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Jenna Dewan
I`m about 50/50 when it comes to technology. I can check my email and search ...
by Jenna Dewan
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Giancarlo Esposito
I started in the acting business at age 8, so I feel it`s my experience ...
by Giancarlo Esposito
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Donald O Connor
They put me in a harness, like a horse, to learn the back somersault. It ...
by Donald O Connor
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Barry Newman
When we were kids, we`d go to the playground, choose up sides and act as ...
by Barry Newman
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Barbara Roberts
We cannot really think in one way and act in another...
by Barbara Roberts
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Billy Bob Thornton
People think the hard thing for an actor is crying and screaming, but that`s easy. ...
by Billy Bob Thornton
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Are We Done Yet?
Suzanne Persons: [to Nick] I think you should just call a contractor.
by Are We Done Yet?
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Team America: World Police
Joe: Your plan will fail! You'll never keep the world leaders distracted here for 9 hours! ...
by Team America: World Police
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Live Free or Die Hard
John McClane: Are you Matt Farrell? Matthew Farrell? Matt Farrell: No, he, uh, actually does not live ...
by Live Free Or Die Hard
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Blue Collar Comedy Tour: The Movie
Soda Vendor: So, who's the actor in this group? Ron White: Oh, there are no actors. Believe ...
by Blue Collar Comedy Tour: The Movie
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Purgatory House
Celeste: Silver, this is what you do. You put out this certain image, this certain attitude, ...
by Purgatory House
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Sorority Boys
Adam: I look like shit! Dave: No you don't. Adam: Yes I do... I look like shit! Dave: No... ...
by Sorority Boys
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The Broken Hearts Club: A Romantic Comedy
Cole: The one time you bastards actually keep a secret is the one time it matters. ...
by The Broken Hearts Club: A Romantic Comedy
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The Fighting Temptations
Darrin Hill: Booty is in the eye of the beholder Lucius: No, booty gonna be in my ...
by The Fighting Temptations
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The Mummy
Evelyn: Now, what exactly is this man in prison for? Warden Gad Hassan: Well, this I did ...
by The Mummy
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Alferd Packer: The Musical
Polly Pry: How are you doing? Alferd Packer: How am I doing? Have you ever been sitting ...
by Alferd Packer: The Musical
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Heidi Fleiss
'These are the richest people on earth that I'm dealing with'
by Heidi Fleiss
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Lorena Rojas
'Chemotherapy, as doctors say, affects women's reproductive apparatus, which cannot keep eggs'
by Lorena Rojas
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Last of the Dogmen
Professor Lillian Sloan: You know what this is? Tracker Lewis Gates: Well, call it a wild guess. ...
by Last Of The Dogmen
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Anna: You're very compulsive. Sam: Actually, I'm committing suicide on the installment plan.
by Habit
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The American President
[after President Shepherd's speech] Leon Kodak: Well, you don't see that every day of the week. ...
by The American President
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Star Trek: Generations
[Worf has fallen into the ocean, after Riker ordered the computer to remove the holographic ...
by Star Trek: Generations
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Pip: Man, Chazz is right. All we gotta do is make our own action, y'know? Rex: That's ...
by Airheads
0 votes   221 views  
Demolition Man
Chief George Earle: We can just wait for another code to go red. And when Phoenix ...
by Demolition Man
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Club Interviewer: Talking here with Cliff Poncier. Cliff, any comments on the "Seattle Sound" and Citizen ...
by Singles
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Command Performance
Venus: Joe, don't get killed. Joe: You know when this is over I wanna renegotiate my royalty ...
by Command Performance
0 votes   221 views  
Tropic Thunder
Kirk Lazarus: [referring to Damien dying] He ain't acting like God. He being judged by him.
by Tropic Thunder
0 votes   221 views  
The Skeptic
Cassie: Look, it's not as out there as it seems, you know, that whole ghost thing. ...
by The Skeptic
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Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film for Theaters
Cybernetic Ghost: [attempting to distract Aqua Teens] Thousands of years ago I ran for treasurer of ...
by Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film For Theaters
0 votes   221 views  
Jim Turner
We are always exploring new ways to drive tune-in from AETV.com to the network. BlueStream`s ...
by Jim Turner
0 votes   220 views  
Jeff Goldblum
[On watching himself act]: It was odd because I hadn`t seen much of what we ...
by Jeff Goldblum
0 votes   220 views  
Greg Martin
We are now getting reports of a level of operational errors that had not been ...
by Greg Martin
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Dirk Benedict
On the A-Team: I enjoyed it immensely. By nature I`m terribly serious, so as an ...
by Dirk Benedict
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Dick Van Dyke
I never wanted to be an actor and to this day I don`t. I can`t ...
by Dick Van Dyke
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Carol Anderson
We`re making the best use of the space we have. We`re able to adjust the ...
by Carol Anderson
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Sherilyn Fenn
Bleaching my hair for Two Moon Junction... my hair was fried and I looked like ...
by Sherilyn Fenn
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Andrew Lawrence
As well as activating the brain`s reward system, which is involved in addiction, amphetamine also ...
by Andrew Lawrence
0 votes   220 views  
Roll Bounce
Junior: [continuing in playing the dozens] Your mouth looks like an explosion in a tin foil ...
by Roll Bounce
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Nanny McPhee
[picks up a violin] Mr. Brown: Simon, cricket practice.
by Nanny McPhee
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John: Hello, Mr. Hindle. Or as they called you around the hospital: Zepp. I want you ...
by Saw
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