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U. Of Pacific University
U. of Pacific University
There are 59 famous people who studied here
John Nisby
September 9, 1936,
NFL Players
John Thomas 2
January 25, 1935,
NFL Players
Keever Jankovich
January 6, 1928,
NFL Players

Kevin Turner
February 5, 1958,
NFL Players
Larry Bailey
May 10, 1952,
NFL Players
Lee Murchison
April 16, 1938,
NFL Players
Lionel Manuel
April 13, 1962,
NFL Players
Mark Nordquist
November 3, 1945,
NFL Players
Mike Merriweather
November 26, 1960,
NFL Players
Mike Whited
March 30, 1958,
NFL Players
Norm Bass
January 21, 1939,
NFL Players
Paul Latzke
March 22, 1942,
NFL Players
Phil Martinovich
February 9, 1915,
NFL Players
Roy Williams 3
April 30, 1937,
NFL Players
Rudy Redmond
August 25, 1947,
NFL Players
Ryan Benjamin 2
April 23, 1970,
NFL Players
Shawn Price
March 28, 1970,
NFL Players
Tom Flores
March 21, 1937,
NFL Players
Tom McCormick
May 16, 1930,
NFL Players
Tony Plummer
January 21, 1947,
NFL Players
Wayne Hawkins
June 17, 1938,
NFL Players
Willard Harrell
September 16, 1952,
NFL Players
Willie Hector
December 23, 1939,
NFL Players
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