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Washington-St. Louis University
Washington-St. Louis University
There are 12 famous people who studied here
Al Lindow
July 9, 1919,
NFL Players
Bill Murphy 2
April 7, 1914,
NFL Players
Bill Singleton
February 7, 1897,
NFL Players

Bob Mahan
February 6, 1904,
NFL Players
Bud Schwenk
August 26, 1917,
NFL Players
Ed Comstock
July 12, 1903,
NFL Players
Jimmy Conzelman
March 6, 1898,
NFL Players
Joe Bukant
October 31, 1915,
NFL Players
Libby Bertagnolli
November 13, 1914,
NFL Players
Ollie Kraehe
August 22, 1898,
NFL Players
Shelby Jordan
January 23, 1952,
NFL Players
Skippy Scheib
July 28, 1903,
NFL Players
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