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Ohio State University
Ohio State University
There are 354 famous people who studied here
George Rosso
January 15, 1930,
NFL Players
Gerry Krall
April 19, 1927,
NFL Players
Glenn Davis
March 28, 1961,
NFL Players

Greg Bellisari
June 21, 1975,
NFL Players
Hal Dean
October 30, 1922,
NFL Players
Harry Howard
October 7, 1949,
NFL Players
Herb Henderson
June 21, 1899,
NFL Players
Herb Schell
January 5, 1902,
NFL Players
Hi Brigham
July 13, 1892,
NFL Players
Hoge Workman
September 25, 1899,
NFL Players
Hopalong Cassady
March 2, 1934,
NFL Players
Howard Duncan
November 8, 1924,
NFL Players
Howard Yerges
January 28, 1896,
NFL Players
Howie Kriss
June 2, 1907,
NFL Players
Hubert Bobo
July 2, 1934,
NFL Players
Ike Kelley
July 14, 1944,
NFL Players
Iolas Huffman
February 4, 1898,
NFL Players
Jack Dugger
January 13, 1923,
NFL Players
Jack Jennings
February 23, 1926,
NFL Players
Jack Lininger
June 27, 1927,
NFL Players
Jack Scott
January 24, 1936,
NFL Players
Jack Tatum
November 18, 1948,
NFL Players
Jack Wendler
January 20, 1902,
NFL Players
Jamar Martin
April 12, 1980,
NFL Players
James Cotton
July 31, 1978,
NFL Players
James Thurber
December 8, 1894,
Jamie Holland
February 1, 1964,
NFL Players
Jan White
October 6, 1948,
NFL Players
Jason Winrow
January 16, 1971,
NFL Players
Jay Richardson
January 27, 1984,
NFL Players
Jeff Cothran
June 28, 1971,
NFL Players
Jeff Davidson
October 3, 1967,
NFL Players
Jeff Graham 2
February 14, 1969,
NFL Players
Jeff Uhlenhake
January 28, 1966,
NFL Players
Jerome Foster
July 25, 1960,
NFL Players
Jerry Fields
May 24, 1938,
NFL Players
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