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Keeping the Faith
Father Brian Kilkenney Finn: The truth is, I don't really learn that much about your faith ...
by Keeping The Faith
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Jack Crow: What the fuck do you want, Valek? Valek: Oh, you hate me so, don't ya? ...
by Vampires
0 votes   138 views  
The Ice Storm
[Explaining the facts of life to his son] Ben Hood: On the self-abuse front - and ...
by The Ice Storm
0 votes   138 views  
Good Burger
Connie Muldoon: [as she gives her long order, her speed of talking increases] Hello. My name ...
by Good Burger
0 votes   138 views  
Blues Brothers 2000
Robertson: Now y'all might think we're just a group of sad, sorry, sumbitches out here in ...
by Blues Brothers 2000
0 votes   138 views  
Sling Blade
Charles Bushman: Karl, who'd you kill? Was it the boy? Karl: Don't you say another word about ...
by Sling Blade
0 votes   138 views  
The Usual Suspects
cop: Todd Hockney? Hockney: Who wants to know? cop: New York Police Department. [Hockney drops his screwdriver, sighs ...
by The Usual Suspects
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[first lines] Opening Title Card: In 1660 Charles II was restored to the English Throne ending ...
by Restoration
0 votes   138 views  
Clear and Present Danger
[Cortez realizes his betrayal has been exposed] Felix Cortez: [referring to Jack Ryan] Whatever this man ...
by Clear And Present Danger
0 votes   138 views  
Reservoir Dogs
Mr. Pink: Mr. Blonde! What happened to you? We figured you were dead. Hey! You okay? ...
by Reservoir Dogs
0 votes   138 views  
The Last Boy Scout
[On pulling up to Joe Hallenbeck's home] Jimmy Dix: Wow, an actual house. I was expecting ...
by The Last Boy Scout
0 votes   138 views  
Dr. Sayer: [in job interview] It was an immense project. I was to extract 1 decagram ...
by Awakenings
0 votes   138 views  
Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day
Joe Blumfield: I've distracted myself with ridiculous things; youth, parties, lingerie. I mean, I trained in ...
by Miss Pettigrew Lives For A Day
0 votes   138 views  
Pier Angeli
[about her relationship with actor James Dean] He wanted me to love him unconditionally, but ...
by Pier Angeli
0 votes   137 views  
Paul Scofield
What these books have conclusively proven is that the diffence between men and women is ...
by Paul Scofield
0 votes   137 views  
Miguel De Cervantes
The most difficult character in comedy is that of a fool, and he must be ...
by Miguel De Cervantes
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Mark Johnson
Well, [Bauer] is what we like to call in the coaching ranks the whole package. ...
by Mark Johnson
0 votes   137 views  
John Bell
When Mikey and I first met it was all based on the fact that we ...
by John Bell
0 votes   137 views  
Jessica Tandy
Anything in your life that can parallel something in the life of a character that ...
by Jessica Tandy
0 votes   137 views  
Jonathan Rhys Meyers
... I wouldn`t date an actress. There`s only room for one actor in my life ...
by Jonathan Rhys Meyers
0 votes   137 views  
James Cagney
All I try to do is to realise the man I`m playing fully, then put ...
by James Cagney
0 votes   137 views  
Erik Palladino
They were 12- to 13-hour days. But the camaraderie on this set was unlike any ...
by Erik Palladino
0 votes   137 views  
Deidre Hall
The fact is that daytime television is less valued than nighttime, and it`s partly because ...
by Deidre Hall
-1 votes   137 views  
Dean Cain
When they write about real stuff like my custody battle, that`s no fun. Some things ...
by Dean Cain
0 votes   137 views  
David Black
What happened is it told me those prints were put on that vehicle before it ...
by David Black
0 votes   137 views  
Chris Young
The ultimate model that will emerge is going to be one that is a layered ...
by Chris Young
0 votes   137 views  
Arrington Jones
Ultimately the final contract remained within the requirements of our No. 1 negotiating principle, which ...
by Arrington Jones
0 votes   137 views  
Aime Cesaire
The fact that a player is very short of time is, to my mind, as ...
by Aime Cesaire
0 votes   137 views  
V for Vendetta
V: [V interrupts the three policemen about to rape Evey, whips out a dagger, and quoting ...
by V For Vendetta
0 votes   137 views  
Are We Done Yet?
Suzanne Persons: [to Nick] I think you should just call a contractor.
by Are We Done Yet?
0 votes   137 views  
Transporter 2
Tarconi: Let me guess: you need my help again. Frank Martin: You still near the computer? Tarconi: It's ...
by Transporter 2
0 votes   137 views  
Anton Ego: [Wipes his finger around his plate then licks it, talks to Linguini] I can't ...
by Ratatouille
0 votes   137 views  
The Whole Ten Yards
Lazlo: You killed my Strabo. Jimmy Tudeski: Actually, Strabo was already dead. He got shot when your ...
by The Whole Ten Yards
0 votes   137 views  
[Simon, play-acting as Chance in wearing a dress and makeup greets Chance's mother, Desiree at ...
by Chance
0 votes   137 views  
Shallow Hal
Mauricio: Uh Hal, it's 10:00, we gotta go. Hal: [laughing] What are you talking about? Mauricio: We gotta ...
by Shallow Hal
0 votes   137 views  
Love and a Bullet
Damien Wiles: [explaining that he is a benefactor to Black people, because he employs them as ...
by Love And A Bullet
0 votes   137 views  
Erin Brockovich
George: [parrying Erin's rejection of free babysitting] Are you always this hard on people who try ...
by Erin Brockovich
0 votes   137 views  
Your Studio and You
Narrator: [as camera pans to office block] Now what else will make our studio Artist Friendly? ...
by Your Studio And You
0 votes   137 views  
Grosse Pointe Blank
[after Marty tells Debi he kills people for a living] Debi: You don't get it! You ...
by Grosse Pointe Blank
0 votes   137 views  
Glory Daze
Dennis: Despite your obvious racial handicap, you are an American citizen now, OK, so act like ...
by Glory Daze
0 votes   137 views  
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