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Primal Fear
Joey Pinero: See this lot here? This lot used to be houses. In fact, there was ...
by Primal Fear
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Heidi Fleiss
'People don't realize that being a madam is hard work, and I was working all ...
by Heidi Fleiss
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French Kiss
Kate: Spasm! Spasm! Oh, God, here it comes... lactose intolerance!
by French Kiss
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D2: The Mighty Ducks
Coach Bombay: I've had a lot of distractions since I've been here in L.A. [holds up ...
by D2: The Mighty Ducks
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Son in Law
Connie: She's obviously made up her mind, so let's just handle this like mature adults. Walter: Right, ...
by Son In Law
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Stay Tuned
[At Knable Fencing Academy, Roy Knable and one of his students practice fencing with each ...
by Stay Tuned
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Class Action
Jedediah Tucker Ward: I COULDN'T HOLD HIS FUCKING HAND, OKAY! Maggie Ward: No, you didn't hold a ...
by Class Action
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The Steam Experiment
[first lines] Grant: This is a *nice* hotel. Jimmy: Yep. Built in the 1900s by a railroad ...
by The Steam Experiment
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I Love You, Man
Doug: I just wish I could take back that kiss. Because now I know... it was ...
by I Love You, Man
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The Girlfriend Experience
Chelsea: [voice-over] On October 18th, I met with Dan. I wore a vintage black cashmere sweater, ...
by The Girlfriend Experience
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Peter Thomas
This is proof positive that in fact the sand is moving at present.
by Peter Thomas
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Michael Burke
We disagreed at trial on factual and legal matters, ... Nothing dramatically changed our position ...
by Michael Burke
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Lucas Grabeel
I can`t live without creating so being an artist is never going to be out ...
by Lucas Grabeel
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Kevin Williamson
Typically in horror films the character just services the plot, and you really are just ...
by Kevin Williamson
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Kate Smith
This nation loves singing and loves acting.
by Kate Smith
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Joe Anderson
[on working with Julie Taymor] She`s like working with an, I don`t know, atom bomb. ...
by Joe Anderson
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Jennifer Lee
We have no problem bringing (young) people out for hikes and social activities. But when ...
by Jennifer Lee
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John Mcenroe
When I had Roddick on the Davis Cup team as a practice player, you could ...
by John Mcenroe
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Guillaume Canet
As for what I`d like to be in the future, it is easy : I`d ...
by Guillaume Canet
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Frankie Muniz
Some kids are always getting into trouble or doing stuff, and I stay away from ...
by Frankie Muniz
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Donald Pleasence
I`m a professional actor. I get the part. I read the script. If I decide ...
by Donald Pleasence
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Don Robinson
We know that when guests are familiar with Disney stories and characters they will enjoy ...
by Don Robinson
0 votes   214 views  
David Johansen
Every singer who`s worth his salt is an actor. You play different characters in different ...
by David Johansen
0 votes   214 views  
David Hemmings
I quite like being mobbed. After all it is extremely nice to be recognised. That`s ...
by David Hemmings
0 votes   214 views  
Damien Hirst
The goal in life is to be solid, whereas the way that life works is ...
by Damien Hirst
0 votes   214 views  
Anthony Prior
This is where I was actually standing when the tornado came over and you can ...
by Anthony Prior
0 votes   214 views  
Armand Assante
It`s a blessing and a curse. But it`s not always the best situation to be ...
by Armand Assante
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Anna Friel
You can see when an actor gets bored: Their eyes go dead. I promised myself ...
by Anna Friel
0 votes   214 views  
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
Ron Weasley: [about Ginny and Dean] What do you think he sees in her? Harry Potter: She's ...
by Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince
0 votes   214 views  
A Good Year
Max Skinner: [greeting two attractive women in a wine bar] Lucy! Ah, didn't know you two ...
by A Good Year
0 votes   214 views  
Pretty Persuasion
Kimberly Joyce: Symbiotic, that's what our relationship is going to be like Randa. Kimberly Joyce: Just like ...
by Pretty Persuasion
0 votes   214 views  
[last lines] Maya: [on answering machine] Hello, Miles. It's Maya. Thanks for your letter. I-I would ...
by Sideways
0 votes   214 views  
Stage Beauty
Maria: I am an actress, not a beauty.
by Stage Beauty
0 votes   214 views  
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
Harry: What's with the flower? Hagrid... have you combed your hair? Hagrid: 'S a matter of fact ...
by Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire
0 votes   214 views  
Dirty Love
Rebecca: My white pony's probably at a glue factory by now.
by Dirty Love
0 votes   214 views  
How to Deal
Halley: The quickest way to ruin a relationship with someone is to actually try to have ...
by How To Deal
0 votes   214 views  
Igby Goes Down
Mimi: [to Oliver, about Igby] His conception was an act of animosity, why shouldn't his life ...
by Igby Goes Down
0 votes   214 views  
The Last Castle
Yates: I thought there was one thing that you should know, when they take the castle ...
by The Last Castle
0 votes   214 views  
American Desi
Eric: Hey Kris, you know that ceremony that your mom performed? Krishna: Don't ask me anything about ...
by American Desi
0 votes   214 views  
O Brother, Where Art Thou?
Pappy's Staff: The reason he's pullin' our pants down. Pappy's Staff: Gonna paddle a little behind. Pappy's ...
by O Brother, Where Art Thou?
0 votes   214 views  
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