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Heath Ledger
I`m the worst auditioner, really, really bad. I mean, you`re being judged and I`m just ...
by Heath Ledger
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The Ice Harvest
Pete Van Heuten: [standing outside his home where his wife's family is waiting to have Christmas ...
by The Ice Harvest
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Scary Movie 4
Cindy Campbell: [to Tom] I was married once... Cindy's Husband: [Flashback] Get out the way, bitch! Cindy ...
by Scary Movie 4
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Ella Enchanted
Fan Club Girl: Prince Charmont actually stepped on these tiles! [a bunch of girls get down ...
by Ella Enchanted
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Looney Tunes: Back in Action
[on Lillard's portrayal of Shaggy] Shaggy: What kind of performance do you call that? You made ...
by Looney Tunes: Back In Action
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Free Enterprise
Robert: I don't believe it. It's Bill. Mark: Okay, just be cool, don't stare, you'll go blind. ...
by Free Enterprise
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Down Periscope
Lt. Comd. Dodge: All right, ladies and gentlemen. We have fulfilled every requirement of this mission ...
by Down Periscope
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Street Fighter
Bison: What's the matter? You come to fight a madman, and instead find a god? Do ...
by Street Fighter
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The Man Without a Face
[first line, voiceover] Chuck Norstadt: It was a good dream, my best one. Everything was perfect. ...
by The Man Without A Face
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In the Electric Mist
Dave Robicheaux: You don't want to go back out there. In fact, you don't want to ...
by In The Electric Mist
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Sarah Silverman: Jesus Is Magic
Sarah Silverman: There are only two Asian people that I know that I have any problem ...
by Sarah Silverman: Jesus Is Magic
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Dr. Douglas Grey: [handing a Miranda a glass of water] Throw it on the mirror. This ...
by Gothika
0 votes   262 views  
Grand Theft Parsons
Larry Oster-Berg: So what'cha doing here? Larry Oster-Berg: We're, uh, meeting someone off a flight. Uniform Cop: You're ...
by Grand Theft Parsons
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Bowling for Columbine
George W. Bush: [Archive press conference] Today the Justice Department did issue a 'Blanket Alert'. It ...
by Bowling For Columbine
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Shallow Hal
Hal: See, the problem is I'm kinda picky Tony Robbins: What do you mean, picky? Hal: Well, for ...
by Shallow Hal
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Sweet November
[Waitress spills ice all over the table] Waitress: Oh, my, I'm so sorry. Excuse me. Thanks, ...
by Sweet November
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American Movie
Mark Borchardt: It's pronounced "COE-ven", man. What else could it be pronounced? Actor: "CUH-ven". That's the proper ...
by American Movie
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Star Trek: Insurrection
Data: In the event of a water landing, I have been designed to act as a ...
by Star Trek: Insurrection
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Victoria Zdrok
'I know men are extremely visual creatures- women are becoming more so- but men are ...
by Victoria Zdrok
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With Honors
Simon Wilder: You asked the question, sir, now let me answer it. The beauty of the ...
by With Honors
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Peter Forsberg
We had a great group of guys when I was there, five of us, I ...
by Peter Forsberg
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Nancy Kerrigan
There is no age, height, or weight requirement to skate. It is good exercise no ...
by Nancy Kerrigan
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John F Kennedy Jr
(When asked what he thought about being voted Sexiest Man Alive 1988 by People Magazine) ...
by John F Kennedy Jr
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Jimmy Smits
They`d say, `Explain this again: If you finish this degree, you`ll be able to teach ...
by Jimmy Smits
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Clark Gable
I`m no actor and I never have been. What people see on the screen is ...
by Clark Gable
0 votes   261 views  
Merlin Olsen
Our whole philosophy was to intimidate the quarterback. We were able to do it. We ...
by Merlin Olsen
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Rosamund Pike
The job of an actor is the same in all of them, really. I mean, ...
by Rosamund Pike
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Severin: [to Sofia] Look I know I can help you have an orgasm, and maybe you ...
by Shortbus
0 votes   261 views  
The Great Raid
[last lines] Captain Prince: Never in our history have such a large group of men endured ...
by The Great Raid
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Bandleader: Miss Velma Kelly in an act... of desperation
by Chicago
0 votes   261 views  
Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back
[believing Jay and Silent Bob to be their stunt doubles] Jason Biggs: You're doubling me, obviously. ...
by Jay And Silent Bob Strike Back
0 votes   261 views  
Scream 3
Randy: Told ya I'd make a movie someday, huh? Sidney: Oh my god. Randy: Well, if you're watching ...
by Scream 3
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The Ice Storm
[Explaining the facts of life to his son] Ben Hood: On the self-abuse front - and ...
by The Ice Storm
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Ché: Oh, what a circus, oh, what a show! Argentina has gone to town over the ...
by Evita
0 votes   261 views  
Doc Holliday: What do you want Wyatt? Wyatt Earp: Just to live a normal life. Doc Holliday: There ...
by Tombstone
0 votes   261 views  
Merchant: Ooh, look at this. I have never seen one of these intact before. This is ...
by Aladdin
0 votes   261 views  
Bill Maher: It seems, people, that this is the very spot [Megiddo, Israel] Bill Maher: where a ...
by Religulous
0 votes   261 views  
Punisher: War Zone
Jigsaw: [Jigsaw's recruitment speech] Whoa, gentlemen, gentlemen. Relax. We're lookin' for, uh, a few good men. ...
by Punisher: War Zone
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Nikki Reed
I didn`t know when I finished Thirteen (2003) that I wanted to be an actress. ...
by Nikki Reed
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Kevin Kelly
The only factor becoming scarce in a world of abundance is human attention.
by Kevin Kelly
0 votes   260 views  
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