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As You Like It
Jaques: All the world's a stage,/And all the men and women merely players./They have their exits ...
by As You Like It
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Eric Lindros
It`s not necessarily the amount of time you spend at practice that counts; it`s what ...
by Eric Lindros
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David Lynch
I don`t think that people accept the fact that life doesn`t make sense. I think ...
by David Lynch
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Kinky Boots
Lola: I have to warn you, Charlie from Northampton, I have a terrible habit of doing ...
by Kinky Boots
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Kill Bill: Vol. 2
[first lines] Bill: Do you find me sadistic? You know, Kiddo, I'd like to believe that ...
by Kill Bill: Vol. 2
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Inglourious Basterds
Lt. Aldo Raine: [trying to speaking Italian in an attempt to fool Landa to keep up ...
by Inglourious Basterds
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American Psycho
Patrick Bateman: There are no more barriers to cross. All I have in common with the ...
by American Psycho
1 votes   279 views  
The People vs. Larry Flynt
Blow Dried Jerk: Uh, Mr. Flynt? I don't wanna step on your toes but things have ...
by The People Vs. Larry Flynt
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The Prestige
Cutter: I saw you, drop the knot again...? Julia McCullough: I think I turned my wrist... Cutter: Some ...
by The Prestige
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Erica Hubbard
I play Cassie Sutton and she's a sixteen year old who is going through a ...
by Erica Hubbard
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Peter Weller
[Further talking about Robocop]: Aside from the action-adventure, the corruption, corporate machinery gone berserk and ...
by Peter Weller
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David Morse
With Sean Penn, he wants to be surprised. He doesn`t necessarily want what he`s written, ...
by David Morse
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Chris Evert
If you can react the same way to winning and losing, that is a big ...
by Chris Evert
-1 votes   278 views  
Anna Popplewell
Each of the characters in `The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe` has their own ...
by Anna Popplewell
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Michael Moore: So there was actually one place on American soil that had free, universal healthcare. ...
by Sicko
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Galaxy Quest
Jason Nesmith: You know, you're starting to act a lot like you did in episode 17. ...
by Galaxy Quest
0 votes   278 views  
Before Sunrise
Jesse: Listen, if somebody gave me the choice right now, of to never see you again ...
by Before Sunrise
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Elizabeth Hardwick
The greatest gift is a passion for reading. It is cheap, it consoles, it distracts, ...
by Elizabeth Hardwick
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Akeelah and the Bee
Akeelah: [quoting Marianne Williamson] Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear ...
by Akeelah And The Bee
0 votes   277 views  
Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street
Sweeney Todd: What is that? Mrs. Lovett: It's fop, / Finest in the shop. / Or we ...
by Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber Of Fleet Street
0 votes   277 views  
Over the Hedge
Police Officer: Now you do realize that was a Depelter Turbo. Gladys: Officer, please. This Verminator sold ...
by Over The Hedge
0 votes   277 views  
Shakespeare in... and Out
Lee Fernandez: We discussed it, and I've decided that you've got the part! I'll have the ...
by Shakespeare In... And Out
0 votes   277 views  
Lethal Weapon 4
[while the "Human Tank" is bearing down on them] Martin Riggs: Here's what we're gonna do! ...
by Lethal Weapon 4
0 votes   277 views  
Ninja Assassin
Mika Coretti: So you said you found something? Ryan Maslow: Yeah, I was digging around to see ...
by Ninja Assassin
0 votes   277 views  
Ariel Rebel
I always wanted to be in the spotlight, I wanted to become an actress, I ...
by Ariel Rebel
0 votes   277 views  
Ludwig Von Mises
Manufacturing and commercial monopolies owe their origin not to a tendency imminent in a capitalist ...
by Ludwig Von Mises
0 votes   276 views  
James Logan
What`s great about the gold recovery in the recycling of discarded computers is the fact ...
by James Logan
0 votes   276 views  
Crystal Chappell
The thing that I like about the way characters are written on the show these ...
by Crystal Chappell
0 votes   276 views  
Corny Collins: I'd like to welcome our new council member, Miss Tracy Turnblad! Tracy, cozy up ...
by Hairspray
0 votes   276 views  
Jeremy: Benjamin can make you feel like you're the only man in the world when you're ...
by Heights
0 votes   276 views  
Comic Book: The Movie
[Taylor is teaching Leo to act like a movie exec] Taylor Donohue: [hands Leo his cell ...
by Comic Book: The Movie
0 votes   276 views  
John Quincy Adams: [to the court] This is the most important case ever to come before ...
by Amistad
0 votes   276 views  
Death Becomes Her
Emergency Room Doctor: I tell you what, kids, it's, uh, odd thing here. Your wrist, uh, ...
by Death Becomes Her
0 votes   276 views  
Jeff Dunham: Spark of Insanity
Jeff Dunham: José, I must say you speak English very well. José Jalapeño: Gracias, Señor. Jeff Dunham: What ...
by Jeff Dunham: Spark Of Insanity
0 votes   276 views  
Liza Minnelli
It`s a waste of time to think about what I should have done and what ...
by Liza Minnelli
0 votes   275 views  
Evangeline Lilly
I`m very picky when it comes to men. I come across a man who I`m ...
by Evangeline Lilly
0 votes   275 views  
David Beckham
During the past few months, I have become accustomed to reading more and more ludicrous ...
by David Beckham
0 votes   275 views  
Team America: World Police
Chris: Jesus tittyfucking Christ dude, i could have sworn she was telling the truth! Gary Johnston: That's ...
by Team America: World Police
0 votes   275 views  
Artificial Intelligence: AI
Professor Hobby: Tell me, what is love? Secretary: Love is first widening my eyes a little bit ...
by Artificial Intelligence: AI
0 votes   275 views  
Scent of a Woman
Lt. Col. Frank Slade: Your father pedals car telephones at a 300 percent markup. Your mother ...
by Scent Of A Woman
0 votes   275 views  
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