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Rice University
Rice University
There are 68 famous people who studied here
Ken Whitlow
November 30, 1917,
NFL Players
King Hill
November 8, 1936,
NFL Players
Larry Brune
May 4, 1953,
NFL Players

Larry Izzo
September 26, 1974,
NFL Players
Leo Rucka
August 18, 1931,
NFL Players
Malcolm Walker
May 24, 1943,
NFL Players
Marcus Rucker
April 20, 1985,
NFL Players
Michael Downs
June 9, 1959,
NFL Players
N. D. Kalu
August 3, 1975,
NFL Players
O.J. Brigance
September 29, 1969,
NFL Players
Olie Cordill 2
April 28, 1916,
NFL Players
Orville Trask
December 3, 1934,
NFL Players
Patrick Dendy
March 10, 1982,
NFL Players
Preston Anderson
September 30, 1951,
NFL Players
Quinton Smith
January 14, 1984,
NFL Players
Randy Kerbow
December 19, 1940,
NFL Players
Rex Proctor
December 1, 1929,
NFL Players
Rodrigo Barnes
March 10, 1950,
NFL Players
Roland Jackson
January 5, 1940,
NFL Players
Russell Wayt
October 6, 1942,
NFL Players
Ryan Pontbriand
October 1, 1979,
NFL Players
Seaman Squyres
March 2, 1910,
NFL Players
Spencer George
October 28, 1973,
NFL Players
Ted Scruggs
April 18, 1923,
NFL Players
Terrence Melton
January 1, 1977,
NFL Players
Tobin Rote
January 18, 1928,
NFL Players
Tommy Kramer
March 7, 1955,
NFL Players
Tony Barker
September 9, 1968,
NFL Players
Trevor Cobb
November 20, 1970,
NFL Players
Vince Courville
December 5, 1959,
NFL Players
Virgil Eikenberg
March 22, 1924,
NFL Players
Weldon Humble
April 24, 1921,
NFL Players
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