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Noises Off...
Frederick: Alright, I see all that. Lloyd: Oh no. Frederick: I just don't know why I take them. ...
by Noises Off...
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The Rocketeer
Victor, Filmstage Director: Acting is acting like you're *not* acting.
by The Rocketeer
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All Along
Ann: Can't we just act like a normal family?
by All Along
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Press Start
Lin-Ku: [after talking to Zack about last night with Sam, and Zack is oblivious to the ...
by Press Start
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Illegal Aliens
Lucy: [Lucy and Max are still in Rex's clutches] Who Do I have to screw to ...
by Illegal Aliens
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Over the Hedge
Gladys: I'm sorry Janis, did I just hear them say *rabid squirrel*? Janis: Oh, I think they're ...
by Over The Hedge
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Big Fish
Will Bloom: In telling the story of my father's life, it's impossible to separate fact from ...
by Big Fish
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Meet the Fockers
Dina Byrnes: [after Bernie has destroyed Jack's toilet to save Moses] Jack, he was just trying ...
by Meet The Fockers
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Donald Kaufman: [to Charles] But I think you actually need to speak to this woman. To ...
by Adaptation.
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Session 9
Phil: Look, you know what, can I ask you a quick question? Security Guard: Yeah, sure. Phil: Um, ...
by Session 9
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The Mummy Returns
Rick: Let me guess, it was commanded by this Scorpion King guy? Evelyn: Yes, but he only ...
by The Mummy Returns
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Idle Hands
Pnub: Why would we go to hell? We're not bad, we're not exactly good or anything, ...
by Idle Hands
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Eva Perón: The actress hasn't learned the lines you'd like to hear. She won't join your ...
by Evita
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True Lies
[Harry is commandeering a Harrier to rescue his daughter] Gib: Harry, do you realize it has, ...
by True Lies
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Stay Tuned
Helen Knable: Where's my husband? Murray Seidenbaum: What are you worried about him for? I ditched my ...
by Stay Tuned
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Horror Hayride
Webb Wilder: Two and a half hours a Tarkovsky rip-off, 'Bones in the Kudzu' left me ...
by Horror Hayride
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G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra
The Baroness: If I were really there, I might actually let you touch me. Destro: I'll send ...
by G.I. Joe: The Rise Of Cobra
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The Broken Blossom of the Wilted Rose
Schlemazel: Loneliness is by choice, not by path. I am tender and delicate as this earth. ...
by The Broken Blossom Of The Wilted Rose
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National Treasure: Book of Secrets
Patrick Gates: [after being told the clues] The resolute desk. *The* resolute desk? The President's desk? ...
by National Treasure: Book Of Secrets
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Sid Waterman: I don't need to work out. My anxiety acts as aerobics.
by Scoop
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Surf School
Rip: Look, Larry, if you're gonna rip with the big boys, you got to learn to ...
by Surf School
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Mike Reynolds
We wanted to guard them closer. But I didn`t know they were 0-for-10. They came ...
by Mike Reynolds
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Joe Mccarthy
Ultimately, we`re building a new sense of place in the town we`ve called home for ...
by Joe Mccarthy
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Joe Anderson
[on working with Julie Taymor] She`s like working with an, I don`t know, atom bomb. ...
by Joe Anderson
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George Webb
It`s a very significant impact as far as traffic, no doubt about that.
by George Webb
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David Johansen
Every singer who`s worth his salt is an actor. You play different characters in different ...
by David Johansen
0 votes   90 views  
Colm Meaney
I`m not a big method actor. I`m much more superficial.
by Colm Meaney
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Chris Kelly
We scan the ports where most hacking activities or unauthorized access might take place. We ...
by Chris Kelly
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Andrew Luciuk
The fact that political ideologies are tangible realities is not a proof of their vitally ...
by Andrew Luciuk
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Adrianne Palicki
I think the character of Kara in Smallville was a little different from the one ...
by Adrianne Palicki
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Abdoulaye Wade
In attempts to improve your character, know what is in your power and what is ...
by Abdoulaye Wade
0 votes   90 views  
Grizzly Man
Timothy Treadwell: Well, its now after two o'clock on October 4th and the tent has caved ...
by Grizzly Man
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Five Children and It
Psammead: I think it means you haven't had a whole day's wish, contractually speaking. Therefore, you ...
by Five Children And It
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Mickey Bartlett: So you're telling me you weren't happy on your wedding day either? Brenda Bartlett: Telling ...
by Lymelife
0 votes   90 views  
King Kong
[first lines] Manny: [practicing sneezes] That's a funny one. Isn't that funnier?
by King Kong
0 votes   90 views  
Monty: Everyone knows that I'm orally fixated and you can't deny that I played your vigina ...
by Waiting...
0 votes   90 views  
Being Julia
Jimmie Langton: I've lived in the theatre since I was a kid, what I don't know ...
by Being Julia
0 votes   90 views  
Dead to Rights
Jack Slate: Well, I can tell you this for a fact: JAck Slate is about as ...
by Dead To Rights
0 votes   90 views  
Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star
Sally Finney: [both looking outside at treehouse] I wonder what he's doing up there. Sam Finney: Who ...
by Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star
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Gosford Park
[on Sir William's death] Ethel: Why would anyone want to kill Sir William? Mrs. Croft: Well, he ...
by Gosford Park
0 votes   90 views  
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