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Minority Report
John Anderton: Why don't you cut the cute act, Danny boy, and tell me what it ...
by Minority Report
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Coulmier: It's not even a proper novel. It's nothing but an encyclopedia of perversions. Frankly, it ...
by Quills
0 votes   440 views  
Keeping the Faith
Anna Riley: I've seen the way women look at you, even though they know you're a ...
by Keeping The Faith
0 votes   440 views  
Keeping the Faith
Father Brian Kilkenney Finn: The truth is, I don't really learn that much about your faith ...
by Keeping The Faith
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Lost in Space
[Major West arms the Proteus' reactor to explode, to kill the Space Spiders] John Robinson: What ...
by Lost In Space
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I Know What You Did Last Summer
Helen: Well Bob, at summer's end I plan on moving to New York where I'll pursue ...
by I Know What You Did Last Summer
0 votes   440 views  
George of the Jungle
Ursula Stanhope: And you can watch TV, and eat, and relax, and I'll be back as ...
by George Of The Jungle
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Heidi Fleiss
'I think it's unfair that men put laws on a woman's body. I think a ...
by Heidi Fleiss
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My Cousin Vinny
Bill: You have to see the Gambinis in action. I mean, these people, they love to ...
by My Cousin Vinny
0 votes   440 views  
A League of Their Own
Jimmy Dugan: All right, everyone, let's listen up now, listen up. Hey! I don't know what ...
by A League Of Their Own
0 votes   440 views  
Not Without My Daughter
Houssein: [to Betty] Gardens have always had a special place in Persia throughout our history. In ...
by Not Without My Daughter
-1 votes   440 views  
Doyle: I could have frozen to death, you asshole! Dutch: I don't think you would have frozen. ...
by Dutch
0 votes   440 views  
Paul Levesque
I will bury anyone who ever tries to take my spot at the top of ...
by Paul Levesque
0 votes   439 views  
Patrick Stewart
Bill has one style. We have completely contrasting personalities. We`re very good friends. I adore ...
by Patrick Stewart
0 votes   439 views  
Liz Phair
You`re really creative when you`re in an environment that you don`t know how to handle. ...
by Liz Phair
0 votes   439 views  
Jane Austen
I have been a selfish being all my life, in practice, though not in principle.
by Jane Austen
0 votes   439 views  
Elle Fanning
On acting: What`s the best part of a movie? I love to know what my ...
by Elle Fanning
0 votes   439 views  
Dylan Sprouse
[about having a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame] It`s something every actor wants ...
by Dylan Sprouse
0 votes   439 views  
Benjamin Harrison
When and under what conditions is the black man to have a free ballot? When ...
by Benjamin Harrison
0 votes   439 views  
Anne Sweeney
When I first got here, [a new contract] wasn`t the main issue †the main ...
by Anne Sweeney
-1 votes   439 views  
Ava Gardner
Maybe I just didn`t have the temperament for stardom. I`ll never forget seeing Bette Davis ...
by Ava Gardner
0 votes   439 views  
Hellboy II: The Golden Army
Johann Krauss: You say I'm not human, but on the contrary, I understand your pain all ...
by Hellboy II: The Golden Army
0 votes   439 views  
Anything Else
David Dobel: You think quantum physics has the answer? I mean, you know, what purpose does ...
by Anything Else
0 votes   439 views  
Ray Joshua: You servin' time outside of the penitentiary, doin' exactly what they want you to ...
by Slam
0 votes   439 views  
Very Bad Things
Mike: Dad used to bring home these sparklers for me and Adam, you know? (laughs) Sparklers! ...
by Very Bad Things
0 votes   439 views  
The Incredibly True Adventure of Two Girls in Love
Evelyn Roy: Evie, do you have something you want to tell me? Evie: What? No. Evelyn Roy: Honey, ...
by The Incredibly True Adventure Of Two Girls In Love
0 votes   439 views  
The Muppet Christmas Carol
Fozziwig: Belle, you know, I love these annual Christmas parties. I love 'em so much, I ...
by The Muppet Christmas Carol
0 votes   439 views  
Forever Strong
Detention Boy: So its kinda like a mix between Soccer and Football? Rick Penning: Actually its kinda ...
by Forever Strong
1 votes   439 views  
Pier Angeli
[about her relationship with actor James Dean] He wanted me to love him unconditionally, but ...
by Pier Angeli
0 votes   438 views  
Noam Chomsky
As soon as questions of will or decision or reason or choice of action arise, ...
by Noam Chomsky
-1 votes   438 views  
Nicole Eggert
For all the concern about bodies and weight, Baywatch (1989) has three huge catering trucks ...
by Nicole Eggert
0 votes   438 views  
Laura Harring
It is important to know the difference between the hard work of acting and play-acting ...
by Laura Harring
0 votes   438 views  
Khleo Thomas
(about his Character Fly in Going to the Mat) There are definitely some similarities but ...
by Khleo Thomas
-2 votes   438 views  
Demetri Martin
I bought a cactus. A week later it died. And I got depressed, because I ...
by Demetri Martin
0 votes   438 views  
David Murdock
This Core Lab building will be the catalyst for attracting new biotech jobs to the ...
by David Murdock
0 votes   438 views  
Diane Lane
[about on-line dating] Look, it`s so interesting, because being a mom of a daughter - ...
by Diane Lane
0 votes   438 views  
Cynthia Daniel
I decided to pursue photography because I love it so much more than acting. I ...
by Cynthia Daniel
0 votes   438 views  
Chiaki Kuriyama
I loved playing Go Go, because the character`s so extreme. And she`s pretty close to ...
by Chiaki Kuriyama
0 votes   438 views  
Bud Cort
I had no choice. I *had* to act. I could memorize anything plus I only ...
by Bud Cort
0 votes   438 views  
Bernard Shaw
You can almost reach out and touch Ed Turner`s impact on CNN. His standards were ...
by Bernard Shaw
0 votes   438 views  
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