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Northern Illinois University
Northern Illinois University
There are 47 famous people who studied here
A.J. Harris
August 8, 1984,
NFL Players
Brad Cieslak
July 1, 1982,
NFL Players
Brian Glasgow
June 9, 1961,
NFL Players

Carl Aikens
June 5, 1962,
NFL Players
Chuck Behan
August 4, 1920,
NFL Players
Clarence Vaughn
July 17, 1964,
NFL Players
Curt Pardridge
March 12, 1964,
NFL Players
Dan Graham
May 10, 1965,
NFL Players
Dan Rosado
July 6, 1959,
NFL Players
Dan Sheldon
May 23, 1982,
NFL Players
Darrell Hill
June 19, 1979,
NFL Players
Darryl Richardson
March 27, 1964,
NFL Players
David Petway
October 17, 1955,
NFL Players
Doug Bartlett
May 22, 1963,
NFL Players
Doug Free
January 6, 1984,
NFL Players
Duane Hawthorne
August 26, 1976,
NFL Players
Garrett Wolfe
August 17, 1984,
NFL Players
Hollis Thomas
January 10, 1974,
NFL Players
Jake Nordin
July 8, 1984,
NFL Players
Jermaine Hampton
June 12, 1979,
NFL Players
Jerry Golsteyn
August 6, 1954,
NFL Players
Jerry Latin
August 25, 1953,
NFL Players
Jerry Meyers
March 21, 1954,
NFL Players
Jim Hannula
July 2, 1959,
NFL Players
John Spilis
October 14, 1947,
NFL Players
Justin McCareins
December 11, 1978,
NFL Players
Ken Moore 2
July 25, 1954,
NFL Players
Larry Brink
September 12, 1923,
NFL Players
LeShon Johnson
January 15, 1971,
NFL Players
Mark Kellar
July 17, 1952,
NFL Players
Mitch Jacoby
December 8, 1973,
NFL Players
P.J. Fleck
November 29, 1980,
NFL Players
Pete Roth
January 12, 1962,
NFL Players
Phil Horvath
October 4, 1983,
NFL Players
Randy Clark
July 27, 1957,
NFL Players
Reggie Sims
July 30, 1962,
NFL Players
Reino Nori
March 26, 1913,
NFL Players
Rob Lee
March 11, 1981,
NFL Players
Ryan Diem
July 1, 1979,
NFL Players
Sam Hurd
April 24, 1985,
NFL Players
Scott Bolzan
July 25, 1962,
NFL Players
Scott Kellar
December 31, 1963,
NFL Players
Steve Hirsch
May 25, 1961,
NFL Players
Tim Tyrrell
March 19, 1961,
NFL Players
Todd Peat
May 20, 1964,
NFL Players
Toimi Jarvi
March 28, 1920,
NFL Players
Tom Wittum
January 11, 1950,
NFL Players
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