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Mighty Aphrodite
Linda Ash: But seriously, you wanna know why I liked you right from the start? Lenny ...
by Mighty Aphrodite
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Miami Rhapsody
Derek: [explaining why he is breaking up with her] Look, it's my fault. I just can't ...
by Miami Rhapsody
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Victoria Zdrok
'The average men should be able to satisfy any woman'
by Victoria Zdrok
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Terminator Woman
Jay Handlin: [Hears water splashing, peers into the bathroom, and sees an unknown woman sipping champagne ...
by Terminator Woman
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Demolition Man
[after futuristic, contact-free "sex"] John Spartan: Look, Huxley, why don't we just do it the old-fashioned ...
by Demolition Man
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Army of Darkness
[Directors cut ending: Ash emerges from a cave where he's been asleep for 700 years. ...
by Army Of Darkness
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The Cutting Edge
[Doug is carrying Kate's flowers and walking her back to her room. The long program ...
by The Cutting Edge
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The Bodyguard
Rachel: What's going on, Frank? Frank: I want to keep it straight in my head what job ...
by The Bodyguard
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Hot Rod
Rod Kimble: So, Denise, tell me about Jonathan. What's that dude all about? Denise: Well, we've been ...
by Hot Rod
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Chev Chelios: [aims his finger like a gun at Carlito's head] Not so fast, motherfucker. Verona: [laughs] ...
by Crank
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The American Ruling Class
Himself - Fmr. State Dept. Spokesman: There is something fatally attractive about joining the ruling class, ...
by The American Ruling Class
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Paul Levesque
I will bury anyone who ever tries to take my spot at the top of ...
by Paul Levesque
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Paul Gleason
I went into acting because I had nothing more sensible to do. However, once I ...
by Paul Gleason
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Lionel Jospin
We must lead in a different way... We must have an active president, who gives ...
by Lionel Jospin
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Lara Flynn Boyle
Look, I love being famous. I`m not one of those people who feels like, Why ...
by Lara Flynn Boyle
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Jacob Smith
Acting is the best gift in life. You just have to work at it to ...
by Jacob Smith
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Jane Austen
I have been a selfish being all my life, in practice, though not in principle.
by Jane Austen
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David Ellis
You have to understand the tone of the movie, because if it`s supposed to be ...
by David Ellis
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Bob Ezrin
When I wake up every morning and realize that I get to go out and ...
by Bob Ezrin
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Barbara Gonzalez
We`ve been playing well, and this was another good game for us. We had a ...
by Barbara Gonzalez
0 votes   140 views  
Benicio Del Toro
I used to play basketball and I was pretty competitive, but I was never a ...
by Benicio Del Toro
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Anzia Yezierska
Those really are not legitimate complaints. When our floodwall is in place and securing the ...
by Anzia Yezierska
0 votes   140 views  
The Kingdom
Adam Leavitt: What are four people supposed to do over there in five days, anyways? Grant ...
by The Kingdom
0 votes   140 views  
Thank You for Smoking
Nick Naylor: My point is that you have to think for yourself. If your parents told ...
by Thank You For Smoking
0 votes   140 views  
Marie Antoinette
Princesse de Lamballe: I would have told him exactly what to do with it. Duchesse de ...
by Marie Antoinette
0 votes   140 views  
Dreamer: Inspired by a True Story
Ben Crane: You don't care about anybody, do you? Horses or people. Palmer: Well, in fact, I ...
by Dreamer: Inspired By A True Story
0 votes   140 views  
The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra
Dr. Paul Armstrong: Seriously, Betty, you know what this meteor could mean to science. If we ...
by The Lost Skeleton Of Cadavra
0 votes   140 views  
The Master of Disguise
Grandfather Disguisey: [walks outside after hearing crash] Ahh you're too young for the job. Go home ...
by The Master Of Disguise
0 votes   140 views  
Once Upon a Time in Mexico
Agent Sands: El, you really must try this because it's puerco pibil. It's a slow-roasted pork, ...
by Once Upon A Time In Mexico
0 votes   140 views  
Joe Somebody
Callie: We had a great weekend. Did she tell you about the play? Joe: Yeah. The actors ...
by Joe Somebody
0 votes   140 views  
Orientation: A Scientology Information Film
Anne Archer: [identified only as "Actress"] Scientology did make me feel freer to express myself. But ...
by Orientation: A Scientology Information Film
0 votes   140 views  
Stanley: War? Who are we at war with? Gabriel: Anyone who impinges on America's freedom. Terrorist states, ...
by Swordfish
0 votes   140 views  
J.P. Prewitt: The truth is male models have been assassinating world leaders for over 200 years. ...
by Zoolander
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Coulmier: There are certain things... feelings... we must not voice. Madeleine: Why? Coulmier: They incite us to act ...
by Quills
0 votes   140 views  
Bad Boys II
Mike Lowery: It ain't exactly a pool, man. It's like a big-ass puddle wrapped in blue ...
by Bad Boys II
0 votes   140 views  
Tina: Which one are we on? Erica: "The Slaughterhouse Factor Part Three: Death Strikes Thrice." Tom: We're only ...
by Kolobos
0 votes   140 views  
Ray Joshua: You servin' time outside of the penitentiary, doin' exactly what they want you to ...
by Slam
0 votes   140 views  
The Opposite of Sex
Dedee: [as Dedee is walking away from Bill's, looking for a ride and stopping under a ...
by The Opposite Of Sex
0 votes   140 views  
Being John Malkovich
First J.M. Inc. Customer: Now when you say that I can be somebody else, whaddya mean ...
by Being John Malkovich
0 votes   140 views  
General Mandible: You're an ant after my own heart, an ant who looks death in the ...
by Antz
0 votes   140 views  
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