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UCLA University
UCLA University
There are 260 famous people who studied here
Abdul-Karim al-Jabbar
June 28, 1974,
NFL Players
Al Sparlis
May 20, 1920,
NFL Players
Alan Dial
February 2, 1965,
NFL Players

Allan Ellis
August 19, 1951,
NFL Players
Andy Von Sonn
November 5, 1940,
NFL Players
Arnold Ale
June 17, 1970,
NFL Players
Art Kuehn
February 12, 1953,
NFL Players
Avery Anderson
March 16, 1973,
NFL Players
Avon Riley
February 10, 1958,
NFL Players
Ben Emanuel
June 18, 1982,
NFL Players
Bill Chambers
October 17, 1923,
NFL Players
Bill Sandifer
January 5, 1952,
NFL Players
Bill Stits
July 26, 1931,
NFL Players
Billy Kilmer
September 5, 1939,
NFL Players
Blake Wingle
April 17, 1960,
NFL Players
Blanchard Montgomery
February 17, 1961,
NFL Players
Bob Christiansen
May 8, 1949,
NFL Players
Bob Ferrell
November 13, 1952,
NFL Players
Bob Geddes
April 22, 1946,
NFL Players
Bob Long 3
February 24, 1934,
NFL Players
Bob McChesney
July 12, 1912,
NFL Players
Bob Mike
October 29, 1918,
NFL Players
Bob Pifferini
June 27, 1950,
NFL Players
Bob Richardson
February 24, 1944,
NFL Players
Bob Waterfield
July 26, 1920,
NFL Players
Bob Wilkinson
October 8, 1927,
NFL Players
Bobby Smith 2
July 5, 1938,
NFL Players
Brad Daluiso
December 31, 1967,
NFL Players
Brandon Chillar
October 21, 1982,
NFL Players
Brendon Ayanbadejo
September 6, 1976,
NFL Players
Brent Boyd
March 23, 1957,
NFL Players
Brian Goodman
December 7, 1949,
NFL Players
Bruce Barnes
June 21, 1951,
NFL Players
Bruce Bergey
August 8, 1946,
NFL Players
Bruce Davis
September 2, 1985,
NFL Players
Bruce Davis 3
June 21, 1956,
NFL Players
Bruce Walker
July 18, 1972,
NFL Players
Bruce Walton
June 14, 1951,
NFL Players
Burr Baldwin
June 13, 1922,
NFL Players
Cade McNown
January 12, 1977,
NFL Players
Cal Peterson
October 16, 1952,
NFL Players
Carl Greenwood
March 11, 1972,
NFL Players
Carl Olson
January 16, 1914,
NFL Players
Carlton Gray
June 26, 1971,
NFL Players
Carnell Lake
July 15, 1967,
NFL Players
Chad Overhauser
June 17, 1975,
NFL Players
Charles Arbuckle
September 13, 1968,
NFL Players
Charlie Kendall
January 4, 1935,
NFL Players
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famous people who studied at UCLA University.
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