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Colm Meaney
I`m not a big method actor. I`m much more superficial.
by Colm Meaney
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Million Dollar Baby
Frankie Dunn: I'm gonna get you out of here. These doctors around here don't know squat. ...
by Million Dollar Baby
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Aaron: [voiceover on the phone continued from the beginning; intercut with some live-action dialogue] The permutations ...
by Primer
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Viola Fields: That slut is practically throwing herself on him! Ruby: I don't blame her, that boy's ...
by Monster-in-Law
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King Kong
[first lines] Manny: [practicing sneezes] That's a funny one. Isn't that funnier?
by King Kong
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Scott: I told her to keep her hands off my genitals. Cooper: Well given what we know ...
by EuroTrip
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Dean: How many times can we have the exact same conversation? Monty: It's like we're stuck in ...
by Waiting...
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Meet the Fockers
Dina Byrnes: [after Bernie has destroyed Jack's toilet to save Moses] Jack, he was just trying ...
by Meet The Fockers
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Center Stage
Maureen Cummings: Erik got injured today. And do you know the first thing I thought when ...
by Center Stage
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Desert Saints
Arthur Banks: From now on we are on our honeymoon. Bennie Harper: So, I have to act ...
by Desert Saints
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Shang: Soldiers. You will assemble swiftly and silently every morning. Anyone who acts otherwise, will answer ...
by Mulan
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Eddie: Oh. I was wondering. You came in this morning at something like 6:02? So... I ...
by Hurlyburly
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Heavy Weights
[Tony chases Josh down a hill and Josh gets a leg cramp] Tony Perkis: Congratulations, you've ...
by Heavy Weights
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Saul Goodman
Old Man: Suicide's an activity we should encourage in criminals!
by Saul Goodman
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I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry
Alex McDonough: You know, Larry's heavy set. Is that the kind of guy you've always been ...
by I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry
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South of Heaven
Hood 2: You see, Teddy, what we've got here is the other Coop. He's the one ...
by South Of Heaven
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Phil Collins
A lot of the older fans think that Genesis should be a brand name for ...
by Phil Collins
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Jeff Bell
When it comes to sharing the experience of legendary Jeep 4x4 capability with consumers, Jeep ...
by Jeff Bell
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Andrew Mccarthy
You always have to keep thinking: Where am I going? Whereas acting, you`re always thinking: ...
by Andrew Mccarthy
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Being Julia
Jimmie Langton: I've lived in the theatre since I was a kid, what I don't know ...
by Being Julia
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Session 9
Phil: Look, you know what, can I ask you a quick question? Security Guard: Yeah, sure. Phil: Um, ...
by Session 9
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Prozac Nation
Grandmother: No one acts this way when they are not on drugs... Elizabeth: [interrupts] I fucking DO!
by Prozac Nation
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Skipped Parts
Sam Callahan: Do you practice sex with Dothan? Maurey Pierce: Of course not, silly. He's my boyfriend!
by Skipped Parts
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The Cider House Rules
Homer Wells: I've never actually seen a lobster. Candy Kendall: Are you serious? Homer Wells: I've never seen ...
by The Cider House Rules
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Kenzie Dalton
'Modeling is so much fun, but looks don't last forever'
by Kenzie Dalton
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Heavy Weights
Roy: Josh, How ya doing man? I just saw the new nurse and she is... very ...
by Heavy Weights
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Passenger 57
John Cutter: Now I'm sick of your shit! Charles Rane: You need the passengers, i need the ...
by Passenger 57
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The Rocketeer
Victor, Filmstage Director: Acting is acting like you're *not* acting.
by The Rocketeer
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Nothing But Trouble
Fausto: You've got a BMW. Act like it!
by Nothing But Trouble
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I Love You, Man
Sydney Fife: [referring to the condoms at his jerk-off station] I always get this reaction, but ...
by I Love You, Man
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Five Across the Eyes
Melanie: Caroline.. Jamie needs our help. We need to worry about her right now. Not Stephanie. ...
by Five Across The Eyes
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Sid Waterman: I don't need to work out. My anxiety acts as aerobics.
by Scoop
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Cheaper by the Dozen 2
[from trailer] Kate 'Mom' Baker: Honey you actually bought that shirt? Tom Baker: Hey every dad is ...
by Cheaper By The Dozen 2
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Michael Mcmahon
We are part of the Boston metro area. The more connectivity that we have, particularly ...
by Michael Mcmahon
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Michael Butler
User interaction is way too complex and he`s made it transparent.
by Michael Butler
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Kevin Harvick
You can only learn so much from testing, and after a while you need times ...
by Kevin Harvick
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Kenneth Haigh
You need three things in the theater - the play, the actors and the audience, ...
by Kenneth Haigh
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Justin Chatwin
She`s so amazing. I couldn`t ask for someone better to play my sister in a ...
by Justin Chatwin
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Helen Shaver
[on acting] It`s a willingness to be naked, whether you have your clothes on or ...
by Helen Shaver
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Don Davis
We are taking a series of actions to combat these very difficult market conditions in ...
by Don Davis
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