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Southern University University
Southern University University
There are 81 famous people who studied here
Aeneas Williams
January 29, 1968,
NFL Players
Ahmad Treaudo
May 15, 1982,
NFL Players
Al Beauchamp
July 25, 1944,
NFL Players

Alden Roche
May 9, 1945,
NFL Players
Alvin Haymond
August 31, 1942,
NFL Players
Andre Davis 2
October 7, 1975,
NFL Players
Brian Williams 2
October 14, 1957,
NFL Players
Calvin Magee
May 23, 1963,
NFL Players
Charlie Granger
August 9, 1938,
NFL Players
Chris Davis 3
October 9, 1981,
NFL Players
Chris White 3
October 28, 1976,
NFL Players
Cleveland Green
October 11, 1957,
NFL Players
Clyde Williams
July 27, 1940,
NFL Players
Conrad Rucker
December 15, 1954,
NFL Players
Devin Lewis
July 22, 1979,
NFL Players
Donnell Baker
December 21, 1973,
NFL Players
Donnell Smith
May 25, 1949,
NFL Players
Donnie Davis
October 18, 1940,
NFL Players
Ed Mitchell
May 7, 1972,
NFL Players
Elvis Joseph
August 30, 1978,
NFL Players
Floyd Raglin
March 10, 1961,
NFL Players
Frank Pitts
December 12, 1943,
NFL Players
George Farmer
December 5, 1958,
NFL Players
George McGee
October 7, 1935,
NFL Players
Gerald Perry
December 12, 1964,
NFL Players
Gillis Wilson
October 15, 1977,
NFL Players
Godwin Turk
October 15, 1950,
NFL Players
Harold Carmichael
October 22, 1949,
NFL Players
Harold McLinton
July 1, 1947,
NFL Players
Harvey Nairn
May 17, 1945,
NFL Players
Herb Williams
March 16, 1958,
NFL Players
Isaac Hagins
March 2, 1954,
NFL Players
Isiah Robertson
August 17, 1949,
NFL Players
James Davis 2
July 12, 1957,
NFL Players
James Evans
January 27, 1961,
NFL Players
Jeff Alexander
October 4, 1973,
NFL Players
Jeff Faulkner
May 4, 1964,
NFL Players
Jerrell Franklin
May 4, 1959,
NFL Players
Jerry Broadnax
August 19, 1951,
NFL Players
Jerry Wilson 2
July 17, 1973,
NFL Players
Jim Battle
October 18, 1941,
NFL Players
Jim Osborne
October 7, 1949,
NFL Players
Joe Sykes
October 22, 1982,
NFL Players
John Williams 3
July 26, 1974,
NFL Players
Johnny Jackson
July 1, 1953,
NFL Players
Jubilee Dunbar
May 17, 1949,
NFL Players
Ken Ellis
December 22, 1944,
NFL Players
Ken Times
January 26, 1956,
NFL Players
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famous people who studied at Southern University University.
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