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The Nanny Diaries
Annie Braddock: You want to know about the dads? I'll tell you about the dads. They're ...
by The Nanny Diaries
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The Brave One
Sketch Artist: It's actually quite common- the mind becomes so saturated with popular images that it ...
by The Brave One
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Good Time Max
Max: ...Even the most seemingly random events, have logic behind them. As far as my life ...
by Good Time Max
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Michael Rennie
I suppose women find me attractive because I am polite, charming, courteous...a gentleman. My romantic ...
by Michael Rennie
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Luc Besson
People often say I`m a child at heart. In fact, I think I just have ...
by Luc Besson
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Diablo Cody
[On screenplay-writing for actresses] The attitude toward women in this industry is nauseating. There are ...
by Diablo Cody
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Claudia Schiffer
I know one day I`ll be considered too old. I think 40-year-old women actually look ...
by Claudia Schiffer
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Inside Deep Throat
Harry Reems: I lost my home, I lost my friends... I was actually reduced to panhandling ...
by Inside Deep Throat
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Linguini: Listen, I just want you to know how honored I am to be studying under ...
by Ratatouille
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Stage Beauty
Maria: What do you know of love, sir? Or loyalty? Or adoration suffered in deepest silence? ...
by Stage Beauty
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Going Greek
[Thompson calls, once again] Jake: [picks up phone, angrily] Listen to me… Paige Forrester: [takes phone from ...
by Going Greek
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The Princess Diaries
student: [PA announcement] Remember, virtual homework may not be submitted for actual credit.
by The Princess Diaries
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American Outlaws
Jesse James: Distracting enough for ya'? Frank: Aw, they hardly even noticed you. Jesse James: So you're saying ...
by American Outlaws
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Barbara Mori
I was interested in doing this character because she's totally different and when it's totally ...
by Barbara Mori
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A Flintstones Christmas Carol
Barney Rubble, Dino: There's more to life than just acting you know. Fred Flintstone: Not to an ...
by A Flintstones Christmas Carol
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Abby: You know, I had a baby in the car. [Buddy looks around the front seat ...
by Bounce
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Nurse Betty
[as Dave/George is leaving after talking with Charlie] Wesley: Actually, there is one more thing. I ...
by Nurse Betty
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The World Is Not Enough
[Zukovzky fixes the "Zukovsky's Finest" logo on his office door] Zukovsky: There's nothing in this place ...
by The World Is Not Enough
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As Good as It Gets
Melvin Udall: Just what the world needs, another actress.
by As Good As It Gets
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Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Movie
[alien spaceship catches plane in tractor beam] Mike Nelson: I'm beginning to think they're not from ...
by Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Movie
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Heidi Fleiss
'I don't recommend prostitution as a career, but if someone wants to do it, let ...
by Heidi Fleiss
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Heidi Fleiss
'I think it's unfair that men put laws on a woman's body. I think a ...
by Heidi Fleiss
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A League of Their Own
Jimmy Dugan: All right, everyone, let's listen up now, listen up. Hey! I don't know what ...
by A League Of Their Own
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In Bruges
Ken: Harry, let's face it. And I'm not being funny. I mean no disrespect, but you're ...
by In Bruges
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Edward Vanderman Jr.: Try to remember - I'm your son. Mr. Vanderman: That's exactly what I'm trying ...
by Penelope
0 votes   254 views  
The American Ruling Class
Himself - Fmr. State Dept. Spokesman: There is something fatally attractive about joining the ruling class, ...
by The American Ruling Class
1 votes   254 views  
Phil Robinson
We didn`t know where he was. We thought he probably was in the house. We`re ...
by Phil Robinson
0 votes   253 views  
Marky Ramone
The guy who started the museum in Berlin is a huge RAMONES fan, ... His ...
by Marky Ramone
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Demetri Martin
I bought a cactus. A week later it died. And I got depressed, because I ...
by Demetri Martin
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David Icke
The reason most people don`t express their individuality and actually deny it, is not fear ...
by David Icke
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Diane Sawyer
We did exactly what everybody in the country did, watching it. You entered this state ...
by Diane Sawyer
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Jencarlos Canela
I am very excited but because this character, I learned to be calm.
by Jencarlos Canela
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Million Dollar Baby
Maggie Fitzgerald: I'm 32, Mr. Dunn, and I'm here celebrating the fact that I spent another ...
by Million Dollar Baby
0 votes   253 views  
Brother Bear
Tanana: Let love guide your actions, and one day, you'll be a man, and will place ...
by Brother Bear
0 votes   253 views  
Keeping the Faith
Anna Riley: I've seen the way women look at you, even though they know you're a ...
by Keeping The Faith
0 votes   253 views  
Lost in Space
[Major West arms the Proteus' reactor to explode, to kill the Space Spiders] John Robinson: What ...
by Lost In Space
0 votes   253 views  
Overnight Delivery
Ivy: Try this! Kim you snotty little pig I was delighted to learn of your infidelity. ...
by Overnight Delivery
0 votes   253 views  
While You Were Sleeping
Lucy: I'm having an affair. I like Jack. Jerry: Who's Jack? Lucy: Peter's brother. Jerry: So? Lucy: So he thinks ...
by While You Were Sleeping
0 votes   253 views  
Nothing Is Private
Rifat Maroun: Just so you know, we've decide not to exchange gifts this year. We are ...
by Nothing Is Private
0 votes   253 views  
There Will Be Blood
Plainview: Now, Mr. Bankside, I'm not going to waste your time, and I'd certainly appreciate it ...
by There Will Be Blood
0 votes   253 views  
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