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James Cagney
All I try to do is to realise the man I`m playing fully, then put ...
by James Cagney
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George Scott
When you see it after the fact that they actually had a machine-gun, and knowing ...
by George Scott
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Gavin Newsom
We can build new housing while preserving the quality and character of adjacent residential districts ...
by Gavin Newsom
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Erik Palladino
They were 12- to 13-hour days. But the camaraderie on this set was unlike any ...
by Erik Palladino
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Donatella Versace
You can`t pretend that everybody likes Versace. It would be boring. It`s better to create ...
by Donatella Versace
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Deidre Hall
The fact is that daytime television is less valued than nighttime, and it`s partly because ...
by Deidre Hall
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Dean Cain
When they write about real stuff like my custody battle, that`s no fun. Some things ...
by Dean Cain
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David Black
What happened is it told me those prints were put on that vehicle before it ...
by David Black
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Chase Masterson
Trek has always been noted for having hot women on the show, so the guys ...
by Chase Masterson
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Charles Schumer
You can set up whatever negotiations or structure you want, but until the Palestinians are ...
by Charles Schumer
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Bud Cort
I had no choice. I *had* to act. I could memorize anything plus I only ...
by Bud Cort
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Brian Moore
There comes a point in many people`s lives when they can no longer play the ...
by Brian Moore
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Bob Ballard
This discovery provides historians with the first look at an actual wreck from a key ...
by Bob Ballard
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Barbara Gonzalez
We`ve been playing well, and this was another good game for us. We had a ...
by Barbara Gonzalez
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Arrington Jones
Ultimately the final contract remained within the requirements of our No. 1 negotiating principle, which ...
by Arrington Jones
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Antonio Guterres
This is all about being proactive.
by Antonio Guterres
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Aime Cesaire
The fact that a player is very short of time is, to my mind, as ...
by Aime Cesaire
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The Kingdom
Adam Leavitt: What are four people supposed to do over there in five days, anyways? Grant ...
by The Kingdom
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Hellboy II: The Golden Army
Prince Nuada: [after practicing, to Wink] How long have you been there, my friend? [pointing to ...
by Hellboy II: The Golden Army
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Transporter 2
Tarconi: Let me guess: you need my help again. Frank Martin: You still near the computer? Tarconi: It's ...
by Transporter 2
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Stage Beauty
Maria: Mr. Pepys- who do you write all those little notes for? Samuel Pepys: For myself, alone. ...
by Stage Beauty
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Austin Powers in Goldmember
Dr. Evil: Our early attempts at a tractor beam went through several preparations. Preparations A through ...
by Austin Powers In Goldmember
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Eventual Wife
Dave: I'm just not sexually attracted to men and apparently that's a really important part of ...
by Eventual Wife
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Shallow Hal
Mauricio: Uh Hal, it's 10:00, we gotta go. Hal: [laughing] What are you talking about? Mauricio: We gotta ...
by Shallow Hal
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Stanley: War? Who are we at war with? Gabriel: Anyone who impinges on America's freedom. Terrorist states, ...
by Swordfish
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Shakespeare in... and Out
Harold Asailian, Jr.: Lucy said this might be your last film for awhile. How come? Misty ...
by Shakespeare In... And Out
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The Fighting Temptations
Darrin Hill: Booty is in the eye of the beholder Lucius: No, booty gonna be in my ...
by The Fighting Temptations
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Your Studio and You
Narrator: [as camera pans to office block] Now what else will make our studio Artist Friendly? ...
by Your Studio And You
0 votes   122 views  
The Insider
Lowell Bergman: I never left a source hang out to dry, ever! Abandoned! Not 'till right ...
by The Insider
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Mystery Men
The Shoveller: If we had a billionaire like Lance Hunt as our benefactor... Mr. Furious: That's because ...
by Mystery Men
0 votes   122 views  
The Parent Trap
Marva Kulp, Sr.: Excuse me, girls. I just got to have a scoop of these gorgeous ...
by The Parent Trap
1 votes   122 views  
The Ice Storm
[Explaining the facts of life to his son] Ben Hood: On the self-abuse front - and ...
by The Ice Storm
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Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery
Number Two: Over the last thirty years, Virtucon has grown by leaps and bounds. About fifteen ...
by Austin Powers: International Man Of Mystery
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Harry Wormwood: [to Matilda, after deliberately destroying her book] I'm fed up with all this reading! ...
by Matilda
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Glory Daze
Dennis: Despite your obvious racial handicap, you are an American citizen now, OK, so act like ...
by Glory Daze
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Heidi Fleiss
'These are the richest people on earth that I'm dealing with'
by Heidi Fleiss
0 votes   122 views  
Poison Ivy II
Lily Leonetti: [to Gredin] I'm really sorry about the way I've been acting lately. It's just ...
by Poison Ivy II
0 votes   122 views  
Reality Bites
Vickie Miner: You don't understand. Every day, all day, it's all that I think about, OK? ...
by Reality Bites
0 votes   122 views  
The Donor Conspiracy
Curt: You want a heart? Gavin: But we don't know how to extract a heart! Hector: Google it!
by The Donor Conspiracy
0 votes   122 views  
Killer Movie
Blanca Champion: Okay, to the superstar hockey player. Vance Carhartt: Well, to the super-hot actress/model. Blanca Champion: Okay, ...
by Killer Movie
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