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Heather Miller
To me, the school has grown so much in the last four years. Our playground ...
by Heather Miller
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Hans Zimmer
I`d never written for talking fuzzy animals before. I knew how to write to human ...
by Hans Zimmer
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Gay Talese
With all of the qualities of the scene-setting, the dialogue, the place and time and ...
by Gay Talese
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Dominic West
I don`t know why British actors are getting big parts in American TV shows. Maybe ...
by Dominic West
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Claudia Schiffer
I know one day I`ll be considered too old. I think 40-year-old women actually look ...
by Claudia Schiffer
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The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning
Chrissie: [Charlie, or "Hoyt" finishes saying grace] I have a question for you. It involves the ...
by The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning
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Bumblebee: [through his radio] ..."greater than man..." [activates a pulse that shatters glass around him]
by Transformers
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Wardell Pomeroy: How old were you when you first engaged in sexual activity with a partner? ...
by Kinsey
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Inglourious Basterds
Lt. Aldo Raine: [trying to speaking Italian in an attempt to fool Landa to keep up ...
by Inglourious Basterds
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Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy
Brick Tamland: [opposing women in the newsroom] I read somewhere their periods attract bears. Bears can ...
by Anchorman: The Legend Of Ron Burgundy
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Porn Star: The Legend of Ron Jeremy
Al Lewis: That is the worst act in show business! He has no material, he has ...
by Porn Star: The Legend Of Ron Jeremy
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Ghost Rider
Barton Blaze: You're a hotshot, ain't you, boy? Young, think you know everything there is to ...
by Ghost Rider
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Sweet November
[Waitress spills ice all over the table] Waitress: Oh, my, I'm so sorry. Excuse me. Thanks, ...
by Sweet November
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Pearl Harbor
Admiral Kimmel: The smart enemy attacks you exactly where you think you are safe.
by Pearl Harbor
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Azrael: Now if I remember my protocol correctly, the powers will attempt to contact the Last ...
by Dogma
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Men in Black
Kay: Searching for a handle on the moment? I can't help you. The only comfort I ...
by Men In Black
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While You Were Sleeping
Lucy: I'm having an affair. I like Jack. Jerry: Who's Jack? Lucy: Peter's brother. Jerry: So? Lucy: So he thinks ...
by While You Were Sleeping
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Victoria Zdrok
'I discovered it wasn't something I really wanted to do later on. So I backed ...
by Victoria Zdrok
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The Nightmare Before Christmas
Jack Skellington: [singing] You know, I think this Christmas thing is not as tricky as it ...
by The Nightmare Before Christmas
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Cape Fear
Max Cady: Are you my friend? Are you my friend? Claude Kersek: No I'm not your friend. ...
by Cape Fear
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Killer Movie
Blanca Champion: Get your hands off me, chunk! Erin Gorman: I weight 110 pounds. That's not fat. ...
by Killer Movie
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[after the closing credits] Bill Maher: See you in heaven? Julie Maher: [shrugs] Who knows? Bill Maher: [laughs] ...
by Religulous
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Forgetting Sarah Marshall
Aldous Snow: Come on tour with me. I'll serenade you every night in front of thousands ...
by Forgetting Sarah Marshall
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Mamma Mia!
Harry Bright: Bugger. Sam Carmichael: My sentiments exactly.
by Mamma Mia!
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Good Time Max
Max: ...Even the most seemingly random events, have logic behind them. As far as my life ...
by Good Time Max
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Lady in the Water
Harry Farber: Hello? Is the bathroom on this level working? A dog inside the building! Go! ...
by Lady In The Water
0 votes   446 views  
Phil Robinson
We didn`t know where he was. We thought he probably was in the house. We`re ...
by Phil Robinson
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Mike Simpson
Your political reputation affects how likely allies are to trust you,and what kind of deals ...
by Mike Simpson
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Masi Oka
On why his mother chooses to stay in Japan rather than accompany him to the ...
by Masi Oka
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Kazuo Ishiguro
When I got to 40 or so... I had the sense when I looked back ...
by Kazuo Ishiguro
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George Bancroft
Truth is not exciting enough to those who depend on the characters and lives of ...
by George Bancroft
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Diane Sawyer
We did exactly what everybody in the country did, watching it. You entered this state ...
by Diane Sawyer
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Brad Pitt
[Time magazine, 10/13/97] You shouldn`t speak until you know what you`re talking about. That`s why ...
by Brad Pitt
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Abraham Lincoln
Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man`s character, ...
by Abraham Lincoln
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Being Julia
Julia Lambert: Real actresses don't make films. Tom Fennel: Beautiful actresses do.
by Being Julia
0 votes   445 views  
The Great Raid
[last lines] Captain Prince: Never in our history have such a large group of men endured ...
by The Great Raid
0 votes   445 views  
Men in Black II
[after Jay shows Kevin/Kay that every other employee in the post office is an alien] ...
by Men In Black II
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Victoria Zdrok
'I'm a bookworm that really turned to the adult industry to advance my education'
by Victoria Zdrok
0 votes   445 views  
True Lies
Simon: [hitting on a woman at the party] Here, let me pour you some more champaigne. ...
by True Lies
0 votes   445 views  
The Shawshank Redemption
Red: [narrating] But then, in the spring of 1949, the powers that be decided that... Warden ...
by The Shawshank Redemption
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