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Wooly Boys
Shuck: I wouldn't make a lot of noise if I was you. You don't want to ...
by Wooly Boys
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Bad Boys II
Mike Lowery: It ain't exactly a pool, man. It's like a big-ass puddle wrapped in blue ...
by Bad Boys II
0 votes   223 views  
Nutty Professor II: The Klumps
Dean Richmond: Not so fast, pal. I'm not letting you out of my sight until both ...
by Nutty Professor II: The Klumps
0 votes   223 views  
Intolerable Cruelty
Mrs. Gutman: Sometimes there would be a gizmo. Mrs. Gutman's Lawyer: A gizmo? Mrs. Gutman: He had a ...
by Intolerable Cruelty
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Kit: [looking around] Hey! Freddy? Dave: You heard me Kincade, don't act dumb! Where's the plutonium? Kit: Key, ...
by Bowfinger
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Seven Years in Tibet
Peter Aufschnaiter: You should have told me how bad that wound was. I should take a ...
by Seven Years In Tibet
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Solomon: Do you love me? Cassiday: Yes. Solomon: Do you think I'm attractive? Cassiday: No. You look fine just ...
by Gummo
0 votes   223 views  
Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery
Number Two: Over the last thirty years, Virtucon has grown by leaps and bounds. About fifteen ...
by Austin Powers: International Man Of Mystery
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Glory Daze
Dennis: Despite your obvious racial handicap, you are an American citizen now, OK, so act like ...
by Glory Daze
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Saw VI
Mark Hoffman: [voice over reading Amanda's letter] Amanda, you were with Cecil the night Jill lost ...
by Saw VI
0 votes   223 views  
The Bucket List
Carter Chambers: Is it Tommy or Thomas? Thomas: It's Matthew, actually. He thought that was too biblical...
by The Bucket List
0 votes   223 views  
Peter Riegert
It never occurs to me that acting with a superstar is something to worry about. ...
by Peter Riegert
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Paula Smith
We`ve actually used self-checkout to draw us closer to our customers in the stores. We`ve ...
by Paula Smith
0 votes   222 views  
Melanie Griffith
I would just like to be able to give to people through acting. If I ...
by Melanie Griffith
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Marlo Thomas
I don`t think homosexuality is a choice. Society forces you to think it`s a choice, ...
by Marlo Thomas
0 votes   222 views  
Lincoln Kirstein
In liberal democracy and anxious anarchy, the traditional classic dance, compact of aristocratic authority and ...
by Lincoln Kirstein
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Jo Frost
Their issue is separation. The father works in Kansas City, and the mother is home ...
by Jo Frost
0 votes   222 views  
John Hawkes
[On being an actor]: You never really forget who you are. If you did, you`d ...
by John Hawkes
0 votes   222 views  
Brendan Fraser
As sophisticated as the technology gets, the less sophisticated you have to become as an ...
by Brendan Fraser
0 votes   222 views  
Sherilyn Fenn
I loved working on Of Mice and Men. It was a wonderful group of people. ...
by Sherilyn Fenn
0 votes   222 views  
Four Dead Batteries
Harold: [angry with Judy] You're menstruating and you're making bad decisions. This is exactly why I ...
by Four Dead Batteries
0 votes   222 views  
Deus Ex
Various Characters: [warning J.C. about suspicious action inside a high-security zone of a corporate science facility] ...
by Deus Ex
0 votes   222 views  
Keeping the Faith
Anna Riley: We have a chemistry together, I can't explain it. Rabbi Jacob "Jake" Schram: Well, chemistry's ...
by Keeping The Faith
0 votes   222 views  
The Sum of All Fears
[over the Hot Line, after the carrier attack] President Nemerov: [in Russian] I ordered no such ...
by The Sum Of All Fears
0 votes   222 views  
Mystery Men
The Shoveller: If we had a billionaire like Lance Hunt as our benefactor... Mr. Furious: That's because ...
by Mystery Men
0 votes   222 views  
The Iron Giant
Dean McCoppin: Don't shoot! There's a kid in his hand! Kent, he only acts defensively. If ...
by The Iron Giant
0 votes   222 views  
[Nick arrives at Casey's door, looking like a gangster] Casey: Turn around and put your hands ...
by Thursday
0 votes   222 views  
Doctor Dolittle
Dr. John Dolittle: [John is acting as a marriage counsellor to a couple of pigeons] ... ...
by Doctor Dolittle
0 votes   222 views  
Now and Then
Samantha: I decided not to tell the others about my father, call me a fool but ...
by Now And Then
0 votes   222 views  
Lorena Rojas
'I am aware that this disease does not announce, is completely unpredictable and it always ...
by Lorena Rojas
0 votes   222 views  
Victoria Zdrok
'Playboy came along and offered me $20,000 to shed my clothes'
by Victoria Zdrok
0 votes   222 views  
North: Where the hell are my parents? Winchell: North, did you say the word 'hell'? My, the ...
by North
0 votes   222 views  
The Hitler Tapes
Showering woman: Your bare torso was most unattractive.
by The Hitler Tapes
0 votes   222 views  
Last Action Hero
[watching Jack wipe tar off his face with a paper towel] Danny Madigan: You know, tar ...
by Last Action Hero
0 votes   222 views  
Early Grayce: Cold weather makes people stupid and that's a fact.
by Kalifornia
0 votes   222 views  
Josh and S.A.M.
[Sam hurls a pool ball, hitting Derek] Sam Whitney: It worked, Josh, my aim is activated! ...
by Josh And S.A.M.
0 votes   222 views  
Grand Canyon
Mack: He's kinda lonely, but he seems peaceful about it. Jane: That would be nice. Dee: Ya know, ...
by Grand Canyon
0 votes   222 views  
One-Eyed Monster
T.J.: The shooting star, the bright light; Ron acts weird, and his dick takes off running. ...
by One-Eyed Monster
0 votes   222 views  
Pierce Brosnan
[on Casino Royale (2006)] I`m looking forward to it like we`re all looking forward to ...
by Pierce Brosnan
0 votes   221 views  
Konrad Lorenz
Historians will have to face the fact that natural selection determined the evolution of cultures ...
by Konrad Lorenz
0 votes   221 views  
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