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Iris Chapman: Excuse me? This is my last day here and I was wondering if you ...
by Clockwatchers
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The Mirror Has Two Faces
Rose Morgan: I just can't eat a greasy cheesburger in the middle of the day anymore. ...
by The Mirror Has Two Faces
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Jingle All the Way
Ted: [when an attempt to flirt with Liz ends with her throwing egg nog in his ...
by Jingle All The Way
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Poison Ivy II
Lily Leonetti: [to Gredin] I'm really sorry about the way I've been acting lately. It's just ...
by Poison Ivy II
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Boris Podolsky: James! How's the rat business? James Moreland: Well, actually it's mostly students I'm experimenting on ...
by I.Q.
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So I Married an Axe Murderer
Tony Giardino: Excuse me sir, I'm with the San Francisco police department, this is official police ...
by So I Married An Axe Murderer
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Demolition Man
[the voice-activated car that Spartan is riding in is malfunctioning] John Spartan: Brake! Brake! Brake now, ...
by Demolition Man
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Celeste Talbert: Even for an actor, you're an egomaniac!
by Soapdish
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Jetsons: The Movie
[explaining how the factory works] Rudy 2: There's the drilling bore. It brings up the ore. ...
by Jetsons: The Movie
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Hard to Kill
[the owner of Mason Storm's former house enters a room where Storm has caused a ...
by Hard To Kill
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Feast of Love
[talking to Oscar] Chloe Barlow: Most junkies, you know, even if they never use again, it ...
by Feast Of Love
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My Name Is Bruce
Dirt Farmer: You know, they go to all the trouble to kidnap somebody, I'd have kidnapped ...
by My Name Is Bruce
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Peter Lynch
When stocks are attractive, you buy them. Sure, they can go lower. I`ve bought stocks ...
by Peter Lynch
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Peter Ustinov
Love is an act of endless forgiveness, a tender look which becomes a habit.
by Peter Ustinov
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Mike Reynolds
We wanted to guard them closer. But I didn`t know they were 0-for-10. They came ...
by Mike Reynolds
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Lucas Grabeel
I can`t live without creating so being an artist is never going to be out ...
by Lucas Grabeel
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Kathleen Robertson
I`m really into antiques. But really into it because of my father, who got me ...
by Kathleen Robertson
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Jennifer Lee
We have no problem bringing (young) people out for hikes and social activities. But when ...
by Jennifer Lee
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Jay Sekulow
This no longer puts the abortion issue in the abstract with the Supreme Court. This ...
by Jay Sekulow
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James Fox
[On his 9-year break from acting]: People think Performance (1970) blew my mind... my mind ...
by James Fox
0 votes   407 views  
Holly Hunter
Actors do movies because you want to make a connection, you want an audience to ...
by Holly Hunter
0 votes   407 views  
Forest Whitaker
(On his best work) If I were to mark three, I`d mark Bird, because I ...
by Forest Whitaker
0 votes   407 views  
David Morrissey
There`s no quicker way to sound like a wanker than being an actor talking about ...
by David Morrissey
0 votes   407 views  
David Johansen
Every singer who`s worth his salt is an actor. You play different characters in different ...
by David Johansen
0 votes   407 views  
Ben Johnson
Everybody in town`s a better actor than I am, but none of them can play ...
by Ben Johnson
0 votes   407 views  
Barbara Roberts
We cannot really think in one way and act in another...
by Barbara Roberts
0 votes   407 views  
Billy Bob Thornton
People think the hard thing for an actor is crying and screaming, but that`s easy. ...
by Billy Bob Thornton
0 votes   407 views  
Ben Foster
(On creating his characters) Every role, every gig, you have to find a quality and ...
by Ben Foster
0 votes   407 views  
Ann Sothern
Sometimes I`ll watch an old movie on television and, once in a while, one of ...
by Ann Sothern
0 votes   407 views  
David Sandborn: How come she's not your girl friend? The way she acts around you, seems ...
by Whisper
0 votes   407 views  
Role Models
Danny: Do you like coke? Augie Farks: I like the idea of it more than I actually ...
by Role Models
0 votes   407 views  
The Jacket
Jack Starks: It is a fact. Bona fide and classified.
by The Jacket
0 votes   407 views  
Calendar Girls
Chris: I've put our names down for speakers next month: "Chris and Annie: What we learned ...
by Calendar Girls
0 votes   407 views  
Ella Enchanted
Edgar: So, Ella of Frell is your sister. Hattie: Step-sister, actually. Edgar: Really? Tell me what do you ...
by Ella Enchanted
0 votes   407 views  
Velma Kelly: My sister and I had an act that couldn't flop. My sister and I ...
by Chicago
0 votes   407 views  
The Mummy Returns
[about Ahm Shere] Evelyn: Alexander the Great sent troops in search of it. Rick: Great for him. ...
by The Mummy Returns
0 votes   407 views  
Keeping the Faith
Anna Riley: We have a chemistry together, I can't explain it. Rabbi Jacob "Jake" Schram: Well, chemistry's ...
by Keeping The Faith
0 votes   407 views  
The Pentagon Wars
[Burton just destroryed a door in a test] Lt. Colonel James Burton: I'll buy the army ...
by The Pentagon Wars
0 votes   407 views  
Mulan: Mushu, if you're so worried, go stand watch. Mushu: Yeah, yeah. Mushu: [talking and acting like a ...
by Mulan
0 votes   407 views  
The Nutty Professor
Sherman Klump: I assure you, I will not let you down. Dean Richmond: You won't. I know ...
by The Nutty Professor
0 votes   407 views  
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