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Traci Lords
I jokingly refer to it as the DKNY Militia because she always looks great. When ...
by Traci Lords
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Camp Nowhere
"Mud": Dad! Just because I'm smart doesn't mean I can't act stupid. Zach: If Mud's guilty I ...
by Camp Nowhere
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Why They Slept
Benjamin: The Greeks used to offer up anonymous goods and services to the gods in unspecified ...
by Why They Slept
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Eleven Minutes
Jay McCarroll: I would say to [my publicist] Jay McCarroll: , "Nancy, you realize my collection is ...
by Eleven Minutes
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Killer Movie
Blanca Champion: Okay, to the superstar hockey player. Vance Carhartt: Well, to the super-hot actress/model. Blanca Champion: Okay, ...
by Killer Movie
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Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day
Phil: I'm sorry it's Phil Goldman. How do you do? Guinevere Pettigrew: We've met before actually. You ...
by Miss Pettigrew Lives For A Day
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Jonestown: The Life and Death of Peoples Temple
Deborah Layton: [on Jim Jones's brainwashing of his followers at Jonestown] Every night at some point, ...
by Jonestown: The Life And Death Of Peoples Temple
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I Could Never Be Your Woman
Marty: You're gonna want to cut those apron strings. Otherwise you're never going to be a ...
by I Could Never Be Your Woman
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Across the Universe
JoJo: I remember this one guy, he ate a ton of beets the night before the ...
by Across The Universe
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Lisa Guerrero
You mean the fact that Tom Arnold would spend more time with the hair and ...
by Lisa Guerrero
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John Sandford
The problem was, Lucas was going through a whole series of relationships with women because ...
by John Sandford
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Joanne Whalley
I don`t remember sitting down and saying, `This is why I want to be--an actress.` ...
by Joanne Whalley
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Jim Rose
We want the colleges to be able to demonstrate that yes, indeed, they do have ...
by Jim Rose
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Jim Henry
To manage, rather than be managed by the market, health plan executives need to be ...
by Jim Henry
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Don Smith
We were awarded the new contract based on our track record, experience in the public ...
by Don Smith
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Dakota Fanning
[Talking about Hounddog]: It was a script that I loved and it`s, you know, ultimately ...
by Dakota Fanning
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Bob Ballard
This discovery provides historians with the first look at an actual wreck from a key ...
by Bob Ballard
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Barbara Ward
You have to incorporate these things into practice. It takes a lot of courage to ...
by Barbara Ward
0 votes   233 views  
Bethany Joy Lenz
On her character Haley: The interesting thing about Haley is that she feels really awful, ...
by Bethany Joy Lenz
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Antonio Guterres
This is all about being proactive.
by Antonio Guterres
0 votes   233 views  
Adam Clymer
He who lets the world, or his own portion of it, choose his plan of ...
by Adam Clymer
-1 votes   233 views  
Stage Beauty
Ned Kynaston: I want to act. King Charles II: Then act. Ned Kynaston: I want to act as ...
by Stage Beauty
0 votes   233 views  
The Core
[space shuttle Endeavor is way off course] Maj. Rebecca Childs: I show possible touchdown at 335 ...
by The Core
0 votes   233 views  
Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines
Terminator: We must reaquire Katherine Brewster. John Connor: Why? What makes her so goddamn important? Terminator: Through her, ...
by Terminator 3: Rise Of The Machines
0 votes   233 views  
Too Tired to Die
Kenji: Mr. Sage, if you want, you can fuck me. Why not? Let's all get fucked! ...
by Too Tired To Die
0 votes   233 views  
Immortal Beloved
Ludwig van Beethoven: [Miss Guiccardi's first piano lesson. She is playing, poorly, a little minuet. She ...
by Immortal Beloved
0 votes   233 views  
The Cutting Edge
Doug: [Doug chases Kate into the hotel elevator] Kate! Kate, will you wait a minute? Kate! ...
by The Cutting Edge
0 votes   233 views  
Welcome to Reality
Adyashanti: We reserve our greatest acts of stupidity after we've glimpsed the truth. They don't tell ...
by Welcome To Reality
0 votes   233 views  
Matt Leblanc
You basically have a group of four spies who are chosen for a mission they ...
by Matt Leblanc
0 votes   232 views  
Marcus Cole
Wouldn`t it be much worse if life were fair and all the terrible things that ...
by Marcus Cole
0 votes   232 views  
Jimmy Iovine
The people at Apple fully understand the interaction between musicians and their audience.
by Jimmy Iovine
0 votes   232 views  
Jacob Smith
Acting is the best gift in life. You just have to work at it to ...
by Jacob Smith
0 votes   232 views  
Franka Potente
I think when I`m in love, I really am very good with calling, little faxes, ...
by Franka Potente
0 votes   232 views  
Cathy Freeman
With Alexander`s cancer, I was definitely brought to my knees for the first time because ...
by Cathy Freeman
-1 votes   232 views  
Campbell Scott
I hate to tell you this, but there`s an entire subset of people out there ...
by Campbell Scott
0 votes   232 views  
Brooks Robinson
If your`re not practicing, somebody else is, somewhere, and he`ll be ready to take your ...
by Brooks Robinson
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Alyson Michalka
[on her picture in Teen People, June/July issue] My character on the show [Phil of ...
by Alyson Michalka
0 votes   232 views  
Alan Watts
We could say that meditation doesn`t have a reason or doesn`t have a purpose. In ...
by Alan Watts
0 votes   232 views  
Adam Lamberg
On his similarities to his Lizzie McGuire (2001) character David Gordo Gordon: I like to ...
by Adam Lamberg
0 votes   232 views  
V for Vendetta
V: [V interrupts the three policemen about to rape Evey, whips out a dagger, and quoting ...
by V For Vendetta
0 votes   232 views  
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