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The Supermarket
Timmy: Alright. I know the first thing you panty-waists are going to suggest. Awareness campaigns. SIt ...
by The Supermarket
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The Donor Conspiracy
Curt: You want a heart? Gavin: But we don't know how to extract a heart! Hector: Google it!
by The Donor Conspiracy
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The Foot Fist Way
Fred Simmons: Boom got him. Gotcha didn't she rick? Rick: No, i was just doing what you ...
by The Foot Fist Way
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American Dreamz
Omer: I just feel confused... about this country. There are so many nice people here, but ...
by American Dreamz
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Marion Cotillard
(On accepting the best actress Oscar for `La Vie en Rose`) Thank you life, thank ...
by Marion Cotillard
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Lee Grant
When I became a director, I wanted to convince a very reluctant Sidney into allowing ...
by Lee Grant
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Justin Hawkins
We pride ourselves on that. The guys who are playing just can`t go through the ...
by Justin Hawkins
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Ernest Borgnine
Spencer Tracy was the first actor I`ve seen who could just look down into the ...
by Ernest Borgnine
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Cliff Robertson
The year you win an Oscar is the fastest year in a Hollywood actor`s life. ...
by Cliff Robertson
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Ben Elton
We`ve all got to look at ourselves, start with yourself, that`s all you can do. ...
by Ben Elton
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Anne Meara
If something is amiss, such as a rapid gain in weight overnight, the nurse contacts ...
by Anne Meara
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Andy Robinson
We need more pain at the contact area. There were times when we were going ...
by Andy Robinson
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Lorena Rojas
'Lucero did what is divine, excited'
by Lorena Rojas
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Severe Injuries
Holly: Aren't you getting ready for the party? Lauren: I'll hide here. Holly: Oh, no you don't. Steve's ...
by Severe Injuries
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Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story
Patches O'Houlihan: [Giving advice from beyond the grave to Peter LaFleur at the climactic game] Listen ...
by Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story
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Clyde Martin: You know what amazes me? There's no relation between how sexy a girl looks ...
by Kinsey
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Son of the Mask
[first lines] Dr. Neuman: The Mifulu represent a fascinating example of failed culture. The people of ...
by Son Of The Mask
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Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow
Polly Perkins: A man came to see me today, a scientist. He was terrified. Said someone ...
by Sky Captain And The World Of Tomorrow
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Mystic River
[concerning Dave] Celeste Boyle: He's been acting kind of nuts lately. I'm almost afraid of him. ...
by Mystic River
0 votes   225 views  
How to Deal
Macon: Your afraid to go out with me because you might actually like me? Halley: No... but ...
by How To Deal
0 votes   225 views  
Jovie: How come you were in the women's locker room this morning? Buddy: I heard you singing. ...
by Elf
0 votes   225 views  
My First Mister
Randall ("R"): Listen to me very carefully. I am not getting a fucking tattoo. Jennifer ("J"): Oooh, ...
by My First Mister
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Almost Famous
Polexia Aphrodisia: [to William watching Penny Lane] Act One, in which she pretends she doesn't care ...
by Almost Famous
0 votes   225 views  
Keeping the Faith
Rabbi Jacob "Jake" Schram: How upset are they? Rabbi Lewis: Let's just say they're less than thrilled. ...
by Keeping The Faith
0 votes   225 views  
Men in Black II
Agent J: Could I have your attention, please? [Neuralyzes the crowd] Agent J: Thank you for participating ...
by Men In Black II
0 votes   225 views  
Operation Dumbo Drop
[Goddard is singing along to a record of Mozart's "The Magic Flute" - badly] Capt. ...
by Operation Dumbo Drop
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Victoria Zdrok
'The average men should be able to satisfy any woman'
by Victoria Zdrok
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Little Big League
George O'Farrell: Hey 'Blackout,' I didn't get you for your curve ball. I don't like your ...
by Little Big League
0 votes   225 views  
Searching for Bobby Fischer
Fred: You know you could give up the game, and that would be all right with ...
by Searching For Bobby Fischer
0 votes   225 views  
Josh and S.A.M.
[after Josh tells Sam to bite on a piece of tin foil] Sam Whitney: OW! Josh ...
by Josh And S.A.M.
0 votes   225 views  
Demolition Man
[the voice-activated car that Spartan is riding in is malfunctioning] John Spartan: Brake! Brake! Brake now, ...
by Demolition Man
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Night Trap
[if too many Augers escape] Lt. Simms: Look, it was your job to protect Kelli and ...
by Night Trap
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Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country
Captain Hikaru Sulu: Nice to see you in action for one last time, Captain Kirk. Take ...
by Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country
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Lori Craven: Hi. Uh, I'm Lori Craven and... I'm an actress. Betsy Faye Sharon: An actress! Really! ...
by Soapdish
0 votes   225 views  
Fern Man
Warner Kingson: I'm an actor. I only show emotion when I'm acting.
by Fern Man
0 votes   225 views  
Big Al Tetricelli: Judging by the fact that we had to kill that many people for ...
by Beantown
0 votes   225 views  
Lou Dax: I believe it was Socrates who once wrote "Beauty is a short lived tyranny". ...
by Placebo
0 votes   225 views  
In Bruges
Ray: Jesus, Ken, I'm trying to talk about... Ken: I know what you're trying to talk about. ...
by In Bruges
0 votes   225 views  
The Holiday
Iris: Because you're hoping you're wrong. And every time she does something that tells you she's ...
by The Holiday
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Preity Zinta
Acting can truly take a toll on your nerves. I mean we have to be ...
by Preity Zinta
0 votes   224 views  
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