia: Prince Caspian
-1 votes   358 views  
Jennifer Hudson
I just tried to live in the moment and be natural, as if there were ...
by Jennifer Hudson
0 votes   357 views  
[Angela is explaining to Ellie all about sex using the horse as an example] Angela: See ...
by Angela
0 votes   357 views  
When you really don't like a guy, they're all over you, and as soon as ...
by Beyonce
-1 votes   357 views  
Don Juan DeMarco
Don Juan: By seeing beyond what is visible to the eye. Now there are those, of ...
by Don Juan DeMarco
-1 votes   356 views  
Carmen Electra
In acting, you have to be willing to go a little bit deeper into yourself ...
by Carmen Electra
0 votes   356 views  
Empire Falls
Francine Whiting: What you really hate is the fact that I know you better than you ...
by Empire Falls
0 votes   355 views  
Picture Bride
Kana: The first time I get off the boat, I see Kanzaki. I think, "Ooh! He's ...
by Picture Bride
0 votes   355 views  
The Big Lebowski
The Dude: Yes, Walter, you're right. There is an unspoken message here. It's "FUCK YOU, LEAVE ...
by The Big Lebowski
0 votes   354 views  
Loose Change: Second Edition
CNN Anchor: [live on 9/11, the Pentagon still burning] ... from my closeup inspection there is ...
by Loose Change: Second Edition
0 votes   354 views  
Fired Up!
Dr. Rick: You're dumping me for him? Carly: No, I'm dumping you, period. And then I'm gonna ...
by Fired Up!
0 votes   352 views  
[the Captain is trying to keep the passengers calm in the dining room after the ...
by Poseidon
0 votes   351 views  
Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
Raoul Duke: In some circles, the Mint 400 is a far far better thing than the ...
by Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas
0 votes   351 views  
What About Bob?
Bob Wiley: You ever hear of Tourette's syndrome? Involuntarily shouting profanity? Dr. Leo Marvin: It's exceptionally rare. ...
by What About Bob?
0 votes   350 views  
Fired Up!
Nick Brady: How'd you two crazy kids meet, Rick? Dr. Rick: It's a funny story actually. Our ...
by Fired Up!
0 votes   350 views  
The X Files: I Want to Believe
Fox Mulder: I can feel you thinking. Dana Scully: Sorry. I can't sleep. Fox Mulder: Actually, I have ...
by The X Files: I Want To Believe
1 votes   350 views  
O Brother, Where Art Thou?
Lund: Now, what can I do you for Mr. French? French: How can I lay a hold ...
by O Brother, Where Art Thou?
0 votes   348 views  
Old Ptolemy: The surveyors told us we were now on the boarders of where Europe and ...
by Alexander
0 votes   346 views  
Finding Nemo
[when Nemo first meets Pearl, and people comment on his lucky fin] Pearl: See this tentacle? ...
by Finding Nemo
0 votes   346 views  
The Players Club
Blue: I just don't understand exactly why you're charging me twenty percent interest on the money ...
by The Players Club
0 votes   346 views  
Jim Thompson
You can best teach character on the playing field, using sports to teach life lessons,
by Jim Thompson
0 votes   340 views  
Reporter: Are you scared? Anthony 'Swoff' Swofford: Look, I am twenty years old was and I was ...
by Jarhead
0 votes   340 views  
Ice Age
Sid: This is gonna be the best migration ever! I'm gonna show you all my favorite ...
by Ice Age
0 votes   337 views  
Death Becomes Her
Helen: She was a homebreaker. She was a man-eater. And she was a *bad* actress.
by Death Becomes Her
0 votes   336 views  
Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy
Veronica Corningstone: Mr. Burgundy, I am a professional and I would like to do my job. ...
by Anchorman: The Legend Of Ron Burgundy
0 votes   335 views  
Forgetting Sarah Marshall
Aldous Snow: [holding a single sandal] I've lost a shoe... have you seen it anywhere? Excuse ...
by Forgetting Sarah Marshall
-1 votes   335 views  
Finding Neverland
J.M. Barrie: It seems to me that Peter's trying to grow up too fast. I imagine ...
by Finding Neverland
0 votes   334 views  
American Pie 2
Stifler: Holy shit dude. I found a dildo. Dildo. Dildo. Dildo. Big blue rubber dicks for ...
by American Pie 2
0 votes   334 views  
Windows: Harrison Ford is the greatest actor of all time! Eric: In the history of cinema? Windows: He's ...
by Fanboys
0 votes   334 views  
Confessions of a Shopaholic
Rebecca Bloomwood: [to her potential employer] I can do affordable fashion. I mean, I know where ...
by Confessions Of A Shopaholic
0 votes   333 views  
Million Dollar Baby
Maggie Fitzgerald: You got any family, boss? Frankie Dunn: What? Maggie Fitzgerald: You're spending so much time with ...
by Million Dollar Baby
0 votes   332 views  
The Best Man
Julian Murch: Shelby, it's over. I am not the man for you and you are not ...
by The Best Man
0 votes   332 views  
Jurassic Park
Dr. Ian Malcolm: What is so great about discovery? It is a violent, penetrative act that ...
by Jurassic Park
0 votes   332 views  
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