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Dennis the Menace
Margaret: You guys are the boring ones. There's lots to do. Dennis: Oh, really? Like what? Margaret: We ...
by Dennis The Menace
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17 Again
Principal Jane Masterson: [Meeting principal Masterson for the first time] Hello... Ned Gold: Hi... hello. Principal Jane ...
by 17 Again
0 votes   291 views  
Diary of the Dead
Andrew Maxwell: Morning approaches. Debra: Things always look better in the morning. Andrew Maxwell: Not to me. Mornings ...
by Diary Of The Dead
0 votes   291 views  
Mean Girls
Cady: [voiceover] Oh, no. It was coming up again, word vomit... no, wait a minute... Regina: What ...
by Mean Girls
0 votes   290 views  
The Village
Ivy Walker: [after Noah hands her some red berries] Oh, berries! What a splendid present! Lucius ...
by The Village
0 votes   290 views  
Notting Hill
Bernie: But she said she wanted to go out with you? William: Yes - sort of... Bernie: That's ...
by Notting Hill
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Blue Collar Man: Excuse me, I don't mean to interrupt, but, uh, what are you talking ...
by Clerks.
0 votes   290 views  
No Reservations
Kate: I wish there was a cookbook for life, you know? Recipes telling us exactly what ...
by No Reservations
0 votes   290 views  
Juno MacGuff: Who's ready for some chromo magnificence? Girl Lab Partner: Yeah, I have a menstrual headache. ...
by Juno
0 votes   290 views  
Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo
T.J. Hicks: What is that? That is not a dick in my hand. Anybody got some ...
by Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo
0 votes   289 views  
Scary Movie 4
Robbie: Dad, talk to me! What's happening? Tom Ryan: There's no time to explain. [a man runs ...
by Scary Movie 4
0 votes   289 views  
The Boondock Saints
Paul Smecker: These burns indicate that they used silencers. Look at these entry and exit wounds. ...
by The Boondock Saints
0 votes   289 views  
[after listing prices of cars bought and sold] Harry Wormwood: What was my profit for the ...
by Matilda
0 votes   289 views  
Richard Torena: There's this cat I was locked up with in Folsom: did a couple, two-three ...
by Heat
0 votes   289 views  
Major Payne
Major Payne: I surprised you ain't dropped 'bout 12 puppies by now. Ain't you never been ...
by Major Payne
0 votes   289 views  
The Ugly Truth
Mike Chadway: [to Abby, on how to attract Colin] You have to be two people. The ...
by The Ugly Truth
0 votes   289 views  
Jon Bon Jovi
Some people just court celebrity for the sake of it. People like Tom Cruise. He ...
by Jon Bon Jovi
-2 votes   288 views  
Factory Girl
Andy Warhol: I wonder if people are going to remember us? Edie Sedgwick: What, when we're dead? ...
by Factory Girl
0 votes   288 views  
The Pentagon Wars
Lt. Colonel James Burton: You know what's really ironic? General Omar Bradley was a brilliant tactician, ...
by The Pentagon Wars
0 votes   288 views  
Hunter Van Pelt: [leveling his gun at Alan] End of the line, Sonny Jim. Game's up. ...
by Jumanji
0 votes   288 views  
Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee
Charles Eastman: I am acting in the interest of my people, following the example you set ...
by Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee
0 votes   288 views  
Debbie Brown
We win as a team, and we lose as a team. [After the weekend matches] ...
by Debbie Brown
0 votes   287 views  
Anna Eshoo
The most important fundamental laws and facts of physical science have all been discovered, and ...
by Anna Eshoo
1 votes   287 views  
Man on Fire
Samuel: Your resume is quite impressive. 16 years of miltary experience, extensive counter-terrorism work. I'm surprised ...
by Man On Fire
0 votes   287 views  
Good Will Hunting
Will: Do you find it hard to hide the fact that you're gay? Henry Lipkin: [stammers] What ...
by Good Will Hunting
0 votes   287 views  
Ed Walters: ...nuclear configuration, is given given by the expectation value of the nuclear Hamiltonian of ...
by I.Q.
0 votes   287 views  
Fried Green Tomatoes
Ninny Threadgoode: Idgie and her friend Ruth ran the Whistle Stop Cafe. Idgie was a character, ...
by Fried Green Tomatoes
0 votes   287 views  
Baby Mama
Barry: Congratulations, Kate. I want to reward you with five minutes of uninterrupted eye contact.
by Baby Mama
0 votes   287 views  
Brenda Song
My first kiss was on The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, actually. I was ...
by Brenda Song
0 votes   286 views  
Andy Lau
I think Fruit Chan is an interesting director because he could offer a purely commercial ...
by Andy Lau
0 votes   286 views  
The 40 Year Old Virgin
David: You know how I know that you're gay? Cal: How? David: You like the movie "Maid in ...
by The 40 Year Old Virgin
0 votes   286 views  
Lord of War
Ava Fontaine: I feel like all I've done my whole life is be pretty. I mean, ...
by Lord Of War
0 votes   286 views  
A Time to Kill
Carl Lee Hailey: You're white, and I'm black. See Jake, you think just like them. That's ...
by A Time To Kill
0 votes   286 views  
Tommy Boy
Richard Hayden: Okay, and life preservers, these... we may need. Although what are the odds of ...
by Tommy Boy
0 votes   286 views  
Sue Claussen: Compact fluorescents. [showing her apartment for the 1st time] Mike: Oh, too bad.
by Management
0 votes   286 views  
Mean Girls
[Mr. Duvall is introducing Cady to the class] Mr. Duvall: Her name is Cady. Cady Heron. ...
by Mean Girls
0 votes   285 views  
Charlie Kaufman: ...But a little fantastic and fleeting and out of reach. Robert McKee: Then what happens? ...
by Adaptation.
0 votes   285 views  
Bring It On
Darcy: Can she yell? Torrance Shipman: I don't know, let's try an oldie. [Torrance tests a standard ...
by Bring It On
0 votes   285 views  
Facing the Giants
Grant Taylor: You can't judge your father by his actions and yourself by your intentions. It ...
by Facing The Giants
0 votes   285 views  
Meryl Streep
In 1978: I`m looking forward to bigger parts in the future, but I`m not doing ...
by Meryl Streep
-2 votes   284 views  
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