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Charlie Kaufman: ...But a little fantastic and fleeting and out of reach. Robert McKee: Then what happens? ...
by Adaptation.
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Jurassic Park
Dr. Alan Grant: Try to imagine yourself in the Cretaceous Period. You get your first look ...
by Jurassic Park
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17 Again
Principal Jane Masterson: [Meeting principal Masterson for the first time] Hello... Ned Gold: Hi... hello. Principal Jane ...
by 17 Again
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John Tucker Must Die
Heather: [Kate answers her door and it's Heather] I want to bring down you know who. ...
by John Tucker Must Die
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Peter Weller
[Further talking about Robocop]: Aside from the action-adventure, the corruption, corporate machinery gone berserk and ...
by Peter Weller
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Superman Returns
Lex Luthor: Kitty, what did my father used to say to me? Kitty Kowalski: You're losing your ...
by Superman Returns
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Major Payne
Major Payne: I surprised you ain't dropped 'bout 12 puppies by now. Ain't you never been ...
by Major Payne
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Far and Away
Coniff: I think the prettiest girl in this factory, the one with the prettiest eyes, and ...
by Far And Away
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Baby Mama
Barry: Congratulations, Kate. I want to reward you with five minutes of uninterrupted eye contact.
by Baby Mama
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Brenda Song
My first kiss was on The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, actually. I was ...
by Brenda Song
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Andy Lau
I think Fruit Chan is an interesting director because he could offer a purely commercial ...
by Andy Lau
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Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo
T.J. Hicks: What is that? That is not a dick in my hand. Anybody got some ...
by Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo
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The People vs. Larry Flynt
Blow Dried Jerk: Uh, Mr. Flynt? I don't wanna step on your toes but things have ...
by The People Vs. Larry Flynt
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Fried Green Tomatoes
Ninny Threadgoode: Idgie and her friend Ruth ran the Whistle Stop Cafe. Idgie was a character, ...
by Fried Green Tomatoes
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Observe and Report
Female Reporter: I'm standing here at Forest Ridge Mall where earlier today a man exposed himself ...
by Observe And Report
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Facing the Giants
Grant Taylor: You can't judge your father by his actions and yourself by your intentions. It ...
by Facing The Giants
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Because I Said So
Daphne Wilder: Well, who would you choose for my daughter? Johnny: Me. Daphne Wilder: What? No way! Johnny: Why ...
by Because I Said So
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Liza Minnelli
It`s a waste of time to think about what I should have done and what ...
by Liza Minnelli
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Jon Bon Jovi
Some people just court celebrity for the sake of it. People like Tom Cruise. He ...
by Jon Bon Jovi
-2 votes   475 views  
David Hasselhoff
(On the cancellation of Baywatch (1989)): The reaction was, `been there done that. Eleven years ...
by David Hasselhoff
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Mr. Deeds
Rev. Al Sharpton: Now Brother Preston is soaring with eagles high above, because he lived a ...
by Mr. Deeds
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The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King
Pippin: [pulls sword from scabbard] So I imagine this is just a... ceremonial possession? I mean, ...
by The Lord Of The Rings: The Return Of The King
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The Boondock Saints
Paul Smecker: These burns indicate that they used silencers. Look at these entry and exit wounds. ...
by The Boondock Saints
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Jeff Dunham: Spark of Insanity
Jeff Dunham: José, I must say you speak English very well. José Jalapeño: Gracias, Señor. Jeff Dunham: What ...
by Jeff Dunham: Spark Of Insanity
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David Beckham
During the past few months, I have become accustomed to reading more and more ludicrous ...
by David Beckham
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Best in Show
Meg Swan: [Meg and Hamilton are talking about how they met at Starbucks] One day Hamilton ...
by Best In Show
-1 votes   474 views  
Ed Walters: ...nuclear configuration, is given given by the expectation value of the nuclear Hamiltonian of ...
by I.Q.
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Noah Wyle
It`s weird, I actually like doing interviews now. Ever since I gave up therapy, it`s ...
by Noah Wyle
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Meryl Streep
In 1978: I`m looking forward to bigger parts in the future, but I`m not doing ...
by Meryl Streep
-2 votes   473 views  
David Lynch
I don`t think that people accept the fact that life doesn`t make sense. I think ...
by David Lynch
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Cool Runnings
Irv: This is what it's all about, this is whether you win or lose the race, ...
by Cool Runnings
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Ninja Assassin
Mika Coretti: So you said you found something? Ryan Maslow: Yeah, I was digging around to see ...
by Ninja Assassin
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The Nanny Diaries
Annie Braddock: You want to know about the dads? I'll tell you about the dads. They're ...
by The Nanny Diaries
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As You Like It
Jaques: All the world's a stage,/And all the men and women merely players./They have their exits ...
by As You Like It
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The Pursuit of Happyness
Christopher Gardner: It was right then that I started thinking about Thomas Jefferson on the Declaration ...
by The Pursuit Of Happyness
0 votes   473 views  
Mira Furlan
Babylon 5 is definitely not a fantasy. It is a show that constantly refers to ...
by Mira Furlan
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James Logan
What`s great about the gold recovery in the recycling of discarded computers is the fact ...
by James Logan
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Chris Evert
If you can react the same way to winning and losing, that is a big ...
by Chris Evert
-1 votes   472 views  
Jeremy: Benjamin can make you feel like you're the only man in the world when you're ...
by Heights
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Nurse Betty
Del: You know these actors are mainly models, which are mainly faggots. And the rest are ...
by Nurse Betty
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