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Little Manhattan
Gabe: [practicing in the mirror] Hey Rosemary. Hey there, pretty lady. How's it goin, girl? Hey, ...
by Little Manhattan
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Outing Riley
Maggie Riley: So how did you tell your family? Andy: Actually, I didn't have to. I did ...
by Outing Riley
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Double Dare
Zoe Bell: [Speaking of Lucy Lawless/Xena] That's my acting double.
by Double Dare
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King Kong
Jack Driscoll: Actors. They travel the world, but all they ever see is a mirror.
by King Kong
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The Station Agent
Finbar McBride: I'm retired, actually. Emily: Aren't you a little young to be retired? Finbar McBride: No, dwarves ...
by The Station Agent
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Analyze That
Paul Vitti: [as they drive away from SingSing, Paul is acting psycotic, as soon as SingSing's ...
by Analyze That
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The Royal Tenenbaums
[after seeing Eli on TV] Royal: What the hell kind of way to act is that? ...
by The Royal Tenenbaums
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Miss Congeniality
Victor Melling: I'm sorry, what was the question? I was distracted by the half-masticated cow rolling ...
by Miss Congeniality
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Coyote Ugly
Violet: Hi. I'm Violet Sanford. I just recently moved to New York and I was wondering ...
by Coyote Ugly
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Playing by Heart
Hugh: I'm better at all these lies I've manufactured than I am at the ones I'm ...
by Playing By Heart
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Blast from the Past
[Adam, Eve and Troy are at the club, looking for a girlfriend for Adam. Adam ...
by Blast From The Past
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Star Trek: Insurrection
Ad'har Ru'afo: Admiral Dougherty will not be joining us for dinner. Activate the collector.
by Star Trek: Insurrection
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Teenage Catgirls in Heat
[Ralph and Warren are out searching for cats] Ralph: So, what do we do if we ...
by Teenage Catgirls In Heat
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So I Married an Axe Murderer
Tony Giardino: How the hell do you even know if you're going in the right direction? ...
by So I Married An Axe Murderer
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The Doors
Tom Baker: [to Jim] Whatcha gonna do for act three, man? Puke on Heaven's door?
by The Doors
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The Skeptic
[Dr. Shepard finds Becket in a bar, brooding over a glass of whiskey and a ...
by The Skeptic
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Jeffrey Jones
I don`t think I have a particular style or acting technique. What I think I ...
by Jeffrey Jones
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Danny Sullivan
You could add a billion pages about Britney Spears and that doesn`t mean the quality ...
by Danny Sullivan
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Of All the Luck
Samantha: I really like this car, where'd you get it? Stolen Car Date: I just picked it ...
by Of All The Luck
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Vertical Limit
Skip: How about it Mal? You and Cyril have been up there before. Malcolm Bench: No. I ...
by Vertical Limit
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Minority Report
John Anderton: That's all, huh? Just walk right into Precrime, go in the Temple, somehow tap ...
by Minority Report
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The Virgin Suicides
Narrator: Collecting everything we could of theirs, the Lisbon girls wouldn't leave our minds but they ...
by The Virgin Suicides
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Notting Hill
William: Whoopsidaisies! Anna Scott: What did you say? William: Nothing. Anna Scott: Yes you did. William: No I didn't. Anna ...
by Notting Hill
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Looking for Lola
[Louie's a hitman.] Doris Greenbaum: So Louie, what exactly do you do? Louie: I run the show ...
by Looking For Lola
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The Shadow
Dr. Reinhardt Lane: Oh what the heck, it's always green. [starts to cut the red wire] ...
by The Shadow
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Robin: He seem nervous to you? Wayne: Couldn't pull a pin out of his ass with a ...
by Greedy
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Flight of the Intruder
Boxman: [preparing to go into Po City] Preflight, kid: money? Razor: Yeah, I got some. Boxman: Prophylactics? Razor: I ...
by Flight Of The Intruder
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King Corn
Ian Cheney: [their 1 acre has been planted] Planting 31,000 seeds was not exactly a hands-on ...
by King Corn
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David Milch
The post-Vietnam period was a period of enormous moral confusion. It felt very much like ...
by David Milch
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Colin Firth
Well it doesn`t exactly have a ring to it, does it? It`s more the sort ...
by Colin Firth
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Vincent: You attract attention, you're going to get people killed who didn't need to be.
by Collateral
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Mickey Bartlett: So you're telling me you weren't happy on your wedding day either? Brenda Bartlett: Telling ...
by Lymelife
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The Brothers Grimm
[re: the meal on his plate] Delatombe: Exactly what am I enduring here? Can someone please ...
by The Brothers Grimm
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Kyle: Cherry, come here! Come here, Cherry. Hey, sit down. This is MichaeI. And she's a ...
by Tomcats
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Shakespeare in... and Out
Lee Fernandez: I went into the men's room to use the urinal. I noticed this kid ...
by Shakespeare In... And Out
0 votes   194 views  
Happy Gilmore
[seeing Happy on TV] Chubbs: What are you doing Happy? Riding a bull? You're acting like ...
by Happy Gilmore
0 votes   194 views  
Candyman: Farewell to the Flesh
Phillip Purcell: I believe in the myth. But the fact, the flesh and blood, no. I'm ...
by Candyman: Farewell To The Flesh
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Manuela Arcuri
'I really hope 'Arcuri' means 'I love American men' in Italian'
by Manuela Arcuri
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Clear and Present Danger
[the President is on TV announcing the seizure of the drug money] Ernesto Escobedo: They're stealing ...
by Clear And Present Danger
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Toy Soldiers
Dean Parker: They're going to hunt you down, you know that, don't you? They'll eventually find ...
by Toy Soldiers
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