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Caterina Murino
He had his pants on and his shirt open and just threw me on the ...
by Caterina Murino
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The Corruptor
Willy Ung: You never know how a guy gettin' his dick rubbed is gonna react when ...
by The Corruptor
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Recruiting Sergeant: There are only three ways you can return to France. One, fulfill your contract. ...
by Legionnaire
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Ernie: [Ernie is being bombarded by angry factory workers] Light a match; they're frightened by fire!
by Mousehunt
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A Goofy Movie
Max#: [singing] Roxanne, please don't forget me. I will return someday. Though I might be in ...
by A Goofy Movie
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Manuela Arcuri
'It's bothers me to be seen as a scapegoat. What misery'
by Manuela Arcuri
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Star Trek: Generations
Scotty: Finding retirement a little lonely, are we? Kirk: You know, I'm glad you're an engineer. With ...
by Star Trek: Generations
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G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra
The Baroness: If I were really there, I might actually let you touch me. Destro: I'll send ...
by G.I. Joe: The Rise Of Cobra
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Nothing Is Private
Gail Monahan: [sending her off to her father] Bottom line is, Jasira, there are right ways ...
by Nothing Is Private
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Mojave Phone Booth
Greta: Have you ever considered and removable face? Beth: I'm not sure how I'm supposed to feel ...
by Mojave Phone Booth
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John Harrington
With our significant presence already in the region, and the fact that California is one ...
by John Harrington
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John Gielgud
Acting is half shame, half glory. Shame at exhibiting yourself, glory when you can forget ...
by John Gielgud
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Elijah Wood
If I wasn`t an actor, I`d be a secret agent.
by Elijah Wood
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Danny Davis
We`re a pretty easy mark because we`re out front trying to do some things not ...
by Danny Davis
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Chris Kelly
We scan the ports where most hacking activities or unauthorized access might take place. We ...
by Chris Kelly
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Chip Taylor
What we did was create a program last April that acknowledges the fact we are ...
by Chip Taylor
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Charlton Heston
Gregory Peck was one of those few great actors of generosity, humor, toughness and spirit. ...
by Charlton Heston
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Billy Hayes
The larger picture--what people see on television is a reactive response. The city of Riverdale ...
by Billy Hayes
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Abdoulaye Wade
In attempts to improve your character, know what is in your power and what is ...
by Abdoulaye Wade
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Must Love Dogs
[Jake and Sarah are trying to buy some condoms because neither of them had any; ...
by Must Love Dogs
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Casino Royale
Dryden: Benefits of being section chief. I'd know if anyone had been promoted to double-oh status, ...
by Casino Royale
0 votes   203 views  
The Village
Ivy Walker: [to Noah] What's this? Oh, berries. What a splendid present. [laughs] Lucius Hunt: Be cautious. ...
by The Village
0 votes   203 views  
Calendar Girls
Annie: You baked that? Chris: I'm not a total dead loss as a woman. I can't knit ...
by Calendar Girls
0 votes   203 views  
Over the Hedge
Verne: [to RJ] You see what you've done here? If they listen to half the stuff ...
by Over The Hedge
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Over the Hedge
Dwayne: What do we have here? [Inhale] Dwayne: Didelphis marsupialis virginianus. Aproximately ten pounds. [Inhale] Dwayne: Male. Gladys: I ...
by Over The Hedge
0 votes   203 views  
Over the Hedge
Gladys: I'm sorry Janis, did I just hear them say *rabid squirrel*? Janis: Oh, I think they're ...
by Over The Hedge
0 votes   203 views  
The Princess Diaries
Paolo: [removes Mia's glasses] Do you wear contact lenses? Mia: Oh, I have them, but I don't ...
by The Princess Diaries
0 votes   203 views  
Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai
Ghost Dog: Night Nurse? You actually read that? Pearline: No. I just like the cover.
by Ghost Dog: The Way Of The Samurai
0 votes   203 views  
Random Encounter
Allie: I think we need to call the police. Kyle: No, we can't call the cops that's ...
by Random Encounter
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Tarzan: Tarzan. Tar-zan. Jane Porter: Tarzan. Oh, I see! Tarzan: Oh, I see! Tarzan: [points at himself] Tarzan. Tarzan: [points ...
by Tarzan
0 votes   203 views  
The House of Yes
Jackie-O: Marty and I tell each other everything. Lesly: Everything? Jackie-O: We're twins. Lesly: Did he tell you about ...
by The House Of Yes
0 votes   203 views  
G.I. Jane
Lt. Blondell: Lieutenant, why are you doing this? Lt. Jordan O'Neil: Do you ask the men the ...
by G.I. Jane
0 votes   203 views  
Fierce Creatures
[Rollo is pushing a wheeled cage containing a lemur he's supposed to have shot] Vince ...
by Fierce Creatures
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Tabatha Cash
American actors are more professional than European ones.
by Tabatha Cash
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Last Action Hero
Danny Madigan: OK, I got one. What about this girl right here. She is way too ...
by Last Action Hero
0 votes   203 views  
Horror Hayride
Webb Wilder: Two and a half hours a Tarkovsky rip-off, 'Bones in the Kudzu' left me ...
by Horror Hayride
0 votes   203 views  
[before the 10th fight] John Gillon: Never try and hustle a hustler, Mr. Cain! [after the ...
by Diggstown
0 votes   203 views  
Death Becomes Her
Dakota: I'm completely alone. Girl at Dakota's: Dakota... Dakota: Actually... Completely isn't quite what I meant.
by Death Becomes Her
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The Cutting Edge
[On the First Olympic Skate Doug has the top button unbuttoned] Kate: You are an immature ...
by The Cutting Edge
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Good Dick
Woman: [to Man] If I wanted to have sex I'd go out and find someone who ...
by Good Dick
0 votes   203 views  
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