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Mira Furlan
Babylon 5 is definitely not a fantasy. It is a show that constantly refers to ...
by Mira Furlan
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Jason Patric
He`s so secure in himself that he`s not afraid to reveal anything about himself. As ...
by Jason Patric
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Shelby Lynne
That's what I so admired about Johnny Cash and June Carter. Their music wasn't a ...
by Shelby Lynne
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Miles Raymond: Did you read the latest draft, by the way? Jack: Oh, yeah. Yeah. Miles Raymond: And? ...
by Sideways
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Inglourious Basterds
Fredrick Zoller: [shouting to the camera, acting in Nation's Pride] Who wants to send a message ...
by Inglourious Basterds
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Walk the Line
June Carter: There's too many "if"s in that sentence. Johnny Cash: There's only one actually. [shouting] Johnny ...
by Walk The Line
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Ella Enchanted
[Ella confronts three thugs who have captured Slannen] Ella: Look, I think it's only fair to ...
by Ella Enchanted
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Porn Star: The Legend of Ron Jeremy
Al Lewis: That is the worst act in show business! He has no material, he has ...
by Porn Star: The Legend Of Ron Jeremy
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Ghost World
Melorra: Oh my god, you guys. We actually made it! Enid: [Deadpan] Yeah. We graduated high school. ...
by Ghost World
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Mars Attacks!
Art Land: Even in a time of intergalactic crisis, people still want to roll them bones.
by Mars Attacks!
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Victoria Zdrok
'And I'm a lawyer but I don't really practice law'
by Victoria Zdrok
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The Stoning of Soraya M.
[last lines] Zahra: The world will know! Title Card: When French-Iranian journalist, Freidoune Sahebjam, published The Stoning ...
by The Stoning Of Soraya M.
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The Prestige
[Borden is explaining how he used a double in his act] Alfred Borden: What I didn't ...
by The Prestige
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Paola Rey
I felt like Juliana, the character that I played in 'Woman in the mirror', ugly ...
by Paola Rey
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Dee Wallace
A dancer knows how to move naturally. Dancing allows me to do almost subliminal things ...
by Dee Wallace
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Million Dollar Baby
Maggie Fitzgerald: You don't have to hang around all day. Frankie Dunn: I like it here. I ...
by Million Dollar Baby
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A Little Night Music
Desiree Armfeldt: [Frederik has just finished telling Desiree about his wife, who is still a virgin ...
by A Little Night Music
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Ali G Indahouse
David Carlton: Tell me, Ali, do you have a job? Ali G: Unfortunately, I iz recently gone ...
by Ali G Indahouse
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The Iron Giant
Dean McCoppin: Get back! I said get back! I mean it! The Iron Giant: No. Stop. Wait. ...
by The Iron Giant
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Velvet Goldmine
Mandy: I don't think I have what you're looking for. Arthur: I think you do, actually. Mandy: Oh, ...
by Velvet Goldmine
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Azrael: Now if I remember my protocol correctly, the powers will attempt to contact the Last ...
by Dogma
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Julia Sawalha
While I loved getting into period things, at the end of the day, I was ...
by Julia Sawalha
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Victoria Zdrok
'I'm a bookworm that really turned to the adult industry to advance my education'
by Victoria Zdrok
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Victoria Zdrok
'I discovered it wasn't something I really wanted to do later on. So I backed ...
by Victoria Zdrok
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Alexis Bledel
Last year, I was driving to work at 5.30 in the morning, and I ended ...
by Alexis Bledel
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Jim Sturgess
Actually, I feel like [the film that I`ve just seen] every time I come out ...
by Jim Sturgess
0 votes   268 views  
James Duval
I try to live instinctively. And I guess I`ve always enjoyed living in a fantasy ...
by James Duval
0 votes   268 views  
Christopher Lambert
It`s not a matter of becoming a superstar. Fame and money aren`t the purpose of ...
by Christopher Lambert
0 votes   268 views  
Burt Lancaster
[in 1985] If anyone should have gotten AIDS from an active sex life, it is ...
by Burt Lancaster
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Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World
Capt. Jack Aubrey: [describing his first encounter with Lord Horatio Nelson to his officers] The first ...
by Master And Commander: The Far Side Of The World
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Moulin Rouge!
Zidler: Send Christian away. Satine: He will fight for me. Zidler: Unless he believes that you don't love ...
by Moulin Rouge!
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The World Is Not Enough
Ms. Moneypenny: James! Have you brought me a souvenir from your trip? Chocolates? An engagement ring? ...
by The World Is Not Enough
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From Dusk Till Dawn
Seth: [talking to Jacob Fuller about his wife's death in a car crash] Died instantly? Jacob: Not ...
by From Dusk Till Dawn
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[after the closing credits] Bill Maher: See you in heaven? Julie Maher: [shrugs] Who knows? Bill Maher: [laughs] ...
by Religulous
0 votes   268 views  
Narrator: Since the dawn of time, storytellers have enchanted audiences with their words. But there is ...
by Inkheart
0 votes   268 views  
David Thompson
world-class scientists and engineers and surround them with the creative environment and speed of action ...
by David Thompson
0 votes   267 views  
Bumblebee: [through his radio] ..."greater than man..." [activates a pulse that shatters glass around him]
by Transformers
0 votes   267 views  
Cruel Intentions
Annette: People shouldn't experience the act of love until they are in love.
by Cruel Intentions
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Don Juan DeMarco
Don Juan: Every true lover knows that the moment of greatest satisfaction comes when ecstasy is ...
by Don Juan DeMarco
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Dominic West
I don`t know why British actors are getting big parts in American TV shows. Maybe ...
by Dominic West
0 votes   266 views  
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