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Peter Lynch
When stocks are attractive, you buy them. Sure, they can go lower. I`ve bought stocks ...
by Peter Lynch
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Lisa Edelstein
I was one of those people who was literally famous for doing nothing . . ...
by Lisa Edelstein
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Joshua Redman
Another factor is that in terms of the original compositions, this is our strongest year ...
by Joshua Redman
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John Tierney
Rinsing out tuna cans and tying up newspapers may make you feel virtuous, but recycling ...
by John Tierney
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John Connolly
With the injuries that we have in the back three at the moment it was ...
by John Connolly
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Jennifer Bishop
They were dying to. It was amazing. We actually had more photographers than we could ...
by Jennifer Bishop
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Elizabeth Mcgovern
On careers other than acting: I probably would have become a veterinarian, or I might ...
by Elizabeth Mcgovern
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Danny Masterson
If I could make millions of dollars being a softball player, I would quit acting ...
by Danny Masterson
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Ben Johnson
Everybody in town`s a better actor than I am, but none of them can play ...
by Ben Johnson
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Albert Speer
Temporarily in 1934 I became a department head in the German Labor Front and dealt ...
by Albert Speer
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Just My Luck
Madame Z: Look, did anything unusual happen at that party? Ashley Albright: Oh... Well besides the fact ...
by Just My Luck
0 votes   224 views  
In Good Company
[first lines] Anchorwoman: After months of speculation, analysts expect an announcement this week that GlobeCom International ...
by In Good Company
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Michael Myers - Child: Look at my mask. Dr. Samuel Loomis: Oh, wow. Beautiful. Yeah. Why is ...
by Halloween
0 votes   224 views  
Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
Harry: [voiceover] I sent Harmony home believing A, we'd meet tomorrow to go over her case, ...
by Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
0 votes   224 views  
Fun with Dick and Jane
[At a bar, Dick gets up on a table and starts acting crazy because he's ...
by Fun With Dick And Jane
0 votes   224 views  
Stage Beauty
King Charles II: Kynaston? How in hell did you get in here? Ned Kynaston: A former fellow ...
by Stage Beauty
0 votes   224 views  
Agent Cody Banks 2: Destination London
Derek: Here's my ride, designed it myself, Gucci interior, plasma flat screen, DVD, surround sound, GPS ...
by Agent Cody Banks 2: Destination London
0 votes   224 views  
Mona Lisa Smile
[about a contemporary abstract painting] Giselle Levy: That's Jackson Pollock. Susan Delacorte: In a word. Connie Baker: I ...
by Mona Lisa Smile
0 votes   224 views  
Summer Catch
Sean Dunne: Mr. Parrish. Remember my son Ryan? Ryan: How are you doing? Rand Parrish: Fellows, could you ...
by Summer Catch
0 votes   224 views  
Galaxy Quest
[Sarris forces Jason to tell Mathesar he's an actor on a TV show] Jason Nesmith: I'm ...
by Galaxy Quest
0 votes   224 views  
American History X
Derek Vinyard: We're so hung up on this notion that we have some obligation to help ...
by American History X
0 votes   224 views  
Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery
Scott Evil: I just think, like, he hates me. I really think he wants to kill ...
by Austin Powers: International Man Of Mystery
0 votes   224 views  
Dowager Empress Marie: You're a very good actress, best yet in fact. But I've had enough. ...
by Anastasia
0 votes   224 views  
The Nutty Professor
Sherman Klump: I assure you, I will not let you down. Dean Richmond: You won't. I know ...
by The Nutty Professor
0 votes   224 views  
Archie Moses: In actuality, I was hitting on her harder than you think, motherfucker! So why ...
by Bulletproof
0 votes   224 views  
Ferdinand the duck: Look, there's something you should know. Babe the pig: Yes? Ferdinand: Humans eat ducks! Babe: [gasps] ...
by Babe
0 votes   224 views  
The Paper
Henry: What do you think I'm trying to do?. Look, I got news for you. I'm ...
by The Paper
0 votes   224 views  
Dion 'Pints' Moran: 'Cause some worthless guinea named Jimmy somethin' acted like an ass in one ...
by Beantown
0 votes   224 views  
Fear of Girls
Raymond Ractburger: In high school, we were a clan of vampires. Doug Douglason: We were vampire clan ...
by Fear Of Girls
0 votes   224 views  
Minnie Driver
People go `You look a lot like Minnie Driver.` Once I said, `Thanks, Minnie is ...
by Minnie Driver
0 votes   223 views  
Miguel De Cervantes
The most difficult character in comedy is that of a fool, and he must be ...
by Miguel De Cervantes
0 votes   223 views  
Mark Gordon
They refused to acknowledge the fact that there were six toilets on it.
by Mark Gordon
0 votes   223 views  
Kelly Rowland
Freddy vs. Jason actually kind of landed in my lap. I went out for the ...
by Kelly Rowland
0 votes   223 views  
Keith Brewer
We`d like to move forward to be above the national average. If you take the ...
by Keith Brewer
0 votes   223 views  
Gus Van Sant
You can`t copy a film. If I hold a camera, it`s different than if Irving ...
by Gus Van Sant
0 votes   223 views  
Eva Marie Saint
On today`s movie stars: America is now obsessed by stars in an unhealthy way. They ...
by Eva Marie Saint
0 votes   223 views  
Emilie De Ravin
It`s actually fun to not know anyone and go out and find friends, or let ...
by Emilie De Ravin
0 votes   223 views  
David Axelrod
This was a visceral reaction to a horrible event. He feels a sense of responsibility, ...
by David Axelrod
0 votes   223 views  
Barry Cullen
the West was acting like a courteous gentleman or even a skilled lover, trying to ...
by Barry Cullen
0 votes   223 views  
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
Arthur Weasley: Now, Harry you must know all about Muggles, tell me, what exactly is the ...
by Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets
0 votes   223 views  
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