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Jetsons: The Movie
[explaining how the factory works] Rudy 2: There's the drilling bore. It brings up the ore. ...
by Jetsons: The Movie
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The Family That Preys
Pam: I am tired of her looking down her nose at us... like we didn't live ...
by The Family That Preys
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Tomb Hackers
[last lines] Jack Loot: [while checking his pockets] I think I left all my keys locked ...
by Tomb Hackers
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Hot Rod
Denise: Who cares what anyone thinks? Rod Kimble: You don't get it, do you Denise? I used ...
by Hot Rod
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Kim Harris
We don`t fabricate anything. We get too much paranormal activity on our tour; we don`t ...
by Kim Harris
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Kevin Peter Hall
The problem is there aren`t many calls for 7`4 black actors. Still, if I had ...
by Kevin Peter Hall
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Jon Seda
I ran into a couple of guys who were boxers. They talked me into working ...
by Jon Seda
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John Harrington
With our significant presence already in the region, and the fact that California is one ...
by John Harrington
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John Davenport
We immediately contacted the State Attorney`s Office to drop the charges and they did.
by John Davenport
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James Whitcomb Riley
The most essential factor is persistence - the determination never to allow your energy or ...
by James Whitcomb Riley
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James Jordan
This is simply an attempt by committee Democrats to clarify the factual record, where Mr. ...
by James Jordan
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John Huston
[on Robert Mitchum] I think Bob is one of the very great actors and that ...
by John Huston
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Fred Savage
The term papers make me more crazy, because they involve more variables I cannot directly ...
by Fred Savage
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Frank Wilson
The community is encouraged to come and hear what each candidate is about. We want ...
by Frank Wilson
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Erica Leerhsen
It`s weird because I always seem to be dead. I`m gonna have to change that ...
by Erica Leerhsen
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Emily Watson
The first Oscarcast, I was definitely functioning in a surreal mode. It was like I ...
by Emily Watson
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Elijah Wood
If I wasn`t an actor, I`d be a secret agent.
by Elijah Wood
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Dudley Moore
I can`t imagine not having music in my life, playing for myself or for other ...
by Dudley Moore
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Bruce Beresford
With a film, I do my best to understand the author`s intentions and try to ...
by Bruce Beresford
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Archibald Macleish
To know oneself is to study oneself in action with another person.
by Archibald Macleish
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Allison Stewart
Works of art produced in the contemporary world are a further expression of that. But ...
by Allison Stewart
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Anna Friel
You can see when an actor gets bored: Their eyes go dead. I promised myself ...
by Anna Friel
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Conversations with Other Women
Man: [in bed, before they are about to have sex] What are you thinking? Woman: That it's ...
by Conversations With Other Women
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Suds: Tough loss there, Dodge. Hate to end a home stand like that on a technicality. ...
by Leatherheads
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Be Cool
Chili Palmer: [gets up] Tommy Athens: Hey, wait. Where are you going? Chili Palmer: I'm going to the ...
by Be Cool
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Fun with Dick and Jane
[At a bar, Dick gets up on a table and starts acting crazy because he's ...
by Fun With Dick And Jane
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Clyde Martin: You know what amazes me? There's no relation between how sexy a girl looks ...
by Kinsey
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Blue Collar Comedy Tour: The Movie
Soda Vendor: So, who's the actor in this group? Ron White: Oh, there are no actors. Believe ...
by Blue Collar Comedy Tour: The Movie
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Mother: Coraline, why don't you visit downstairs? I bet those actresses would love to hear your ...
by Coraline
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How to Deal
Macon: Your afraid to go out with me because you might actually like me? Halley: No... but ...
by How To Deal
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Big Fish
Will Bloom: [to Edward Bloom] Dad, I have no idea who you are because you have ...
by Big Fish
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The In-Laws
Jerry Peyser: Six people on a beach! I could have saved a fortune. Steve Tobias: Jer, they're ...
by The In-Laws
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Summer of Sam
Ritchie: Where are you goin'? Ruby: I'm gonna go. Ritchie: I didn't say to go. Ruby: Well, you didn't ...
by Summer Of Sam
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Bride of Chucky
Tiffany: You never really actually killed anybody, did you? Did you? Did you? You little worm!
by Bride Of Chucky
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Apache Pilot #5: [after accidentally hitting the Chrysler Building with a missile] Oh! Damn, uh! That's ...
by Godzilla
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Being John Malkovich
Lotte Schwartz: We love her, Craig. Craig Schwartz: We? Lotte Schwartz: John and me. Craig Schwartz: Don't forget about ...
by Being John Malkovich
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Absolute Power
Allen Richmond: What do we know, so far? Gloria Russell: Well, we've checked his license plates. He ...
by Absolute Power
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Army: Perón is a fool breaking every taboo, installing the girl in the army HQ. And ...
by Evita
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Crimson Tide
Capt. Ramsey: We're here to preserve democracy, not practice it.
by Crimson Tide
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Tabatha Cash
American actors are more professional than European ones.
by Tabatha Cash
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