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Eastern Michigan University
Eastern Michigan University
There are 36 famous people who studied here
Al Clark
February 29, 1948,
NFL Players
Al Day
March 18, 1938,
NFL Players
Anthony Fields
January 17, 1964,
NFL Players

Anthony Sherrell
August 13, 1983,
NFL Players
Barry Stokes
December 20, 1973,
NFL Players
Bill DuLac
January 15, 1951,
NFL Players
Brett Petersmark
March 5, 1964,
NFL Players
Carlos Henderson
May 11, 1958,
NFL Players
Carson Dach
September 20, 1980,
NFL Players
Charlie Batch
December 5, 1974,
NFL Players
Chris Roberson
August 23, 1979,
NFL Players
Chuck Hanneman
September 26, 1914,
NFL Players
Chuck Shonta
August 29, 1937,
NFL Players
Clarence Chapman
December 10, 1953,
NFL Players
Dave Boone
October 30, 1951,
NFL Players
Dave Pureifory
July 12, 1949,
NFL Players
David Marshall
March 6, 1996,
NFL Players
Ed Opalewski
November 11, 1919,
NFL Players
Garry Grady
October 11, 1946,
NFL Players
Jason Jones
June 3, 1967,
NFL Players
Jason Short
July 15, 1978,
NFL Players
Jereme Perry
December 15, 1981,
NFL Players
Jim Pietrzak
February 21, 1953,
NFL Players
John Banaszak
August 24, 1950,
NFL Players
Kenny Christian
July 11, 1978,
NFL Players
Kevin Harrison
December 24, 1981,
NFL Players
Kevin Walter
August 4, 1981,
NFL Players
L.J. Shelton
March 21, 1976,
NFL Players
Lional Dalton
February 21, 1975,
NFL Players
Reggie Garrett
November 22, 1951,
NFL Players
Ron Fernandes
September 11, 1951,
NFL Players
Ron Johnson 3
June 8, 1956,
NFL Players
Ron Rice
November 9, 1972,
NFL Players
Tom Kaleita
May 29, 1983,
NFL Players
Vashone Adams
September 12, 1973,
NFL Players
Will Foster
October 2, 1948,
NFL Players
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