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Free Enterprise
Robert: I don't believe it. It's Bill. Mark: Okay, just be cool, don't stare, you'll go blind. ...
by Free Enterprise
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Too Tired to Die
Kenji: Mr. Sage, if you want, you can fuck me. Why not? Let's all get fucked! ...
by Too Tired To Die
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Ed Fanelli: All right, ass on the bed now. [in William's face] Ed Fanelli: If I gotta ...
by Vulgar
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[Anya and Dimitri have been arguing on the train - Vlad enters the compartment] Anastasia: Oh, ...
by Anastasia
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Down Periscope
[Dodge releases the men from active duty] Lt. Comd. Dodge: [quietly to himself] Live it up ...
by Down Periscope
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Chain Reaction
[Last line] Paul Shannon: Anita, take a memo, to the director of Central Intelligences. "C-Systems... no ...
by Chain Reaction
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Now and Then
Samantha: I decided not to tell the others about my father, call me a fool but ...
by Now And Then
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The Incredibly True Adventure of Two Girls in Love
Evie: I know this sounds weird but I just can't put the air in the tires ...
by The Incredibly True Adventure Of Two Girls In Love
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Neil McCauley: Gimme the key! Bank Guy: What key? [Neil socks bank guy in the face, who ...
by Heat
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The Ref
Lloyd: Caroline? Why don't you eat something? Caroline: [Drunk] Loyd? Why don't you eat me? Connie Chasseur: Kids, ...
by The Ref
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[playing cards, Corky turns to talk to Fresh, Darryl draws a card] Corky: What the fuck ...
by Fresh
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Clear and Present Danger
[Before commencing a covert action] Ritter: Let me make this very clear: this is your deal, ...
by Clear And Present Danger
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Bullets Over Broadway
[Cheech is helping Olive rehearse a scene] Olive: Can't you see? You're living out the exact ...
by Bullets Over Broadway
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Demolition Man
[the voice-activated car that Spartan is riding in is malfunctioning] John Spartan: Brake! Brake! Brake now, ...
by Demolition Man
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Lori Craven: Hi. Uh, I'm Lori Craven and... I'm an actress. Betsy Faye Sharon: An actress! Really! ...
by Soapdish
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Not Without My Daughter
Houssein: [to Betty] Gardens have always had a special place in Persia throughout our history. In ...
by Not Without My Daughter
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The Doors
Pamela: You actually put your dick in this woman? Jim Morrison: Well... sometimes, yeah.
by The Doors
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Stan Helsing
Mason: We're not gonna go that easy. Stan Helsing: Oh, actually, you both have the same weakness.
by Stan Helsing
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[from trailer] Wichita: Let's play the quiet game. Columbus: I've actually been meaning to ask you, have ...
by Zombieland
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The Other Boleyn Girl
Sir Thomas Boleyn: Alright, now, open! [advising Mary to open her eyes] Sir Thomas Boleyn: I am ...
by The Other Boleyn Girl
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Actress Apocalypse
Vance Lincoln: This is my movie, I'm taking over! This is not Clearwater Canyon, *no*, this ...
by Actress Apocalypse
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Mary Evans
Working with José, because of his commitment and his professionalism, is always great, ... He`s ...
by Mary Evans
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Kate Smith
This nation loves singing and loves acting.
by Kate Smith
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Jonathan Jackson
You`re probably saving money if you factor in the grief . . . of dealing ...
by Jonathan Jackson
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John Corbett
Acting is a win-win situation. There is no risk involved. That`s why I get tired ...
by John Corbett
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John Connolly
With the injuries that we have in the back three at the moment it was ...
by John Connolly
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David Morrissey
There`s no quicker way to sound like a wanker than being an actor talking about ...
by David Morrissey
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David Axelrod
This was a visceral reaction to a horrible event. He feels a sense of responsibility, ...
by David Axelrod
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Danny Masterson
If I could make millions of dollars being a softball player, I would quit acting ...
by Danny Masterson
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Ben Johnson
Everybody in town`s a better actor than I am, but none of them can play ...
by Ben Johnson
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Antonio Smith
The company considered several attractive sites in other countries, but chose Ireland due to its ...
by Antonio Smith
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Albert Speer
Temporarily in 1934 I became a department head in the German Labor Front and dealt ...
by Albert Speer
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The Girl from Monday
Jack: Acts of love, charity, and eroticism for their own sake were soon seen as perverse ...
by The Girl From Monday
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In Her Shoes
Rose Feller: What are you doing here? Maggie Feller: I live here. What are you doing here? ...
by In Her Shoes
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Stage Beauty
Maria: I am an actress, not a beauty.
by Stage Beauty
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Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
Arthur Weasley: Now, Harry you must know all about Muggles, tell me, what exactly is the ...
by Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets
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Rachel Constantine: [about Adolf Hitler] Twenty million people died defeating that son of a bitch, and ...
by Contact
0 votes   110 views  
Richard M. Nixon: I hate these cocktail parties. John, I'm in hell. I'll be mentally dead ...
by Nixon
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The Incredibly True Adventure of Two Girls in Love
Evelyn Roy: Evie, do you have something you want to tell me? Evie: What? No. Evelyn Roy: Honey, ...
by The Incredibly True Adventure Of Two Girls In Love
0 votes   110 views  
Get Shorty
Chili Palmer: How did you get in here? Ray Bones: It was easy. I told 'em I ...
by Get Shorty
0 votes   110 views  
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