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Deliver Us from Eva
Eva: How much did they pay you? Ray: Eva, that's not... Eva: HOW MUCH? Ray: $5000 - but I'm ...
by Deliver Us From Eva
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Orientation: A Scientology Information Film
Host: Religion is as old as man. Man has believed far longer that he was a ...
by Orientation: A Scientology Information Film
0 votes   406 views  
Shadow of the Vampire
F.W. Murnau: Go ahead! Eat the writer! That will leave you explaining how your character gets ...
by Shadow Of The Vampire
0 votes   406 views  
Ghost World
Masterpiece Video Customer: I'm looking for a copy of 8 1/2. Masterpiece Video Clerk: Yessir! Is it ...
by Ghost World
0 votes   406 views  
Shakespeare in Love
Viola De Lesseps: [that she, as Thomas Kent, is actually a woman] Nobody knew. John Webster: [pointing ...
by Shakespeare In Love
0 votes   406 views  
Pushing Tin
Russell Bell: Thought is the enemy. Nick Falzone: I know. I've been thinking too much. I had ...
by Pushing Tin
0 votes   406 views  
Doc: Let's see, uh... George... George... there's a tumor in your brain, that's spread out like ...
by Phenomenon
0 votes   406 views  
Die Hard: With a Vengeance
Principal Martinez: Hi kids. I know you usually have assembly on Fridays, but today's special. Mr. ...
by Die Hard: With A Vengeance
0 votes   406 views  
Bullets Over Broadway
[Cheech is helping Olive rehearse a scene] Olive: Can't you see? You're living out the exact ...
by Bullets Over Broadway
0 votes   406 views  
Lethal Weapon 3
[Murtaugh throws a machine gun towards Riggs] Roger Murtaugh: Riggs! Cop killers! [Riggs shoots through the ...
by Lethal Weapon 3
0 votes   406 views  
Why They Slept
Benjamin: The Greeks used to offer up anonymous goods and services to the gods in unspecified ...
by Why They Slept
0 votes   406 views  
The Prestige
Robert Angier: He lives his act.
by The Prestige
0 votes   406 views  
John Schmidt
Since it looks at the basic building block of life, DNA, it can tell with ...
by John Schmidt
0 votes   405 views  
Jimmy Iovine
The people at Apple fully understand the interaction between musicians and their audience.
by Jimmy Iovine
0 votes   405 views  
James Monroe
To impose taxes when the public exigencies require them is an obligation of the most ...
by James Monroe
0 votes   405 views  
Ben Elton
We`ve all got to look at ourselves, start with yourself, that`s all you can do. ...
by Ben Elton
0 votes   405 views  
Alan Watts
We could say that meditation doesn`t have a reason or doesn`t have a purpose. In ...
by Alan Watts
0 votes   405 views  
The Aristocrats
Carrot Top: So a guy goes into a, uh, into a talent agent and he says, ...
by The Aristocrats
0 votes   405 views  
Shallow Hal
Mauricio: Uh Hal, it's 10:00, we gotta go. Hal: [laughing] What are you talking about? Mauricio: We gotta ...
by Shallow Hal
0 votes   405 views  
The Broken Hearts Club: A Romantic Comedy
Cole: The one time you bastards actually keep a secret is the one time it matters. ...
by The Broken Hearts Club: A Romantic Comedy
0 votes   405 views  
Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas
[Sinbad is dragging Marina over the ship to her new "quarters", while she fights him ...
by Sinbad: Legend Of The Seven Seas
0 votes   405 views  
Scream 3
[Jennifer is studying Gale in order to play her character] Jennifer: The ruthless ambition, your private ...
by Scream 3
0 votes   405 views  
Notting Hill
William: Apart from the American, I've only loved two girls, both absolute disasters. The first one ...
by Notting Hill
0 votes   405 views  
The Opposite of Sex
Dedee: [as Dedee is walking away from Bill's, looking for a ride and stopping under a ...
by The Opposite Of Sex
0 votes   405 views  
Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Movie
Mike Nelson: Doesn't the fact that it's universal make it international?
by Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Movie
0 votes   405 views  
Welcome to Reality
Adyashanti: Religion in its true sense should be just medicine, something that might help to restore ...
by Welcome To Reality
0 votes   405 views  
Touchstone: Dancing with Angels
Anja Daniel: Actually most people live like monks here... and nuns.
by Touchstone: Dancing With Angels
0 votes   405 views  
Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day
Phil: I'm sorry it's Phil Goldman. How do you do? Guinevere Pettigrew: We've met before actually. You ...
by Miss Pettigrew Lives For A Day
0 votes   405 views  
I Could Never Be Your Woman
Izzie: [sung to the tune of "Isn't it Ironic" by Alanis Morissette] "Any young girl wants ...
by I Could Never Be Your Woman
0 votes   405 views  
Kelly Rowland
Freddy vs. Jason actually kind of landed in my lap. I went out for the ...
by Kelly Rowland
0 votes   404 views  
Joshua Redman
Another factor is that in terms of the original compositions, this is our strongest year ...
by Joshua Redman
0 votes   404 views  
Jonathan Sadowski
When I was on `American Dreams,` I was still bartending. Every Sunday night it came ...
by Jonathan Sadowski
0 votes   404 views  
Gary White
Words are just words and nobody told these people to do anything like that, ... ...
by Gary White
0 votes   404 views  
Don Smith
We were awarded the new contract based on our track record, experience in the public ...
by Don Smith
0 votes   404 views  
Christy Turlington
Not all models are meant to be actors.
by Christy Turlington
0 votes   404 views  
Cathy Freeman
With Alexander`s cancer, I was definitely brought to my knees for the first time because ...
by Cathy Freeman
-1 votes   404 views  
Alyson Michalka
[on her picture in Teen People, June/July issue] My character on the show [Phil of ...
by Alyson Michalka
0 votes   404 views  
Adam Lamberg
On his similarities to his Lizzie McGuire (2001) character David Gordo Gordon: I like to ...
by Adam Lamberg
0 votes   404 views  
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
Albus Dumbledore: You must be wondering why I brought you here. Harry Potter: Actually sir, after all ...
by Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince
0 votes   404 views  
Helen of Troy
Theseus: Someday, some place, you'll find someone better, someone worthy. When you do, neither the gods ...
by Helen Of Troy
0 votes   404 views  
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