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Ted & Venus
Grace: Wanna know what I'd do? I'd break his balls. What you do is... you get ...
by Ted & Venus
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Welcome to Reality
[first lines] Adyashanti: Welcome to satsang. Well, since most talks, most spiritual talks, have something to ...
by Welcome To Reality
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Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel
Theodore: [upon Dave asking where Aunt Jackie is] She's practicing her pole dancing.
by Alvin And The Chipmunks: The Squeakquel
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Tomb Hackers
[last lines] Jack Loot: [while checking his pockets] I think I left all my keys locked ...
by Tomb Hackers
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Hot Rod
Denise: Who cares what anyone thinks? Rod Kimble: You don't get it, do you Denise? I used ...
by Hot Rod
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The Go-Getter
Sergio Leone: [One of the porn actresses has stormed off the set] What use is it ...
by The Go-Getter
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Actress Apocalypse
Vance Lincoln: This is my movie, I'm taking over! This is not Clearwater Canyon, *no*, this ...
by Actress Apocalypse
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Peter Kay
So why is it that I could name you two players at [that club] who ...
by Peter Kay
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Peter Gallagher
If I have a choice between a nice, bland hero or a really interesting, detestable ...
by Peter Gallagher
0 votes   209 views  
Matt Schulze
I think from the time I was a kid I`ve been an entertainer. I`ve always ...
by Matt Schulze
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Julie Benz
[On her character Darla on Angel (1999)] I didn`t expect them to write such a ...
by Julie Benz
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Colleen Moore
[on fellow flapper actress Clara Bow] I liked Clara. A very warm, sweet, generous girl. ...
by Colleen Moore
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Chris Meyer
When you take out the 15 cents and the 20 cents, you can get a ...
by Chris Meyer
0 votes   209 views  
Anthony Collins
We`ll have to stay compact defensively and get the puck out. If we ice the ...
by Anthony Collins
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Amy Acker
[on her Angel (1999) character Fred:] Looking back at my character, I`ve gotten to do ...
by Amy Acker
0 votes   209 views  
Yes and
Dave McCue: There are women that aren't funny, and there are men that aren't funny, and ...
by Yes And
0 votes   209 views  
Pride and Prejudice
Will Darcy: I find... I find, I find you strangely attractive. [beat] Will Darcy: You're not the ...
by Pride And Prejudice
0 votes   209 views  
Scary Movie 4
Tom Ryan: I've never been a good parent. Just ask my son. Cindy Campbell: I did. What ...
by Scary Movie 4
0 votes   209 views  
Not Another Teen Movie
Austin: All I said was: "I'm pretending to whisper a big secret in your ear so ...
by Not Another Teen Movie
0 votes   209 views  
Valerie Thomas: I guess we thought that maybe Susan Orlean and Leroche could fall in love, ...
by Adaptation.
0 votes   209 views  
Summer Catch
Ryan: [to Pete after he tells Ryan that he's a great pitcher] Yeah? Well... What you ...
by Summer Catch
0 votes   209 views  
Shakespeare in... and Out
Lee Fernandez: What I want you to do, Rich, is look at her breasts when you ...
by Shakespeare In... And Out
0 votes   209 views  
The Little Vampire
[about Rudolph's parents] Dottie Thompson: You should invite them over for dinner sometime. Tony Thompson: Actually, they ...
by The Little Vampire
0 votes   209 views  
Vertical Limit
Major Rasul: You should try the tea, indian of course. We maybe at war with them ...
by Vertical Limit
0 votes   209 views  
Summer of Sam
Ritchie: Where are you goin'? Ruby: I'm gonna go. Ritchie: I didn't say to go. Ruby: Well, you didn't ...
by Summer Of Sam
0 votes   209 views  
Jim McAllister: Paul, what is your favorite fruit? Paul Metzler: Pears. Jim McAllister: Okay, now... Paul Metzler: No wait! ...
by Election
0 votes   209 views  
Next Stop Wonderland
Erin Castleton: But wouldn't you say that consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds? Alan: Well, actually, ...
by Next Stop Wonderland
0 votes   209 views  
Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery
Therapist: We have some new-comers here today. Please say hello to Scott and his father Mr... ...
by Austin Powers: International Man Of Mystery
0 votes   209 views  
The Mirror Has Two Faces
Rose Morgan: I just can't eat a greasy cheesburger in the middle of the day anymore. ...
by The Mirror Has Two Faces
0 votes   209 views  
Army: Perón is a fool breaking every taboo, installing the girl in the army HQ. And ...
by Evita
0 votes   209 views  
Chain Reaction
[Last line] Paul Shannon: Anita, take a memo, to the director of Central Intelligences. "C-Systems... no ...
by Chain Reaction
0 votes   209 views  
Broken Arrow
Terry: Clyde, what exactly does a suspicious truck look like?
by Broken Arrow
0 votes   209 views  
Dante Hicks: [about the Death Star in "Return of the Jedi"] All right, so they bring ...
by Clerks.
0 votes   209 views  
So I Married an Axe Murderer
[first lines] Charlie Mackenzie: Excuse me, miss? There seems to be a mistake. I believe I ...
by So I Married An Axe Murderer
0 votes   209 views  
The Itsy Bitsy Spider
The Exterminator: [attaching a huge tube to the vent] Music Teacher: What's this big thing? The Exterminator: It's ...
by The Itsy Bitsy Spider
0 votes   209 views  
City Slickers
Phil Berquist: Where are you from? Ben Jessup: Baltimore. We have a dental practice there. Mitch Robbins: Really, ...
by City Slickers
0 votes   209 views  
Meatshake: A Musical
Stew: Here take a sip. Berry: It's warm. What is it? Stew: It's milk. Berry: Milk? Momma gave papa ...
by Meatshake: A Musical
0 votes   209 views  
Actress Apocalypse
David B. Lincoln the 3rd: As of now... Clearwater Canyon is dead... The "old" Clearwater Canyon... ...
by Actress Apocalypse
0 votes   209 views  
The Illusionist
Chief Inspector Uhl: As a boy, I'm told, he had a chance encounter with a traveling ...
by The Illusionist
0 votes   209 views  
Michelle Forbes
About her character on Battlestar Galactica (2004): I tend to play a lot of authoritative, ...
by Michelle Forbes
0 votes   208 views  
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